Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Providers

healthcare marketing strategies
healthcare marketing strategies

Marketing for hospitals, family practice, and specialists is a nuanced challenge. Because healthcare and medical conditions are incredibly personal, technical, and wrapped in legal red tape, many providers struggled to find the appropriate healthcare marketing strategies.

Here are top 5 healthcare marketing strategies and solutions specifically geared toward healthcare providers!

1. Use Digital Signs in Your Office

healthcare marketing stratgies_digital signage for healthcare

Doctors’ offices and hospitals often use a wide variety of signage to promote preventive health measures or describe symptoms of common medical problems.

Printed signs are now outdated (both in content and styling). You can only address one topic per poster, they are time-consuming to source and replace, and are more likely to be ignored.

Digital signs are a much better option to execute any healthcare marketing strategies you may have! They allow you to customize information from anywhere, update new findings and stylings, use less wall space while covering more information, and capture more client attention simultaneously. They’re also very cost-effective and easy to manage!

2. Leverage Social Media Accounts

Social media is a great way to connect meaningfully with your target audience. For example, many consider their favorite content creators and influencers friends. And people are much more likely to follow a friend’s recommendation or listen to their point of view.

Here are a few of the best ways you can use social media:

  • Partner with existing influencers. Influencers already have a large following and proof of trust in their niche. The best influencer partnership comes from a natural pairing with the influencer’s brand or personal life. For example, if an influencer has a particular condition, they’re a natural promoter of increasing health care.
  • Have an account for your office or practice. You can create a general account for the entire practice that creates content describing the most relevant healthcare information facing your local or global community.
  • Ask employees to create their own channels. TikTok, in particular, is flooded with nurses and doctors who gain hundreds of thousands of views on videos describing even niche medical conditions. Some have accurately diagnosed other users, helping people around the globe get the care they need!

3. Incentivize Joining Your Email List

healthcare marketing stratgies_email marketing

Email marketing remains a top marketing method (an average of 4300% ROI!). Still, many providers need help getting people to join their email list in the first place. A great way to get more people to see and read your email campaign content is to incentivize joining by providing additional value.

Adding value doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Here are a few top ways to meaningfully encourage email subscribership:

  • Offer free digital content about a particular topic. Many brands create ebooks to encourage subscribership. The more relevant the topic to the reader, the better!
  • Give free or discounted access to a workshop. For example, an OBGYN could offer discounted prenatal classes for email subscribers.
  • Provide free consultations. This could be a 15-minute virtual meeting to discuss a nutrition plan, address sleep concerns, or provide customized tips for chronic conditions.

4. Promote Employee Brand Ambassadors

Healthcare providers often feel that typical business management methods don’t hold as well for them– it’s very different to have a doctor business owner than corporate management methods. But many traditional corporate culture tactics can improve your healthcare marketing strategies for your practice!

One is ensuring you have a great culture within the practice. Because when nurses and administration staff feel they work for a great office and a meaningful cause, they are more likely to talk about it positively with their friends and family.

This is also a highly relevant news coverage topic. The pandemic revealed a massive disconnect between nurses and the healthcare industry. So few practices are known for treating nurses well that a practice with an excellent reputation for being a great place for nurses to work will make your practice shine.

5. Use a Variety of (Current) Online Content

Another way to maximize your healthcare marketing potential is to keep a variety of online content current. You can use thought leadership tactics to build rapport with a large virtual audience by developing relevant, engaging content. So even if you can only treat a limited number in your local area, you can be a go-to resource for people all around the globe.

Your digital content also drives your SEO – keywords, average user time on your page, and your bounce rate will all impact how search engines like Google promote your website.

Use as many of the following as you can to maximize your reach and impact:

  • YouTube: Videos allow a virtual, face-to-face interaction that builds trust and credibility. Try creating a series on a specific topic, like top reasons why kids end up at the hospital. You’ll generate rapport with moms worldwide as they try to keep their kids safe and can significantly contribute to preventing children’s ER visits.
  • Blogs: Your blog content significantly affects SEO rankings and overall credibility. Blogs naturally house keywords– words or phrases that people search in Google– which flag your website as a relevant answer to Google searches. The better the content, the more time the average person will spend on your site, and the better your SEO rankings.
  • Social media: Habits like regularly posting to Instagram can help your practice rank and maintain a current following. Not sure what to post about? Create a mini-series around seasonally relevant conditions or preventive methods to keep people coming back for more!

Update your Healthcare Marketing Strategies

With so many healthcare marketing strategies and routes to maintain, let us take one off your plate. At Kuusoft, we provide complete digital sign solutions: from hardware to installation to content graphic design.

We’ll walk you through the entire process to determine the number of digital signs that would maximize your marketing efforts, select the proper hardware products, and even have a team of graphic designers to help create attractive marketing content.

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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