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The Ultimate Guide to Menu Health Labeling

Counting calories and watching your nutritional intake isn’t a trend anymore. It is become a norm and is being reinforced by new laws. As a result, companies from quick-service restaurants to CPGs across the world are now expected to include the nutritional information of their foods. When it comes to your digital menu boards, you

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Digital menu boards in a quick service restaurant with the tital QSR Digital Menu Board and Digital Signage Positioning Guide

Digital Menu Board and Signage Positioning Guide

For every quick-service restaurant, there is no better addition than digital menu boards. Both customers and restaurant owners know their benefits. They bring a modern and attractive atmosphere to the entire place. You can drive revenue using promotions and effective upselling, but is everything that simple? Of course not. Selective placement plays a huge role.

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Car ordering in a drive-thru with a digital menu board

The Ultimate Guide to Drive-Thru Digital Menu Boards

For quick-service restaurants, there is nothing more useful than drive-thru services. Approximately 75% of all quick service restaurants offer drive-thru services to their customers. Why exactly? A clear indication is that as much as 20% of all American meals are eaten in cars. This is a market you simply have to tap into if you

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Marble Slab Creamery store at night with new Kuusoft designed NexSigns digital menu boards

Marble Slab Creamery Chooses Kuusoft for National Digital Menu Board System

For Immediate Release Brandon YenKuusoft Inc.+1 866-546-8838 (Ext. 1061) Marble Slab Creamery Chooses Kuusoft for National Digital Menu Board System Scalable Content Management System a Key Decision Factor Burnaby, BC (February 20, 2019): The innovative ice-cream franchise, Marble Slab Creamery is now engaged in the Canada-wide rollout of Kuusoft’s NexSigns digital signage and menu board

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Text in the foreground "The Ultimate Guide to Digital Menu Boards" with a cafe background with digital menu boards installed

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards at restaurants are not only attractive and welcoming. They are an essential part of the branding of the restaurant and displaying what’s available there. They are instantly recognizable. They make the menu items more appealing, striking a chord within the buyer that this is the right choice. SoC (system on a chip)

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Woman sitting at a slot machine with the machine backlighting with its vibrant digital displays

What Restaurants Can Learn from Casinos

Restaurants face the constant challenge of the desire of diners for instant gratification, a personalized experience, and variety, all while trying to stay ahead of the competition. Good restaurant owners want patrons to enjoy your experience, to spend as much as possible and to keep coming back. Casinos want you to spend every last penny

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Close view of a balance sheet with a calculator and pen on top of it

How Restaurants Adapt to Rising Costs

Quick service and fast casual restaurants operate in a cutthroat industry. One of the ways restaurants try to ensure repeat patronage is to offer value for money. This loyalty can be further boosted by smart marketing initiatives like cross-selling and upselling. Management might even cut the profit margin in order for the restaurant makes a

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Old cartoon style person whispering into the ear of another person

A Restaurant’s Guide to Word of Mouth

Restaurants deploy several marketing strategies. They advertise on local television and in local newspapers. Recently, social media marketing has also become an effective way to attract customers to the restaurant. Ratings and comments allow the public to give others an insight into their dining experience. What is word of mouth marketing? Before the average customer

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Smiling couple enjoying a meal at a restaurant with their friends

Importance of Customer Experience in Restaurants

The restaurant business has always been a hectic territory. Young and old entrepreneurs alike find it hard to navigate the market. Lots of innovation, experimenting, and patience are required to call yourself an owner of a successful restaurant. Despite the changing trends and current difficulties, there is one thing that has stayed the same over

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Perspective view of a table at an upscale resturant mid meal

Upgrade Your Restaurant by Using POS Technology: 5 Stats to Convince You

In a world where businesses greatly bank on digital signage, it is not surprising to know that more and more restaurateurs are doing away with the old pen-and-paper system and even the use of traditional cash registers. Let’s look at the following statistical data to understand this restaurant trend: Currently, according to a Toast study

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