Top 14 Ideas for Using Education Digital Signage for Content Creation

digital signage for schools
digital signage for schools

Digital signage for schools can display various types of content to bridge the communication gap between students and school, increase engagement, and enhance the learning experience. In fact, statistics show that about 73% of education institutions are already seeing digital signage as a vital element in the future of campus-wide communication.

Top 14 Digital Signage for Schools Content Ideas

During the planning stage for your school’s digital signage system deployment, you might be wondering what kind of content you should create and display on the screen. Content creation is yet another topic, and as an education professional, you might not have the time to consider it. We have made this simple by listing our top 14 great ideas for your school and college’s digital signage content.

education digital signage in hallway showing school announcement

1. Digital Bulletin Board

The days of using static bulletin boards and whiteboards in schools are coming to an end. Due to the increasing adoption rate of technology, these static bulletin boards are no longer meeting the needs of schools unlike digital bulletin boards that can communicate more effectively with their students and staff. In addition, digital bulletin boards require very little manpower to manage, are easy to update, and can display sequences of information one after another on a single screen.

With digital bulletin boards, you can inform your students of any last-minute changes to class schedules, broadcast lost and found announcements, and display the school’s event calendar. By placing this digital signage for schools in high-traffic areas such as the major hallways or near the entrance, they can easily grab your students’ attention and increase message retention. 

You can also place digital bulletin boards in the teacher’s lounge or department office to facilitate better internal communication. You can show internal notices, meeting calendars, and exam schedules to keep your teachers and staff in the loop.

2. Digital Welcome Sign

The first day of school always creates some nervousness, especially for students, teachers, and staff members who are new to the school. Digital signage can be used to welcome them, helping them calm their nerves and adjust to a new environment. Make an excellent first impression by greeting them with customized welcoming messages. And displaying their names and photos on the screens can also help other students and staff break the ice and start conversations with these newcomers right away.

3. Digital Directories

You can leverage digital signage for schools as an interactive digital building directory to show specific location information to your new staff, students, and visitors. This way, they can easily find what they are looking for right at their fingertips. Implementing a clear and accessible digital building directory and wayfinding at your school can show your prospective students and visitors that you care. Place your digital directory signage at the entrance or lobby to inform and engage your visitors the moment they step into your school.

education digital signage kiosk directories

4. Social Media

As this generation is marked by increased usage of the Internet, especially social media, many schools are starting to communicate with families and students through digital screens. You can use digital signage, like information kiosks, to display your school’s social media feeds with hashtags to create a more connected campus by encouraging conversations with your students, or you can share school event photos to bring everyone closer together.

5. Real-time Weather

Digital signage for schools can be used to broadcast local real-time weather, keeping teachers, students, and other staff members informed. This is important because up-to-date weather reports are essential for schools to make transportation arrangements for their students, or be prepared to look after them if their parents are picking them up late due to bad weather conditions.

In addition, poor communication during severe weather conditions like hurricanes and heavy snowfalls can trigger school crises. Digital school signage can push alerts alongside these weather reports to remind students and staff to stay safe.

6. Live TV News

While students are on the school premises, they are often not aware of what’s happening outside the school walls. Bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world education by streaming live news and headlines on your digital signage screens to keep your students informed and engaged.

This is a great way to promote class discussions and increase your students’ background knowledge, which is closely tied to their academic success.

7. Trivia

Challenge your students with trivia quizzes on your digital screens to spark interest in learning. Present short questions, fun knowledge, or brain teasers with stunning animations and visuals through your digital signage for schools to keep your students engaged. This is a great way to foster group discussions and give your students the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills. 

In addition, solving puzzles has proven to have a therapeutic effect on our minds, which results in reduced stress. This is another reason why trivia quizzes and brain games are great content ideas for your school digital signage.

a digital information board on wooden wall with students walking by

8. Donor Walls

Digital signage can also be used on donor walls to recognize and show appreciation for your school’s financial supporters. Feature their names and photos to attract more eyes and inspire potential donors to contribute. 

You can also leverage your digital signage for schools to showcase the projects that your school is currently running, such as campus building renovations, learning equipment upgrades, and charity fundraisings for your community. This way, your donors will know how the funds are used.

9. Achievement Recognition Board

Utilize digital signage to recognize students’ achievements and motivate them to keep doing their best. By showcasing your students’ creative work, academic achievements, and athletic awards on screens, boost peer recognition and increase their morale. Plus, when parents drop by – they can also see the work and success of their children being celebrated in school, which leads to better impressions overall.

10. Inspiration Quotes and Mottos

Sharing at least 2 inspirational quotes on school digital signage displays promotes positive energy in your school. You can display quotes from significant historical figures, prominent leaders, and icons to motivate both your students and teaching staff. 

On the other hand, digital signage for schools can also be used to promote the vision and values by showcasing the school slogan and logo. Apply these elements to your digital signage content to enhance branding, create a sense of belonging, and foster school pride.

school signage displaying inspiration motto

11. Library Digital Signage

Your school library can also use digital signage to visually communicate with students and help them develop good reading habits. For example, feature recommendations or the newest books on digital displays with a short synopsis and an attractive cover image to intrigue students.

On the other hand, you can also showcase research techniques such as how to use citations, or tips to look for scholarly articles, to help students make effective use of your library resources

Digital signs are a great way to let students know about events held at the library. From book clubs to spelling bees, promote your educational activities to create a culture of reading and inspire deeper levels of learning for your students.

12. Digital Menu Board in The Cafeteria

School cafeterias can adopt digital signage to streamline operations and create unique opportunities to educate and inform students about healthy eating habits. With compelling design and eye-catching imagery, digital menu boards can instantly capture and hold students’ attention while helping them to move through the lunch line in an efficient manner. 

Besides your menu items, you can also display nutritional information like vitamin content to promote nutritional awareness throughout the school. By combining your digital menu board with captivating imagery and animations, your students will be engaged and more motivated to choose well-balanced meals.

A digital menu board also helps your school cafeteria to easily keep menu content relevant through its Dayparting feature. With this feature, your menu board will automatically display a breakfast menu during morning hours and a lunch menu at noon. Your cafeteria workers will no longer need to manually switch up the menus and can focus on food preparation.

digital signage display in student lounge

13. Room Scheduling System

When exam week approaches, it becomes more difficult for students to find a vacant study room on campus. Even if you manage to find a room, you will not know if it is being scheduled for other usage later. 

Digital signage for schools can help you avoid these unwanted situations by displaying the availability of a room, as well as its upcoming available times. Students can easily check the availability of room status and make their bookings. Teachers and staff can also view the availability of conference rooms and plan their meeting schedules accordingly, which reduces the chances of conflicts in booking.

14. Emergency Alerts

Educational institutions also have a duty to ensure the safety and well-being of their students. When unpredictable events or emergencies happen, the ability to share information rapidly and in real-time with all students and staff is crucial.  

Digital signage enables you to communicate quickly with everyone in the school by displaying alerts, evacuation procedures, and instructions across all screens on the campus during an emergency. People tend to get lost and panic when under stress, so providing clear signed instructions on where to go or what to do during emergency situations allows your school to be in control while keeping everyone calm. 


The importance of digital signage for schools can’t be underestimated. Digital signage in schools can bridge the communication gap between students, teachers, and staff by displaying various types of content. It also enhances the learning experience by offering visual stimulation digitally to engage students and increase school spirit. 

These are just a handful of content ideas to get you started with planning your school’s digital signage project. If you would like to learn more about how digital signage can benefit your business, book a free consultation with our digital signage experts today!

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