Digital signage promoting a holiday sales at an eyeglass retailer

Digital Signage for Optometrists

Walk into any store, hotel, airport movie theatre or health club, and you’re likely to see some digital signage. It’s an exciting and rapidly growing way of communicating that offers ways to engage with customers, enhance brand awareness, increase sales and much more. As an optometrist, you have a captive audience in your waiting room.

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Two stacked muffins with blueberries around the base on top of a table

Halo Effect

How to Use the Halo Effect Does the halo effect influence people’s buying behaviors? Experts say yes, and we’re going to discuss how this phenomenon can be used in your digital signage. What is the Halo Effect? The halo effect refers to the mind’s tendency to think one great quality can be generalized to the

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Man looks at the various options for ice cream flavors at an ice cream parlour

The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice: Are There Too Many Menu Options? Walk into an ice-cream parlor, and there are so many options! Should you choose banana, chocolate chip, or berry cheesecake? Perhaps butterscotch ripple or almond chocolate would be better? Oh, what about mint or dulce de leche? Or maybe pistachio? Do I want multiple scoops

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American and Canadian flags fly on flagpoles side-by-side

What Tariffs Mean for Restaurants in Canada and America

What Tariffs Mean for Restaurants in Canada and America The recent trade spat between the US and Canada has not been much fun to watch. With President Trump’s new tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union active, we’ll be looking at how this will affect restaurants in Canada and the

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25m tall building written out vs an illustration of a 25m tall building

Text Versus Images

What makes more sense to the brain? Vision can be quite an interesting thing if you actually think about it. In a sense, we take it completely for granted. We start seeing from the moment we are born and don’t stop to think what it would be like if we didn’t have it. What would

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Group of friends sitting on a couch watching television

What TV Shows Tell us About Attention

The TV industry has undergone a revolution in the last 20 years. The way TV shows are thought out and then presented has changed totally and this has had a profound effect on how our attention as audiences is captured and maintained. Today, we’ll be covering five of the most meaningful changes that will help

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Top fown photo of artisinal pizza

Pizzeria Trends for 2018

People love a good slice of pizza every now and then. This assertion is backed up by data findings which show that on average, about 41% of Americans eat pizza once a week, while 68% order pizza at least once a month. In North America, pizzerias are a force to reckon. In 2017, the numbers

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Old fashioned light bulb in foreground with cafe in background

2018 Cafe Trends You Can’t Miss Out On

Cafés are becoming increasingly popular in our mobile world. They provide a place for socializing as well as business dealings. A lot of small business owners prefer to conduct meetings there. Entrepreneurs have used cafes as the first place they started working to kick start their businesses. The café is becoming an integral part of

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Digital Signage TV showing a branding design for eyeglass frames in an optometry or optical retail location

How To Use Digital Signage To Build Brand Identity

Digital signage is gaining popularity among companies which are increasingly relying on this valuable tool as part of their brand building efforts. It offers tremendous business opportunities for retailers in creating a recognizable brand in the market, increasing sales and boosting their customer engagement. Digital signage is a powerful medium to communicate brand messages effectively

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An employee takes the order of a customer at a quick service restaurant with NexSigns digital menu boards

The Benefits of a One-Stop Shop for Digital Menu Boards

The digital menu board is the latest trend in restaurants across the world. It is an efficient way to set up and display your menu so that it is accessible to customers. There are many advantages to making use of a digital menu board. For example, they are a way of ‘going green’ and saving

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A Kuusoft digital menu board specialist performs consultation with wireframes for a client

How to Design a Digital Menu Board

Your digital menu board says a lot about your place of business. Sub-consciously, it’s very important to your customers. The visual identity you create for your brand is vitally important for repeat business. If it is disorganized or hard to figure out, they’ll switch off. The next time they want to order food, they’ll be

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Kuusoft support engineer installs a digital menu board for the Delly, a quick service restaurant at UBC

Why Digital Menu Boards are a Must for Restaurants

Since time immemorial, the retail industry has always focused on the essence of customer service. The ‘customer is king’ mentality has numerous advantages. Focusing on clients’ needs and ensuring they get the best service possible helps foster strong ties and eventually leads to customer loyalty. In addition, customer service helps up sell and increase brand

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