All-In-One Digital Signage Display

All-In-One Digital Signage Display

There’s no need to worry about complicated wiring with the All-In-One Digital Signage Display. With a built-in digital signage computer all you need to do is plug in the power cord and start running your signage.

This display is available in both interactive and non-interactive models.

Key Features​

Eye Catching Display

Whether you're showing branding, informational, or any other type of content, it will look great with the vibrancy of the digital display.

Independent Operation

The display comes with a built-in digital signage computer. There's no need to worry about any additional media players.

Flush Mounting

Ensure a minimalist installation with this display's custom, seamless mounting system.

Universal Design

Digital signage offers a brand-free design that is perfect for any use. Let your content be the star.

NexSigns Digital Signage Kiosk Is Used By:

Technical Specifications

  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Brightness: 450 cd/m2 (Indoor), 750cd/m2 (Outdoor)
  • Screen Size: 49″, 54″, 60″, 72″, 80″, 90″
  • Dimensions: 185cm x 73cm x 45.7cm (Based on 49″ display)
  • Interactive: Available
  • Energy Usage: 110-240V
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C – 55°C
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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