4 Benefits of a Digital Kiosk

hotel digital signage _ kiosk
hotel digital signage _ kiosk

Searching for innovative ways to elevate customer experiences, optimize operations, and drive revenue? Digital kiosks are powerful tools suited to meet these challenges.

Digital signage kiosks come with a wealth of possibilities. Whether you are looking to include targeted advertising, information, or direct sales, having these digital signs is an advantage.

Here are the top 4 benefits of digital kiosks:

1. Better Customer Service

One advantage of interactive digital signage, like digital kiosks, is better and faster customer service. An interactive kiosk allows customers to take charge of their shopping experience. 

With minimal effort and enhanced efficiency, the self-service features of kiosks give more independence to both the customer and the store managers. This relieves pressure from employees and allows them to be more efficient in other parts of the business.

Interactive kiosk_ hospitality digital signage

Another benefit of kiosks is their ability to collect direct feedback from customers without making them feel pressured or rushed. Tracing buyer behavior with retail kiosks is an indirect way to improve customer experience. When a company reassures the customer that their feedback is reviewed and implemented, they are more likely to purchase again.

2. Decrease Labor Costs

Digital kiosks can help people answer a lot of common questions that are typically answered by staff on the floor and behind the counter. This is a big advantage for managers who want to reduce labor costs and increase operational effectiveness. So, digital signage can be a one-time investment with long-term benefits.

Example: Digital signage can answer basic questions, like hours of operation, and other important details like wayfinding information.

LCD Portrait Kiosk for all industries_ hospitality digital signage

Monthly expenses can decrease when fewer employees are needed to answer customers’ questions. By using digital kiosks for customer service, businesses can invest more in their marketing and advertising. The budget can also be adjusted to invest more into other business functions, such as the product development.

3. Increase Customer Spending

According to Harvard Business Review, people spend more money when using self-service kiosks. Other studies show that more than 65% of customers said they would visit a restaurant more often with digital kiosks.

The same customer insights can be applied to retail stores. By giving a personalized shopping experience, customers tend to spend more. This increased spending is often due to the wide range of choices available. Another reason customers may spend more is the add-ons that are displayed on digital kiosks. 

ordering kiosks digital signage for restaurants

Example: When a customer is at the digital kiosk there is no pressure to say the order right away to the cashier. This lets customers relax and explore all the options without forgetting their previous selection. Such a trend was seen at Taco Bell, where orders were 20% more expensive at the kiosks than those taken by cashiers.

4. Empowering Customer Experience

Digital signage kiosk solutions are powerful omnichannel for today’s modern consumer. Consumers prefer making purchasing decisions independently, rather than feeling pressured by sales tactics. This profound change in consumer behavior, along with the growth of e-commerce, makes it difficult for retail stores to adapt.

However, animated displays direct, inform, and entertain customers. This technology lets the buyers have a personalized shopping experience while still enjoying the in-store shopping experience.


Digital kiosks, non-interactive and interactive, are powerful tools to boost sales and improve customer service. With numerous features, they help businesses spearhead marketing initiatives and streamline business operations.  

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