All-In-One Interactive Digital Signage Display for Business

The All-In-One Digital Signage Display is fast and simple to set up. All you need is to plug in the power cord and start running our digital signage solutions on the display.

We offer both interactive and non-interactive models to meet any of your needs. Our commercial-grade All-In-One Display works for any situation and in any industry.

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All-In-One Digital Signage Display

Key Features of Our Digital Signage Display

Eye-Catching Commercial Display

This vibrant digital signage display will make any content look incredible. Grab your customers’ attention with the wide viewing angles of this dynamic display. Both interactive and non-interactive models are available. Whether for branding, information, or content, our displays will give it a stunning look.

Independent Operation

This cost-effective display comes with NexSigns embedded so that you can take advantage of all our exclusive features. Most importantly, you won't need to source out an external media player. Thanks to the all-in-one design, you can just power it up, and everything is ready to go.

Flush Mounting

Our ultra-low-profile mounting bracket makes it simple to install this display anywhere and blend it into the setting. Unlike a regular VESA mount, our mounting points between the display and the wall are virtually invisible. This display will look like a picture frame hanging flush against the wall.

Free of Any Branding

We created this digital signage display free of any branding. This way, there will not be any unrelated logos that will distract from your customers' visual experience. Your products and services are always the center of focus with this display.

Use Cases for the All-In-One Digital Display

restaurant digital sign


The All-In-One Digital Display fits in at any restaurant setting. It works anywhere, whether you own a table-service or quick-service restaurant. These displays can be easily set up anywhere in your restaurant. This way, you can show your customers everything you offer while they are in the dining area, entryway, or waiting area.

digital retail store sign

Retail Stores and Malls

Showcase your latest products, seasonal items, and special sales with our All-In-One displays. Their slim design makes it easy to set up these digital signage displays and blend them into your store. They also come with NexSigns embedded, allowing for easy content management with our unique features.

hotel digital sign

Hotels/ Hospitality

Create a warm atmosphere in your hotel by putting our digital signage displays in waiting areas, elevators, and the lobby. With these displays, you can inform your guests about all your amenities and events. You can create a directory, promotion, or event invitation on a single screen. Take advantage of these displays to share more content in the same amount of wall space that regular signs would take.

bank digital display

Banks and Financial Institutions

Include our All-In-One displays in any part of your bank. Showcase your services, limited-time offers, and latest promotions with these compact screens. Use our interactive display model to introduce your clients to your team of financial advisors, and more.

digital signage for school

Education Institutions

Brighten up your campus with these compact digital signage displays. Spread your institution’s brand image with stunning animations and designs throughout your campus. Share information with your students at the library, or promote events in union buildings, cafés, and high traffic areas. These thin displays will fit perfectly in any context you need.

digital signage display for office


Boost morale around your office with these easy-to-mount displays. Place these screens anywhere in the office to share company news, or provide a building directory to guide visitors throughout the building. Inform everyone about company goals and triumphs to help keep up your team's ambition.

all-in-one digital display for grocery and supermarket


Give your customers an easy way to explore your grocery store, from the entrance to check-out. The functions of the All-In-One Digital Display let you give your customers a full picture of what your store offers. Our commercial display will let your customers know about your newest sales, events, and items. Boost sales and keep your customers engaged while they are walking through your store.

digital display for auto-dealership


Promote your latest models and car upkeep services with this commercial digital signage display. Drum up interest for new models by using eye-catching designs with this All-In-One display. Its discreet shape makes it easy to include in an auto-dealership of any size. Use the interactive version of this display to let your clients explore the options you have for every model.

Technical Specifications

  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Brightness: 450 cd/m2 (Indoor), 750cd/m2 (Outdoor)
  • Screen Size: 49″, 54″, 60″, 72″, 80″, 90″
  • Dimensions: 185cm x 73cm x 45.7cm (Based on 49″ display)
  • Interactive: Available
  • Energy Usage: 110-240V
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C – 55°C
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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