6 Content Ideas for Shopping Malls Digital Signage

content ideas for shopping mall digital signage
content ideas for shopping mall digital signage

Mall digital signage offers an effective way to get people through your doors, sell more products, and create a pleasant shopping experience. Many options exist to entice potential customers, including interactive kiosks or large video walls. However, shopping mall digital signage devices are only effective if your content is persuasive.

Here, we have put together the most cost-effective, success-oriented content ideas for shopping mall digital signage to deliver an immersive experience for shoppers:

Build Your Brand with Mall Digital Signage

It takes more than a logo to establish your brand . The critical question is how and what you should do to build a well-defined brand identity and leave a memorable mark in the mind of your customers. You can establish your desired branding and create recognition with shopping mall  digital signage, regardless of whether you consider your mall luxurious or affordable for all. Share any triumphs, new milestones, cheerful photos from events, and more to demonstrate your core values as a brand. In addition, you should include creative elements such as unique designs and animation to align with your mall’s current theme to create a balanced visual atmosphere.

Guide Your Shoppers with Wayfinding

A directory is a must-have for every mall. Guide your shoppers to where they want to be with digital signage, such as a building directory. You can easily update the shopping mall digital signage building directory to reflect changes in store locations so that the map always shows the most accurate information. You can also add a QR code so customers can access the directory on their mobile devices. In addition, you can showcase promotions in different stores. While your customer browses the directory, they will be encouraged to visit stores and purchase products.

Show Special Offers & Exclusive Events

Promotions can be creatively displayed on digital signage to motivate shoppers and encourage purchasing. In addition, the right shopping mall digital signage solution, such as NexSigns, allows you to schedule your marketing campaigns in advance, so you don’t have to panic when the time comes.

Here are some promotion campaigns you should consider:

  • Holiday Marketing Campaigns: Holiday Gift Guide, Countdown Sale, Early Bird Sales, Holiday Pop-up Store(s), Boxing Day Specials, and more 
  • Holiday Exclusive Events: Christmas with Santa, Holiday Music Corner, Artist Painting, Holiday Market, and more
  • Events-Related Campaigns: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, Mother’s Day Popular Gift Ideas, Father’s Day Specials, Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday Deals, and more 
  • Mall-Specific Event Campaigns: Anniversary Sales, Pop-up Stores, Celebrity Nights, Theme Events, and more 
  • Events Organized by Retailers: Store-Exclusive Sales, BOGO Deals, Membership Events, and more

To make your campaigns effective, you should include captivating images and dynamic animation with creative graphics to grab your shoppers’ attention. After all, promotions are ineffective if no one looks at them.

Promote Food Court & Cafeteria

Is it retail therapy if there is no food and beverages? Shopping mall digital signage allows you to promote the varieties you offer at your food court and cafeteria. Use images and videos of delicious-looking food to make people want to come to your mall’s food court, and show special deals on different screens to motivate them. In addition, you can also add special animated effects to make the images lively and delicious

mall digital signage food court promotion

You can also use digital menu boards at the food court to create a modern vibe and excite shoppers to try out new food offerings. Compared to traditional menus, digital menu boards help restore the colors of your food images and make them look appealing and tasty. Restaurant owners can edit animated design templates seamlessly to represent their brands better. In addition, owners can easily highlight and promote any seasonal offers. This way, you can ensure that your shoppers have a great experience at your mall and that your food court partners can generate more revenue.

Important Safety Guidelines

Public health and safety should always be the priority for all shopping malls. You can update your screen content anytime with the right shopping mall digital signage solution. This means you can easily display current safety guidelines and deliver emergency announcements. In addition, you can also let your shoppers know where they can access the help desk if they need further assistance. In case of unexpected emergencies, you can display emergency messages to help your shoppers and associates evacuate quickly.

Live Feeds

Digital mall signage can display live updates on air quality index, weather, and traffic conditions to help shoppers stay informed while navigating the mall. This will help your customers prepare for any developing weather conditions. Live weather updates can also be used to your advantage. For example, with a weather-based condition system, you can display campaigns such as winter-season promotions while there’s a snowfall predicted in the area.

What’s Next?

In addition to what we’ve mentioned above, there are many more content ideas for shopping mall digital signage to demonstrate your creativity. With the right digital signage solution, you can achieve any goals you have and deliver your marketing campaigns seamlessly. Discover why our digital signage solution is the right fit for your business.

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