5 Effective Restaurant Marketing Tips

Happy customers taking pictures of their food in a restraurant

Technology allows entrepreneurs in various trades to maximize the power of advertising at a whole new level. The availability of the Internet has changed the face of the food industry by making it more appealing and accessible through online restaurant marketing. Let’s explore 5 restaurant marketing tips to increase the number of new and repeat customers.

5 Proven Restaurant Marketing Tips:

Use Both Paid and Free Advertisements

You can never go wrong with the classics: using ads to promote your business. Advertisements come in different forms and shapes nowadays. Unlike in the past, you can now choose specific targets via geo-targeted ads. This is practicality at its finest since it exposes your restaurant to people nearby while reducing superfluous clicks that do not benefit you.

The influence of phones is undeniable in restaurant marketing. Paying for mobile ads is worth it for multiple reasons: 

  1. People who are on the move can see your ads, which increases the chances that they will actually visit your establishment
  2. Cost-effective way
  3. Allows clients to easily contact you

Social Media Platforms

Spending time on social media would be useless if you did not know where to market your restaurant. Rely on tried and tested platforms, such as Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Yelp, and the like. Do not forget that these sites also have mobile applications (please refer to the above-mentioned tip if you’re still not convinced).

Connect, Connect, Connect

Networks give your food-related business magnificent prestige. Make sure you associate with well-known delivery services as this can work wonders for your publicity and overall restaurant marketing.

Impressing bloggers can bring powerful consequences. They serve as the world’s taste buds. Although the senses are highly subjective, people listen to and believe bloggers. Invite and ask them for their objective opinions. This can give you ideas for improvement and serve as an added restaurant marketing tool.

Engage People

Online contests and loyalty programs can provide you with efficient User-Generated Content (UGC). Never underestimate a hashtag’s upshot. People can use this tool to circulate your menu, items, promos, interior, and feedback. Share hashtags as a sign of appreciation and effective restaurant marketing.

Also, use your brand identity to excite your followers. If you offer healthy food, for example, post photos under #exercise, #fitness, and #WorkLifeBalance and see the likes and follows rise.

Remember, Quality over Quantity, Always

Regularly publishing info at certain times of the day enhances your social media presence, but you should never sacrifice the quality of your updates for the number of posts. You cannot improve your business by spreading inaccurate details online or giving your clients false hopes (about serving size and actual presentation, that is). Make sure that you double-check your data and upload foodie photos that won’t fool your prospects.

Lastly, sharing good news will surely add points to your restaurant marketing. There is no harm in publicizing your charitable works and advocacies. It’s human nature to help others; hence, doing this will attract more individuals to patronize your food business — hitting two birds with one stone.

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