10 Key Benefits of Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

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Whether you are running a factory, enterprise, or warehouse, information is crucial to your business. Technology has given us the best go-to team communication tools, namely, digital signage, also known as digital displays. Digital signage in corporate communications improves the efficiency of business communication within your corporate environment. And effective and healthy communication throughout your organization leads to improved cooperation.

According to corporate statistics, 50 percent of communication professionals depend on the digital display as a channel. It also enhances internal communication leading to 25 percent higher employee productivity. The electronic display has multiple benefits to your corporate communication. Here are the most important benefits.

10 Top Benefits of Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

1. Enhances Corporate Culture

Sending a memo about hiring a new CFO is one way of keeping your staff updated. Putting the CFO’s face and profile on the big screen is another and better way of introducing the new staff member to your employees.

A well-connected signage system keeps everyone in the loop about human resources and other corporate communications. Pictures help to create a friendlier working environment. So, a friendly intro of the new staff on digital displays, everyone will recognize him or her. The digital screen can also display everything else employees have to learn about their co-workers.

2. Digital Signage Supports Corporate Branding

No doubt, display communication is one of the most effective ways of making important announcements to employees, but it doesn’t stop there. It can be a useful tool to get employee feedback before going live with your corporate branding campaign.

As long as your employees can offer their feedback anonymously like they used to do with the traditional suggestion box, important analytics can help make some changes to the branding campaign during its initial stage.

3. Helps Employees Understand “What” and “Why”

Although employees don’t need to be aware of everything happening within the company, it’s important they know “WHAT” and “WHY,” according to communication expert David Grossman. Without the answers to these two critical answers, your employees will be in the dark, and that will affect your business.

Good corporate communications allow employees to see the organization’s vision and mission as well as live it. Internal communication strategies are only valid and worth IF your employees get to see them.

That’s where screen communication comes into play. It takes information from the primary source and displays it on screen. The information can also be shared with employees remotely.

4. Performance Dashboard

Employees can measure the company performance as well as their own performance through the internal analytics displayed on the large digital screens. You can monitor the progress of the whole enterprise through the digital screen network.

Depending on the business, you can have the digital signage displays elected at different locations where employees can view them. You can display important corporate communications, such as the numeral data and internal figures that showcase the company’s progress.

Some other important information you can display are:

      • Stock prices

      • Company website & social media handles

      • Online feedback from customers

      • The state of the competition

      • Sales figures

    5. Encourages Employees to Know their Co-Workers

    Some organizations have adopted a company culture that encourages employees to know each other through retreats and team-building activities. Digital screens also carry this benefit in corporate communications. They can display employee profiles with their respective names and departments, as well as fun personal facts.

    Quotes from employees such as, “Go hard or go home!” or “I keep pressing the escape key on the keyboard, but I’m still at work” can be displayed on the electronic communication screens. Motivation and good laughs at the workplace spark a positive mood and encouragement.

    You can also use the interactive signage media players to satisfy your employees’ curiosity. People can learn more by just interacting with the screens. They get to access the company info, initiatives and participate in campaigns.

    6. It’s a Time Saver

    Preparing a static printed banner is a tiresome task that consumes time and money. Besides, these tasks would have gone towards other essential activities within the corporate. The same message can be displayed much faster through cost-effective and more suitable digital signage solutions.

    Also, considering the repeat printing of messages on new banners after the current ones wear out, message changes, or after damages, digital corporate communication is more convenient. Messages can be edited easily from anywhere at anytime, resulting in a high Return on Investment.

    7. Digital Signage Boosts Morale in Corporate Communications

    Digital signage media players can be used to boost morale at the workplace. It can serve as a way of recognizing employee milestones, contributions, and achievements. It’s an excellent way to inspire, encourage, and motivate everyone at the workplace.

    Unlike an email that would end up in someone’s spam folder, digital displays are unlikely to be ignored. They can be used to announce the staff’s awards, achievements, and certifications.

    They can also be used to show testimonials from certified customers, positive website reviews, press releases, and reviews from Google or Facebook.

    Many businesses have adopted the company culture of peer-to-peer recognition. According to the latest statistics, 46 percent of senior managers see P2P recognition as more of an investment rather than an expense.

    8. Allows Employees to Communicate and Share Their Ideas

    Before the digital era, whenever employees had great business ideas, they might not be able to find proper channels to share them. Their only options were talking to their managers or discussing with the co-workers who hardly paid attention.

    The digital signage system allows talented staff to share their ideas with the corporate. The contributions can be displayed anywhere with the approval of the managers. It empowers the employees by showing them that their opinion matters, and it also encourages internal dialogue in corporate communications.

    9. It Helps Manage Employee Training

    Everyone hopes to have a committed employee, but knowledge is also important. Digital signage can support the display of training videos and demos. It’s easier to train or educate workers at the comfort of their stations where they can learn new information and apply it immediately.

    Education through signage solutions is convenient for any company as it saves time and money on printing and circulating content. Training can also be customized to display at specific times of the day when employees are comfortable to learn.

    10. Useful for Corporate Announcements

    For a corporation that continually seeks to keep the employees updated on every event affecting the organization, digital signage is an excellent medium for transmitting such information. Your digital signage solution has a role in digitizing the organization to inform employees about new events, product launch, workshops, reached milestones, and more. Meanwhile, electronic screens can display current news, trends in technology, sports, weather, and social media.

    Final Thoughts: Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

    The key to corporate communication success is making your employees aware of inclusivity in the company vision and allowing them to collaborate. Internal communication strategies within your corporate fuel its growth and keeps your business competitive in this tech era. The digital display has become a beneficial solution for boosting corporate growth. If your enterprise or firm has not embraced this culture, you are missing a lot.

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