Best Digital Signage Solutions for Retail

Our Retail Digital Signage will boost your foot traffic and increase sales with eye-catching designs. Use our bright, animated digital signage designs to show all the new styles and brands in your store. Provide a first-class shopping experience for your customers by using NexSigns.

Retailers’ Choice

Trusted by retailers of all sizes, our digital signage solutions empower you to provide impactful advertising and enhance customer experience.

Why Retail Digital Signage?

Retail digital signage offers retail stores and shopping malls several benefits that typical static signage does not have. The valuable features of digital signage open a new world of potential for your business. Retail digital signage lets you react and adapt faster than physical signs ever could. Use stunning animations and vibrant colors on your displays to engage your customers with everything in your store.

Here is why Retail Digital Signage is essential:

84% of store owners have reported that digital signage increases brand awareness more than traditional signage. 

Digital signs have been proven to make customers purchase 29% more products.

57% of retail store owners say that digital displays help them give better customer service and improve customer experiences.

Customers spend 30% more time in stores that have digital signage.

Digital signage boosts customer satisfaction by 46%.

Digital signage for Retail gives you a simple way to showcase your products, maintain customer loyalty, and boost sales. Easily manage your promotional content with the many options that come with digital displays. Make a strong impact on your customer’s shopping journey with NexSigns.

Best Retail Digital Signage with NexSigns

Welcome More Customers

Research shows that 62% more people will pay attention to your content if it is on digital signs. Impress your customers with eye-catching window displays and video walls at the entrance. Show shoppers your featured products on interactive displays to keep them engaged in your store. Share everything about your store, all on one screen.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Create a better physical store experience with digital signage. Use NexSigns to display social media feeds, product information, and upcoming in-store events on your displays. Once your customers reach the checkout, you can showcase your products with animations and reduce their perceived wait time.

Encourage Purchasing Decision

Adjust your marketing strategies based on your customers’ habits. Make timely updates with real-time data, and tailor your content to what your customers are looking for. You can also show promotions for your products with well-placed screens. By doing this, you can push them towards making a purchase.

Sometimes, Less is More

Want an attractive slideshow that isn’t too fancy? No problem. Our Image Slideshow feature will turn your static images into a vibrant slideshow for your digital signage. Upload images to spark your customers’ interests, and this feature will help you create an eye-catching slideshow within minutes.

Make Any Updates Easily

Have a sudden promotion or sale? Our digital signage software lets you make updates from any device on our online platform. The best part is that you do not need a designer to do any updates for you! Our Advanced Editing System makes sure that your animated designs will be preserved after you’ve made your edits.

Timing Matters

Make a content schedule ahead of time with our Scheduled Publishing feature. Upload any content to our online platform and choose a date for it to appear on your screens. This feature will remember to publish your content at any time you choose. Get your content ready ahead of time, and avoid the rush when trying to update your displays.

Streamline Everything to all your Locations

NexSigns makes it easy to streamline your content to every one of your stores. All you have to do is publish your new content through our online platform. There’s no need to get help from anyone. Our system will make sure all your selected stores will show the latest updates to your content.

Boost Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that having consistent branding across all your platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Digital signage lets you include the assets from your online presence. This way, you keep your brand familiar from the web to your storefront. Give your physical store a modern look and show that you’re keeping up with technology with retail digital signage.

Our Work is Stunning Engaging Effective

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How NexSigns Works

Effective Digital Signage for Everyone

Powerful Graphics

Display gorgeous multimedia with video playback capable of 720p, 1080p, and 4K2K native and 8K upscaled display.

Reliable Operations

Don’t worry about your digital signage going down due to WiFi or internet outages. With both internal and external storage and internet-free operations, NexSigns can continue to work even during an outage.

Durable Design

A resilient aluminum die-cast casing and a fanless heatsink make the Nano-PC3 resilient and able to operate in temperatures from -40°C - 103°C.

Easy to Get Started

Set up your digital signage in minutes with our slim and compact digital signage computer (Nano-PC 3). Plug the Nano-PC 3 into any HDTV and you will be ready to showcase any product or service.

Digital signage media player

What's in the Box

What is in Nano-PC3 box a USB cable, power adapter, Nano-PC3, HDMI cornering anchor, and HDMI extender

Digital Signage Set Up

It’s fast and easy to set up your digital signage. Plug the Nano-PC 3 into any HDTV to transform it into a premium digital signage system for your business.

Design Approaches

Start your digital signage experience by selecting a design from our template library. You can also get a design tailor-made for your business.

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