Top 9 Amazing Ways to Use Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitals

blog cover image for hospital digital signage
blog cover image for hospital digital signage

Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on clear, accessible communication to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes and boost the organization’s brand visibility. In the digital era, screens are the best way to convey critical, time-sensitive information.

Hospital digital signage is an effective way to enhance patient, visitor, and staff experiences. Hospitals and healthcare facilities can utilize digital signage displays to streamline operations, foster better connections with patients, and enhance internal communication. Just make sure you choose the right digital display for your hospital.

To dive into more details, we’ve listed 9 effective ways hospital digital signage display can help health organizations achieve their goals.

Top Ways to Use Hospital Digital Signage Solutions

1. Digital Wayfinding Signage

Hospitals are the most complex of building types, as they often comprise several wings offering a wide range of services and functions. According to research, wayfinding interruptions cost hospitals approx. $220,000 annually. Without a coordinated wayfinding system, patients may be late for their appointments, causing prolonged delays in the hospital’s operation.

Digital directories and wayfinding signage can provide customized directions and guide your patients and visitors to their destinations effortlessly. By placing it at the entrance of your facility, hospital lobby, and near the elevators, patients and visitors will have easy access to this self-service and be able to navigate around. This way, your staff can be freed up from directing traffic and can focus on their tasks.

elevator marketing digital sign in hospital

2. Digital Welcome Signage

Hospitals typically are not the most relaxing places to visit. It’s common for people to feel uncomfortable and experience anxiety when visiting the hospital, even if they are only there for a regular check-up. To improve the overall visitor and patient experience, it is recommended that hospitals find ways to make visits less intimidating. 

Hospital digital signage can play an effective role in reducing patients’ stress levels by setting a positive tone from the moment your patients and visitors set foot through your door, with warm welcome messages and captivating graphics shown on digital screens.

You can also display information such as hours of operation, emergency numbers, and healthy tips to keep your patients and visitors informed and reassured. Share your hospital’s values, showcase your hospital mission and vision, and introduce your talented doctors to further connect with your patients.

To leverage hospital digital signage as a welcome sign is a great way for hospitals to make the visiting experience less stressful. Thus, it becomes easier for their medical professionals and staff to care for, assist, and treat patients.

3. Digital Advertising and Marketing

One of the most common and popular applications of digital signage across industries is advertising. The healthcare industry is no different. According to studies, 52% of patients obtain health information from healthcare digital signage, which is proven to be an effective communication channel for hospitals to deliver their marketing messages. 

When placed in busy area that gets a lot of footfall or traffic, such as a hospital lobby and main hallways, your digital advertising display will get your message out to a wider audience and allow you to show highly engaging content that significantly increase your campaign visibility significantly.

For example, you can advertise healthcare products or highlight your institution’s expertise in a particular field to build reputation. Promoting fundraiser and community events can encourage participation and facilitate ongoing relationships between your hospital and the local community. You can even showcase the recent awards your hospital or medical team has received or profiles of your top doctors to build credibility and trust in your hospital.

On top of that, renting digital signage advertising space to affiliate industry partners, such as pharmacy, health insurance, and medical device companies, can generate additional revenue for your hospital.

digital signage for hospitals_waiting room

4. Digital Hospital Waiting Room Signage

Hospital waiting areas are where patients and visitors tend to experience the highest level of anxiety. None of us like to wait in lines; it is difficult to deal with the stress of uncertainty. Hence, drawing attention away from the wait itself is the key to improving hospital visitors’ experiences.

Integrating hospital digital signage displays with your appointment system is an effective way to ease waiting room anxiety and increase visitor satisfaction. The screen can display the estimated wait time and queue status to keep patients informed. While your patients are getting ready for their appointment, you can also show them instructions for their examination procedures or reminders to fill out any required medical forms. This way, your patients will know what to expect and be more likely to stay calm during their wait.

Digital patient room signage can also be used to deliver educational or entertainment content to keep patients and visitors engaged. Display videos or short clips that promote a healthy lifestyle to encourage your patients and visitors to practice in their daily life. Streaming live news, sports games, weather forecasts, or movies is another great way to keep them entertained and reduce their perceived wait time.

5. Patient Check-in Kiosks

Self-service is becoming a popular medium as more people prefer to find solutions to their problems themselves as opposed to seeking human support. By integrating your hospital’s appointment and queue management system with an interactive digital signage kiosk, you can provide patients with easier access to information and encourage them to perform self–check-in.

