How to Maximize Hospital Dwell Time with Digital Signage

Establishing and managing a successful hospital is hard work that is seemingly never-ending for those involved in the medical and healthcare industries. Suppose you are the owner of a hospital or in charge of developing communications for a hospital, marketing matters. Using digital signage is one way to modernize your healthcare facility. While simultaneously saving money and providing a better care level to all patients and visitors. Hence the importance of digital signage dwell time in hospitals.

What is Considered Dwell Time with Hospital Digital Signage Solutions?

Hospital dwell time is considered the amount of time typically spent on average, looking at a sign or display. On average, most people typically look at signs for approximately 4.6 seconds in total, which is why the design and overall look and feel of your chosen signs matter. The hospital dwell time you achieve will greatly depend on the type of content you use within your signage. And the type of visitors and patients in your hospital at any given time.

Why Use Hospital Digital Signage Solutions?

Using digital signage in a hospital is an ideal way to share and convey messages without wasting printed signs and time spent creating materials each week or month. With a digital solution, changing and updating signs is a breeze and typically only requires a few minutes. Digital signs allow for more potential events, changes, and updates for visitors and patients to see and enjoy.

With digital signs, you can help direct patients and visitors while also keeping those waiting for loved ones informed of the progress of specific procedures and surgeries. Digitals signs are also optimal for informing patients of any recent change. What’s more, construction, or other important information that they should know. This is especially important when entering or using your hospital as a place of care of treatment for themselves and loved ones.

6 Optimal Hospital Signage Locations

Once you make the decision to use digital signs throughout your hospital, choosing the best location for each individual sign is key. In order to boost and increase hospital dwell time for patients and visitors alike, choosing the right locations matters. Better locations lead to an increase in time spent looking at and using the signs themselves.

1. Entryway

Placing signage in the entryway of a hospital is a great way to introduce patrons of your hospital to your method of messaging and marketing. Using your entryway for signs can help to better direct and guide patients and visitors as they immediately enter the hospital. Even if they are doing so for the first time. With an entryway, use changeable signage to promote specific locations of various wings. Meanwhile, also directing patients to informational kiosks and representatives if necessary.

2. Hospital Lobbies

Using digital signs in the main hospital lobby areas is another way to promote the type of signage you are using. Also, significantly increase the overall dwell time you receive with each of the signs you create and implement. Within hospital lobbies, you can include maps and directions as well as traditional office hours. Moreover, phone numbers and specific instructions for those who are waiting on doctors or representatives to contact them.

3. General Waiting Areas

Use digital signs within general areas and waiting areas for patients and visitors alike. Showcase information that pertains to specific health conditions or ailments that are relevant to the location the individual is currently waiting in. Implement location-specific content and guides that are most likely to resonate. Relate to the hospital’s current patients as well as the relatives who may be waiting on a procedure or surgery to complete.

4. ER Waiting Rooms and Patient Rooms

You can also place digital signs throughout specific patient rooms and ER rooms, depending on the layout and size of your hospital. Use ER waiting room signs to showcase waiting times and lines and various ailments or illnesses that may currently be going around. This can be based on your location as well as the season or time of year.

With digital signs in patient rooms, provide additional information regarding their own signs and symptoms. Use interactive maps and health quizzes to keep patients entertained and less focused on the stress of their condition. Hence, helping to improve overall patient care in your facility and hospital.

5. Staff Areas

It is also possible to use digital signs in staff and medical personal rest areas or lounges. Use digital signs in staff lounges to help with showcasing staff members of the month as well as upcoming events or conferences that are important to remember.

6. Hallways

You can also place digital signs periodically throughout the hallways of your hospital, depending on the free space you have available. Consider the hallway traffic you currently receive as well. For larger hallways that pose no threat of becoming clogged, digital signs can help to guide patients and visitors. Moreover, to keep them informed and entertained throughout the duration of their stay in the building.

When to Use Hospital Digital Signage Solutions?

Knowing when to use digital signs in your own hospital can go a long way when it comes to delivering patient care. Because not all hospitals operate in the same manner, it is important to set your goals before using digital signs. Knowing who you want to reach and what is most important is key to maximizing your full potential.

1. Monitor Waiting Times

Help patients and visitors monitor waiting times with digital signs. Using a digital check-in and waiting system, provide your visitors and guests with peace of mind. Especially as they wait for their name to be called or for their doctor to arrive.

2. Track Surgeries and Procedures

Use digital signs to inform visitors of when their loved one is in surgery and when a procedure or surgery has been completed.

3. Implement Educational Material

Digital signs can be great sources of educational material and infotainment, especially in a medical setting. Use your digital signs to showcase various procedures, medical tips, and even tips to remain as healthy as possible year-round. Even as new viruses and bugs appear.

4. Basic Healthcare and Location Information

Provide basic healthcare information as well as location information regarding your hospital. Include contact information such as your hospital’s address, phone number, and specific contact details as necessary for specialty wings. Use informational screens throughout your hospital to help those who visit or use your hospital to feel more comfortable and at ease. Especially during stressful and confusing times.

5. Directions, Maps, and Guides

Use digital signs to provide directions, maps, and guides to visitors and patients of your hospital. Providing clear directions and maps throughout your hospital will minimize confusion and frustration. Clearer instructions lead to an overall greater satisfaction rate from both patients and visitors alike in your hospital.

Understanding just how powerful hospital dwell time can be with the right digital signs is essential. Essential for any manager, marketer, or owner of a hospital today. Now, you understand the significance that dwell time has on spreading important information or guidance. So, you can create a working plan of action for your hospital and the signs you intend to use, regardless of its size.

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