6 Benefits of Digital Signage Analytics

digital signage analytics
digital signage analytics

Digital signs offer a range of benefits, including improved branding, cost efficiency, and enhanced user engagement. But, perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this medium is the analytical data.

In this article, we explore the benefits of digital signage analytics. After reading, you’ll have an better understanding of how to leverage digital signage data to improve your marketing strategy.

What is Digital Signage Analytics?

Most digital signage systems can collect information about your audience. This generated data is used for digital signage analytics. Like all forms of digital media, digital signage needs an Internet connection and a backend database to store the insights. You can then analyze the data to adjust campaigns, improve creativity, and measure consumer engagement.

Cloud Software

A fundamental digital signage component is the software used to collect, store, and manage the data. Typically, the backend has a dashboard to view, filter, and compare the consumer metrics. With this dashboard, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize the display.

The best digital signage cloud software is user-friendly and accessible across various devices. So, regardless of your marketing experience, you can benefit from the information and enhance your campaigns.

Key Metrics

Before getting into the benefits of digital signage analytics, it’s important to understand what information can be collected if you use camera sensors with your displays.

  • Impressions: The number of people that encounter your signage.
  • Customer Engagement: Time spent viewing a monitor.
  • Consumer Characteristics: Demographics, behaviors, body language, gestures.
  • Buyer Behavior: Comparative data measuring engagement with sales.

Top 6 Benefits

Harnessing the power of advanced data management software can transform your marketing efforts. Whether using digital signage for advertising or informing, analytics offers numerous benefits.  

1. Foot Traffic

Measuring the number of people who engage with your signage or enter a retail space is key to the effectiveness of your display. In peak hours you can adjust your signage content to deliver your value propositions. Contrarily, you can use your displays to interact with customers when traffic is slow. For example, running your social media feed, news, or incentives helps collect customer information.

2. Refined Conversion Rates

Once you have the number of potential customers entering, you can measure conversions more precisely. Digital signage bridges the gap between the physical location and digital advertising. 

Face-to-face sales have a disadvantage compared to e-commerce because it’s difficult to effectively record your audience. But, with digital signage analytics, you can assess your conversion rate by comparing foot traffic to sales. This helps you identify the weaknesses in your layout, campaigns, and promotions. So, based on the data you can optimize your content and structure for popular times of the day.

content ideas for shopping mall digital signage

3. Employee Management

Digital signage systems not only evaluate customers on an advanced level, but they can also improve employee behavior. For example, if customers use your interactive digital displays to find a specific product or changing rooms you can communicate these gaps in service to employees. When the staff better understand customer trends, they can respond accordingly. This way you improve traffic flow and product positioning to grow your business.

4. Real-Time Feedback on Campaigns

Digital marketing has transformed content creation because you have access to instantaneous feedback. With customer behavior indicators like time spent at the display and body language, you can collect and analyze this data. Once you access analytics, your decision-making improves. For instance, trying A/B testing on certain campaigns can help you optimize your content for more customer interactions.

5. Advanced Marketing Analytics

Digital signage cloud software will give you a superior understanding of your potential audience. If you use displays in a retail environment, your access to customer data is limited to sales and social media information. With digital display analytics, you can generate information on every person who comes across your display. Once you’ve gained an advanced understanding of your market, you will curate content to target the missing demographics.

6. Increase your ROI with Analytics

Finally, the most significant benefit of digital signage data is optimizing your marketing spend. Using the analytics dashboard to collect, store, and manage data creates less information waste

With more streamlined data, your analytics process is customizable – so you can increase your return on investment, ROI.

Optimize with Digital Signage

If you are ready to transform your customer or employee experience while collecting valuable data, use digital signage analytics.

Embrace the Future of Display Technology

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