3 Benefits of Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

drive thru digital menu boards _ drive thru digital signage
drive thru digital menu boards _ drive thru digital signage

In the business world, it’s important to seek innovative ways to improve operations and customer experience. For the restaurant industry, it’s the outdoor digital menu board. These high-tech displays offer many advantages. 

Here are the top 3 benefits of using outdoor digital menu boards for your business.

1. Stunning Visuals to Attract Customers

In the competitive world of restaurants, grabbing customers’ attention is crucial. Outdoor digital menu boards do just that. They are a dynamic platform for displaying menu items in non-traditional ways. With digital menu boards, business owners can showcase their menu offerings with vivid food images and dynamic animations to stimulate customers’ appetite.

Vibrant images and videos of seasonal drinks improve advertising. This visual appeal influences customer decisions, especially at the Point-of-Sale, like the drive-thru

restaurant digital signage display

So, restaurants that use outdoor digital signage can attract more customers and increase sales. This significant boost in revenue comes from eye-catching visuals that promote high-margin items.

Plus, outdoor displays are not only for the drive-thru! Placing them right outside the entrance is great marketing. They let passersby know about your limited-time offers, they otherwise would not have known about.

digital a-frame sandwich board in front of a cafe outdoor

2. Enhance Customer Experience

Easy-to-read, interactive, and visually-appealing – outdoor menu boards enhance customer experience. They not only inform customers but also increase engagement with the brand.

These digital displays offer a convenient and user-friendly interface. Customers can browse through the menu, view images of dishes, and access more info.

Outdoor menu boards are flexible with different types of content. They can be set up and designed to show extra details like nutritional facts and allergens info. This helps customers make informed orders and leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Studies show that restaurants with outdoor digital menu boards reduced their wait times by 15% in the drive-thru. So, not only do these digital displays improve customer experience but also help serve more customers during peak hours.

drive thru digital menu boards

Restaurants can promote seasonal specials and limite-time offers while customers are looking at the menus or while waiting in line to order. This upselling capability boosts revenue, which otherwise would have been a missed opportunity.

3. Operational Efficiencey

Outdoor digital menu boards also streamline restaurant operations. One of the most significant advantages in this regard is the reduction of ordering errors. According to studies, 87% of customers stated that order accuracy is important.

With traditional static menus, miscommunication and human error can lead to incorrect orders. But with outdoor digital menu boards, business owners can make any content updates quickly and accurately. 

Content management is simple with an Internet connection. Digital signage software lets you make changes from anywhere with the Internet. This is a key factor of outdoor digital menu boards that keeps all the info accurate. The flexibility ensures restaurants adapt to changing customer preferences and market trends. Restaurants can easily change menu items, prices, and promotions to keep up with their customers’ preferences.

Digital menu boards can integrate with the restaurant’s POS system. This ensures that orders placed through the display are directly sent to the kitchen. This reduces manual data entry and minimizes the risk of order mix-ups.

Additionally, using outdoor digital menu boards reduces the environmental footprint of restaurants. Some restaurant owners spend $500 – $1,000 every month just printing menus. So, without printed menus, restaurants can save on paper waste and their budget. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainability.


Outdoor digital menu boards offer significant benefits to restaurants. They have great visual appeal and improve customer experience and operational efficiency. By investing in these digital displays, restaurants can stay competitive and marketable.

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