Where to Use Digital Signage in Restaurants?

If you have been in a restaurant, you must have observed screens with tantalizing pictorials and videos of your favorite meals. This technology is digital signage at play, a craze that is rapidly taking precedence in restaurants display. Restaurants prefer this technology to communicate with their customers as it is visually appealing.

In an era where technology is rapidly developing, restaurants are not lagging. Varying from large video walls to multi-display content, the digital display has transformed the way restaurants operate. In other words, restaurants are using it to speak the language of the customer. Digital content enables customization and display of eye-catching content entertainingly and conveniently.

What Digital Display Signage Can Do for Your Restaurants

If you have a restaurant and are wondering about the need for digital display, be sure to read through the article. You will establish that this technology offers a high return on your investment. It should be one of your crucial business strategies. It helps you build your business in the following areas:

      • Improves customer experience

      • Increases customer volume

      • Increases the efficiency of operations in the restaurant

      • Saves cost

      • Promotes brand awareness

      • Reduces waiting time

      • Builds your brand

    Where to Use Digital Signage in Restaurants?

    As we have seen, digital content installation can do the above and much more. With the ever-changing demand for excellence and transformation, this technology is a fit for your customers. There are many places you could display your digital content to your customers, but you have to be strategic.

    You cannot place your digital signage display all over your restaurant. You want to install your display where there is high customer traffic. Besides, it is vital to put your signage in places likely to trigger your customers to make a purchase decision. This blog shall delve into several ways you can use digital display signage to your advantage. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

    1. Near the Entrance

    Use digital display signage at the entrance to catch the attention of customers walking in. Display visually appealing information such as the menu of the day, new offers, and so forth.

    You can use digital kiosks to improve the ordering system. It would be convenient for customers who already know what to order. This system reduces the waiting time and long queues. With the digital ordering system, you can also recommend a menu to your customers. You could also use the opportunity to introduce your new menu for them to try it out.

    The feature can also help you collect data. For example, you can tell which menu is more preferred to another. And then, you can use these insights to promote the best-selling menu.

    2. At The Counter

    Restaurants use digital signage displays as a menu board. It displays your menu in a stunning and enthralling manner. Strategically place your digital menu board on the front counter. It makes it visible to most customers visiting your restaurant, especially those ordering at the counter.

    Bid farewell to the static blackboards and chalks that require manual updating and also give scanty information. Adopt digital technology that makes your menu appealing and easy to read.

    3. Restaurant Walls

    What are the places customers are likely to look at while queuing or enjoying their meals? Walls are one of them.

    As a restaurant owner, accentuate your interior with digital display installation. And, to make things even better, incorporate a video wall to make your customers captivated.

    4. In Waiting Areas

    No one likes to wait in the queues, especially when hungry. However, the agony is somehow reduced when you have something to feed your eyes visually. Use digital display signage to make your customers engaged as they wait. Make sure that the digital signage content you display is interesting and relevant for it to be effective.

    Use display boards to show your customers the approximate waiting time for their orders. Also, use it to show your customers how close they are to getting a table. Your customers will track their orders, and this psychologically reduces the supposed waiting period. Such constant communication enhances the customer experience.

    Use the feature as a litmus test to measure the efficiency of your operations. By monitoring the movement of the queue, you can estimate the average waiting time for customers—such information guides when looking for ways to improve turn-around time in your restaurant.

    5. In the Window Display

    Your windows can be an excellent advertising platform. With the brightness of the screens, you are sure to catch the attention of people walking nearby. So, display your menu and hot deals in the window screens to woo outsiders. Coincidentally, it could catch the attention of an outsider looking for a restaurant. Furthermore,, it can lure them into “impulse buying” for their belly.

    6. Drive-Thru

    Restaurants with drive-thru lanes are most likely to record more sales than those lacking one. With the signage placed at the drive-thru, you can make more sales to come your way. The digital display at the drive-thru can perform several tasks simultaneously. For example, it can market a new menu at the entrance, run promotions, segment menu items, and much more.

    Is digital signage technology the future in advertising?

    Digital display technology is here to stay. It is the future. Paradoxically, today, as technology in digital display signage becomes sophisticated, the more affordable it becomes. It, therefore, demystifies the myth that it is for the big boys only. However, small businesses have the opportunity to benefit from this technology greatly!

    The use of digital signage in restaurants will continue to become increasingly common. It is a game-changer in the restaurant industry. Therefore, you would not want to be left behind. Once you have digital display signage, you need to figure out where it’s best to display your digital content. It would be prudent to place it in strategic areas where there is customer traffic. It ensures your message is visible to a broader reach.

    Bonus: Social media feed


    In this digital-first era, you cannot ignore the impact of social media on your business. In fact, if there is one industry with massive social media presence, it’s the food industry. Do not be left behind. Use digital display signage with catchy images to bring out the foodie in your followers.


    Also, ensure your images are optimized to make them mobile-friendly. Because most of your customers will likely get your message on social media pages on their mobile devices. Make life easier for them by using the right size of artworks compatible with their mobile devices.

    Get a digital signage for restaurant today!

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