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Every industry today is in a state of constant growth. Food brands, for example, are constantly looking for new solutions to promote their menu items and limited-time offers. The world as a whole is rapidly shifting towards digitalization. The rise of digital signage in quick-service restaurants and drive-thru facilities is one of the most common examples.

As custom designs take time and increase cost, more and more brands are looking to use digital signage templates. It’s a cost-effective method, with additional options for customization on a brand-specific basis. We’ll cover the creation process of digital signage templates, along with their benefits and a comparison to customized designs.

Digital Signage Design Template is a Valuable Addition to Any Business

Digital signage is becoming an essential element in all business sectors, especially the restaurant and retail industries. Out-of-home advertising and informing customers of limited-time offers are just two of the simplest examples of this effective new solution.

Digital signage also does wonders for the image of your brand. Aside from capturing attention with gorgeous branded videos and displays, it sends a message that you’re ready to modernize and keep up to date with trends. Customers love when brands invest effort into being cutting-edge in providing an excellent experience.

One obstacle that many business owners face is the time and effort it takes to create a customized digital menu board design. There are so many factors involved in creating a design that it can be overwhelming. We actually wrote a guide on the Five Key Areas of Digital Menu Board Design, if you’d like to give it a read. Digital signage templates, on the other hand, provide a time-effective method of modernizing your business.

Why Use Digital Signage Design Templates?

Existing designs are a blessing for every business. There are three main reasons why some brand managers opt to use templates, instead of custom designs.

  • They can be adapted to most businesses. Usually, a digital signage template offers customization options on a business-specific level. The basis is there and all you have to do is make minimal modifications for your particular needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness. When a design company creates a design that’s meant to be used as a template, there are fewer copyrights and specific licenses. Multiple clients can use one template and the cost is spread across each specific client, lowering the price for everyone.
  • There is no need to have back and forth communication with designers compared to a custom design starting from scratch. A common problem for many clients is getting their idea across. Throughout the custom design process, there are many clarifications that need to be made, which in turn result in a longer design period time.

Now that you know the reasons behind using digital signage templates, you can see why your business will benefit from them. It’s all about finding a proven but inexpensive way to engage your customers and accomplish your goals.  For smaller businesses, digital signage is always a benefit because they can’t put much time aside to coordinate a design.

But what exactly do businesses get from digital signage templates? In the following section, we will cover the basics pros and cons of this revolutionary business solution.

The Pros of Digital Signage Design Template

Like we’ve mentioned, there is the factor of cost-effectiveness. A designer creates a single template, which a theoretically infinite number of businesses can use. Because sales of the template can be made to multiple companies, the cost is spread out, reducing the price for everyone. With the myriad of templates available, you can choose one that suits your aesthetic and the brand.

If you’re in the middle of a renovation or a rebranding process, perhaps, you need a quick solution that allows for a rapid rollout. Template designs give you the benefit of speed.

All you have to do is choose the template you like and make a few modifications to be finished. You must go through multiple rounds of communication and prototyping to ensure your design is perfect with customized designs. Template designs are ideal for businesses that are in a hurry.

Design is all about psychology. With a detailed analysis of the marketing sphere and popular business solutions, you can pinpoint the exact reasons why a certain business method is successful. The same goes for template designs. By opting for this solution, you get a proven design that has its grounds in practice.

The Cons of Digital Signage Design Template

Larger organizations often find digital signage templates to be very limiting in terms of custom solutions. They usually have surefire ideas and plans that need to be put into reality ASAP. Business owners can’t make any major change like color or animation sequences without a fair amount of time with template designs. With enough modifications needed, it’s much better to go with a customized design to ensure you get what you want.

Almost all digital signage templates offer a non-branded fit. They are great for mass use and production, without the need to fit any brand’s particular attributes. If you’re in the beginning stage of launching a business, you need to make your brand stand out. Templates aren’t that good of a solution to capture the attention of clients and customers.

Another problem with template designs is that their implementations are simple. They are almost exclusively created to be used with simple modifications. There are no advanced solutions. Things like complex HTML5 and interactive functionalities will be impossible to find with template designs. If you have a plan for the future, digital signage templates may severely hinder your room to progress. Think about it before making the decision.

Concluding thoughts

Digital signage templates are a great solution for organizations that don’t have a significant amount of time or need a solution ASAP. However, a lack of possible customizations and a brandless fit are downsides that every organization has to be considered.

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