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Corporate Responsibilities in the time of Coronavirus

Corporate Responsibilities in the Time of Coronavirus

The COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak brings challenges to all businesses. Here’s how corporates can execute actions to demonstrate social responsibilities.

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Electronic power cord with grass growing out of the head and a green cable

Reduce Carbon Footprints with Digital Signage

It’s no secret that our world is being affected by climate change. Our societies need to harvest resources and create greenhouse gases to exist, but that’s damaging our environment. Trees that provide air for us to breathe are being chopped down faster than they can be replaced. To curb the trend, technology can lend a

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Kuusoft team celebrates winning the best booth award at Vision Expo West 2017

Looking Back on Vision Expo West 2017

We here at Kuusoft are looking forward to attending our second Vision Expo after the amazing time we had at Vision Expo West 2017. As we put together all our trade show equipment and play real life Tetris while packing, we’ve been reflecting on last year’s convention in Las Vegas where we won Best Use

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Happy customers taking pictures of their food in a restraurant

5 Tips for Restaurant Marketing

Technology allows entrepreneurs in various trades to maximize the power of advertising at a whole new level. The availability of the internet has changed the face of the food industry by making it more appealing and accessible through online marketing. Let me give you a few tips to further increase the number of both new

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Top down view of a person taking a photo of their meal with a smartphone

The Restaurant Social Media Experience

How smaller businesses can turn big chains’ successes to their advantage Everybody knows that utilizing social media is important to one’s brand, but what does this really mean? Is it just a matter of a few clever posts every day or two, or is it all about engagement and creating real customer experiences? According to

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The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram in 2016

If you’ve ever seen a romantic movie, you know that being in the right place at the right time can result in true magic. Imagine if Harry had never met Sally, Bridget Jones had never gone to that New Year’s Eve party, or if Jack and Rose had never stepped aboard that ship? Okay, that

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Perspective view of a table at an upscale resturant mid meal

Upgrade Your Restaurant by Using POS Technology: 5 Stats to Convince You

In a world where businesses greatly bank on digital signage, it is not surprising to know that more and more restaurateurs are doing away with the old pen-and-paper system and even the use of traditional cash registers. Let’s look at the following statistical data to understand this restaurant trend: Currently, according to a Toast study

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OLED display with a vibrant picture of a rose with morning dew on it

LG Introduces Dual-View OLED Commercial Display

Just last month, on June 8, LG Electronics USA announced the release of its brand-new Dual-View Flat OLED Display, which will be available in July 2016. This commercial display unit, which includes a customizable, curved display, offers perfect black and outstanding color on a paper-thin display. OLED Displays This display follows the massive success of

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Table with several MacBooks on it

The Tools I Use to Manage Work, Money, and Life

Every year or two since I started The Simple Dollar, I’ve sat down and reviewed the wide variety of tools – both electronic and otherwise – that I use to manage my financial, professional, and personal life. These are the things that I use every single day – or nearly every single day – in

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Group of people posing for a picture with Canadian flag hats, shirts, and other clothing during a parade

17 Canada Day Events to show off your red & white

O Canada! It’s that time of year again – when we let our hearts swell with pride as we celebrate the True North Strong And Free. So this July 1, put on your best bright red t-shirt and head to some of these fantastic Canada Day events happening across Metro Vancouver. Vancouver Canada Day Concert This year’s Port of Vancouver Canada Day

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