Drive Thru Menu Boards

Enhance your drive-thru menu with our dynamic and cost-effective digital drive-thru menu boards. Our drive-thru displays are IP67 + IK10 rated and can operate in any weather. Take advantage of our stunning displays and boost your sales today. 

Drive Thru Digital Menu Boards Key Features

Vibrant Displays

Our drive-thru menu boards are always bright and crisp, no matter the time of day or the stormiest weather. The anti-reflective coating and ultra-bright display makes sure the screen is readable on the brightest days. These screens will always catch the eyes of your customers while they are waiting in line.

Weather Resistant

A drive-thru menu board must be operatable under any weather conditions and temperatures. Our menu boards are IP67 rated. This rating ensures that our drive-thru displays will survive in any weather conditions. Manage your restaurant free from any worries with our weather-proof displays.

Durable Display Screen

The screen for our drive-thru menu board is IK10 rated to ensure it can resist almost all impacts. The glass of these screens is tempered and then laminated, making them impervious to the damages that regular glass would sustain.

Wide Viewing Angles

For a drive-thru system, it is vital to make sure the menu content is readable from any position for the best customer experience. Our drive-thru menu board screens make sure your content is readable from any angle within 178 degrees.

Tough Construction

These outdoor display screens can be set up anywhere thanks to their longevity and durability. A conformal coating protects the circuitry within the display from the fine particles found in a drive-thru lane. These include water, dust, grease, and other particles that can damage electronics.

Energy Efficient

Save on your power bill with the energy-saving features in this display. This screen comes with a built-in auto-iris feature. That means it automatically adjusts its brightness for optimal readability, depending on the lighting around it.

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Why Use Drive Thru Menu Boards


Boost Efficiency

Research has shown that 50 to 70 percent of fast food sales are done in the drive-thru. With digital drive thru menu boards, you can promote any new or high-margin items while your customers wait in the drive-thru lane. By making your menu system engaging and easy-to-read, your customers can view all your meals much easier. When each of your customers get their turn, they will already have a good idea of what they want to order.


Happy Customers

Deliver a better drive-thru experience with outdoor drive-thru digital menu boards. These displays allow you to present your menu items with engaging animations and images. This will help keep your customers focused on your menus and reduce their perceived wait time. Keep the line moving and your customers happy with our drive-thru menu board solutions.



With NexSigns’ Dayparting feature, your drive-thru menus will switch between breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at the times of the day you specify. When you have these menu boards in place, you won’t need anyone to go outside and manually make changes to your drive-thru menu. By using our online platform, you can easily set up your menus and content schedule, and your digital drive-thru menu boards will automatically switch by schedule.


Easy to Update

You don’t have to print out a menu every time you want to introduce a new item or change pricing. Make easy updates to this outdoor digital display with our online content management software. NexSigns gives you the flexibility to make changes to your menu anytime, no matter where you are. Start using our drive thru menu boards and streamline your menu today.


Streamline Menus to Multiple Locations

Our drive thru menu boards streamline the distribution of content to all your locations at the same time. Whenever there’s a menu update, you won’t need to arrange the logistics and staff for each of your locations.


Present Your Branding

Establish and deliver your branding to your customers in a sharp and modern way. Use our unique digital menu designs to make a memorable impression on your customers. Stand out from the crowd and let your customers know that what you offer makes you the better choice.

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