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digital donor wall

How do you show appreciation for your donors, encourage them to donate again, and attract other potential givers? Digital donor wall is a perfect way to help spread the word. With these options, you can express your thanks and encourage others to join in your charitable efforts. Digital signage usage is a winning situation all around.

Traditionally, organizations have sent their donors receipts for tax purposes and letters thanking donors for their contributions. Moreover, walls with brass plaques honoring donors have become a fixture in many locations. Nowadays, a digital donor board expands the range of ways that you can celebrate your donors. Here are the top 3 ways to use digital donor wall:

Top 4 Ways to Use Digital Donor Wall

Convert your empty wall spaces to information centers with digital signage. Digital donor walls allow you to quickly provide up-to-date information to everyone and display donation information subtly while digital signage catches their attention.

1. Show Your Gratitude

Digital signage provides a perfect platform for contributors to describe what giving to the organization means to them. People have access to an impressive amount of information wherever they are at your facility. You can use digital signage for donor recognition by showing the number of donors that have contributed, sharing their names (with their permissions of course), and highlighting significant donors to show your appreciation.

When the donors include local businesses, it is ideal for you to display their contribution to connect and show your strong bonds with the local community. A connection with members of the local community is a good enticement for giving. Examples of organizations that benefit from local business support include health charities, animal rescue groups, and social service organizations. By using a digital donor wall, you can ensure that the public sees an organization with strong community bonds, improves your credibility, and motivates people to donate.

2. Display Up-to-Date Donation Information

With a digital donor wall, you will have the ability to add photo and video content to provide vivid information to appeal to prospective givers. Consider Including QR codes and website links to make it easier for everyone to access additional information. Furthermore, you can highlight how contributors’ donations helped the facility or the service you’re providing and share success stories with the public through digital signage for donor recognition.

Having all the information at hand for your digital signage for donor recognition in advance makes a difference. Don’t forget to include donation contact information so that people can reach the associated department with ease. After all, you don’t want to be held up waiting for someone to respond to you.

3. Outreach for Better Fundraising Performance

Remember that an attractive presentation will encourage more donors to give. Here are some ideas you should consider including in your digital donor wall:

  1. Facts about annual giving campaigns and events
  2. The reasons behind the fundraising, the donation goals, and where the donations will go toward
  3. The “people” who are hosting the donations
  4. Highlights famous, locals, or previous donors to motivate prospective donors
  5. Where and how can the public help with the donations

Skepticism about how far charitable donations go causes many would-be contributors to hesitate. Therefore, it is important to be as transparent as possible and build confidence and credibility to encourage prospective donors to give. Regardless of the reasons for giving, many donors appreciate public acknowledgment. Public acknowledgment of a gift helps demonstrate your donors’ passion for the cause that the charity or organization supports.

4. Helpful Tips for Promotion

Digital donor wall gives you the flexibility to control and update your screens’ content whenever and wherever you are. With the right digital signage provider, you will be able to update your digital signage for donor recognition without the need for a designer. You can schedule any campaigns in advance, update any information with minimal delay, and manage your digital signage with minimal maintenance effort.

If you run a multi-location facility, digital donor wall is the way to go. With digital signage, you can update any screen at your selected location without hassle. Apply unitifed design, display the same or different content at your selection, and manage your digital donor walls wherever you are. All you have to do is make your updates via the online platform and your digital donor walls will display the most-up-to-date content with minimal delay.

With digital donor walls, you can post your campaigns without waiting on the print shops. Promote gratitude ceremonies, thank-you messages, and donation events to show your appreciation to existing donors and motivate potential donors to step in. The generosity of donors and patrons allows non-profit organizations to thrive.

Next Steps - Digital Donor Wall

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