Sekai Udon Bar Metrotown Installs NexSigns Digital Signage Solution for New Location

Front of Sekai Udon, a restaurant, with a digital menu board hanging above the counter

Sekai Udon Bar with NexSigns Digital Signage


Kuusoft Corp., a global digital menu boards and digital signage total solution provider, announced the deployment of digital menu boards for Sekai Udon Bar inside Metropolis at Metrotown – the largest shopping center in British Columbia. Since its installation, the new NexSigns digital menu board has welcomed thousands of diners on a daily basis in Metrotown.

Kuusoft Corp. worked with Sekai Udon Bar in initial consultations, project planning, creative directions, animation designs, and deployment to transform its menu boards into engaging and captivating digital menu boards adapted for showcasing their specialty fresh udon to passersby. The new changes have contributed to an even longer waiting line in front of the restaurant.

“The animated menu display is definitely a spectacular improvement in the restaurant menu board and creates an unforgettable visual impression when customers are waiting in the queue or passing by the restaurant,” said Arvind Johal, Kuusoft Business Solution Consultant.

About Kuusoft Corp.: Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu boards and digital signage total solution provider based in Burnaby, BC. Founded in 2002, Kuusoft is dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital signage software solutions and digital signage hardware for all business sectors around the world.

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