Digital Menu Boards – Quick Service Restaurants

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards for restaurants are taking the quick-service industry by storm! NexSigns combines the power of animated content with total control to give every restaurant an edge at attracting new customers and enticing existing customers to spend more.

How NexSigns Works

Create Spectacular Content

Bring your menu into life. Entice your customers with lively and attractive visual designs while keeping the line moving.

Schedule publishing and daypart your menus to optimize your limited time offers and check averages for any time of the day, day of the week. 
Easily create, update, and manage your digital menu boards according to your inventory through a web-based platform whenever and wherever. 
Highlight your bestsellers and high-margin items with images and animation to maximize your business revenue. 

Balance collaboration and control among key stakeholders using our modern sharing capabilities.

Monitor your digital signage network health using our integrated device management tools.

  • WOW! After replacing our traditional display, it was clear how much better the digital menu actually looks. New customers are drawn towards it and it’s making the ordering process much smoother.

    Logo of American Cheesesteak Company

    Amy Pratt

    Manager, American Cheesesteak Co.
  • It’s obvious that the use of digital menu boards for our restaurants immediately triples the amount of customers compared to other stores within the same food court. This is really the game changer.

    Headshot of Michael Flavelle, Director of Operations for Fresh & Healthy Brands

    Michael Favelle

    Director of Operations, Fresh & Healthy Brands
  • NexSigns digital signage takes away the hassles of long waiting time when it comes to making changes to our menu boards. We can now make changes on our signage within minutes and from anywhere thanks to NexSigns.
    Karl Tang, Owner of The Bubble Tea Shop with his back turned so that the company logo on the back of his shirt is showing

    Karl Tang

    Owner, The Bubble Tea Shop

Key Features of NexSigns

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Smart Menu Editor

Effortlessly update your menus without a designer or extra cost. Smart Menu Editor features the world’s first Intelligent Menu Positioning System (IMPS), dynamically determines the best positioning of each item on the screen. 

Editable Animation System

Attract customers’ attention with animated menus that you can update anytime with confidence. Editable Animation System features the world’s first and only digital signage animations that are custom built for your brand identity and can be edited by non-designers without any effort.

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Show the most relevant menu items and promos at the right time on the right day, to the right people. Dayparting gives you the optimal flexibility in configuring menu content schedules, combining hours of the days and days of the week, so you can make the most of your displays at every moment. 

Like What You See?

What's in the Box

What is in Nano-PC3 box a USB cable, power adapter, Nano-PC3, HDMI cornering anchor, and HDMI extender

Digital Signage Set Up

It’s fast and easy to set up your digital signage. Simply plug the Nano-PC 3 to any HDTV and it transforms into a premium level digital signage system designed for your business.

Technical drawing on installing a Nano-PC3 by connecting power and then the Nano-PC3 into a display's HDMI port

Design Approaches

You can kick start your digital signage experience by simply selecting an editable design template from our template library or get a customized design tailored to your business.

Design consultation for a digital menu board design done in an illustration icon style

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