Moreover, patients are also able check their doctor’s availability and make appointments accordingly without lining up at the reception desk for assistance. This can reduce your reception staff’s workload, allowing them to manage the queue more efficiently and focus on other important duties such as assisting those who are really in need. Patients also benefit from a more personalized experience that will increase their overall satisfaction with hospital digital signage.

6. Digital Donor-Recognition Walls

Using hospital digital signage display to create donor-recognition walls is the perfect solution to show appreciation for your hospital’s financial supporters. Display their names and your thankful messages with stunning animations to attract more eyes.

On top of that, you can inspire potential donors to contribute by showcasing the projects or donor programs your hospital is currently running, such as hospital wing expansion, medical equipment upgrades, and community fundraising. Sharing the progress of your projects on digital displays can promote transparency and accountability, allowing your donors to see where their donations will be going.

An large organization like a hospital cannot serve a community efficiently without a team of devoted administrative staff and volunteers to support its operations. Hence, it is also important to show your gratitude for your volunteer members and let them know the impact they have on your hospital’s mission and in the community. 

Digital donor-recognition walls can be used to recognize your volunteers’ contributions by displaying custom thank-you messages along with their names and photos. When they feel appreciated, they are more likely to feel connected to the program and continue their involvement.

7. Digital Menu Board in the Cafeteria

Hospitals can use digital menu boards to showcase their cafeteria menu in a dynamic way that instantly grabs more attention and boosts overall sales. The adoption of a digital menu board can also streamline your hospital cafeteria’s operations by allowing you to make menu changes as you wish, keeping your menus relevant to different parts of the day, and helping your customers place orders more quickly.

A digital menu board offers flexibility in content update through its cloud-based content management portal, which allows you to easily make changes to your menu content in real-time. Moreover, unlike traditional static menu boards, which you need to manually swap to show the right menu content throughout morning, noon, and evening hours, digital menu boards can easily automate this process to always display the right menus on screen in the right hours.

You can also bring your menu to life by highlighting your featured items and daily specials with visually stunning animations and compelling images to entice customers and boost sales. Besides showing menu items and prices, you can also display nutritional information to help your patients make healthier eating decisions.

internal digital bulletin board in hospitals

8. Digital Bulletin Boards

Good medical care depends on effective communication between a hospital and its patients. Digital bulletin boards in hospital hallways or outside examination rooms can easily capture patients and visitors’ attention and get your message across.

For example, you can display annual flu shot reminders, hygiene protocols, or visitor policies to keep everyone informed. With digital bulletin boards, you can easily manage your screen content remotely and apply content changes to all the screens in your hospital at the click of a button.

Bulletin boards are an important tool for relaying internal information between departments and sections of your hospital. Although important information can be distributed through email, there are chances that your staff may miss it during their busy days. The best way to keep all your staff on the same page is installing hospital digital signage in the staff rooms. You can create a playlist to rotate multiple messages, ensuring that your information will always be available on the screen for your staff to view.

Furthermore, you can use digital bulletin boards to display shift schedules at the nurse stations, allowing the nurses and medical teams to quickly check who is on duty.

9. Interactive Training Resource Hub

Education and training are crucial for anyone to develop and improve their professional skills, productivity, and quality of work. Continuous training throughout healthcare workers’ careers is considered particularly essential, as they are directly involved in the process of saving people’s lives and health on a daily basis. 

As patient care and medical technology are constantly evolving, how to continuously update hospital employees with new medical knowledge and skills is a real challenge for any healthcare facility.

Hospital digital signage can be the perfect solution to help tackle this issue. You can transform your digital signage display into an interactive training resource hub for all your staff to view and obtain information related to their jobs. In addition, train your staff about how digital signages work.

For example, they can access the most updated hospital SOP or learn the newest medical research findings. Stream training videos that demonstrate how to perform certain healthcare tasks or use medical instruments can also help reinforce your staff’s knowledge and reduce medical errors.

Hospital Digital Signage Solutions:

Hospitals can leverage digital signage in various ways to visually communicate better with their patients, visitors, and staff while streamlining their operations and reducing marketing costs. The examples listed in this blog are just some common uses of hospital digital signage. If you would like to learn more about how your healthcare facility can benefit from using digital signage, book a free consultation with our digital signage experts today!

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