Synergy Credit Union Partners with Kuusoft to Enhance Customer Experience​

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Synergy Credit Union Partners with Kuusoft to Enhance Customer Experience

Synergy Credit Union Partners with Kuusoft to Elevate Member Experience with NexSigns Digital Signage Solutions.

Burnaby, BC (December 27, 2023): Kuusoft, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Synergy Credit Union, a prominent retail credit union based in Saskatchewan, Canada. The collaboration aims to elevate the member experience through the deployment of Kuusoft’s innovative digital signage product, NexSigns.

Synergy Credit Union is a customer-centric retail bank dedicated to serving the financial needs of its members. With a commitment to fostering strong community relationships, Synergy Credit Union delivers a wide range of financial products and services, emphasizing personalized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its diverse membership.

As a retail credit union, Synergy Credit Union operates in the financial services industry, serving the residents of Saskatchewan. The credit union has a strong presence in the region, with a network of branches strategically located to offer accessible financial services to its members.

The decision to partner with Kuusoft and implement NexSigns was led by Camanie Glynn, Marketing Technology Specialist. The digital signage solution will be utilized across all 10 branches, including several video walls and a large LED panel at the main branch in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

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The primary objective is to enhance customer engagement by showcasing rate information and marketing materials through dynamic digital displays. The deployment of NexSigns replaces Synergy Credit Union’s previous digital signage provider, offering a more user-friendly solution.

Synergy Credit Union faced challenges with their previous digital signage vendor: slow response times and a lack of proactive support. Camanie Glynn highlighted the frustration of dealing with ongoing issues and the need for a simpler setup that allows the credit union to focus on serving its members.

“We envision having a consistent point of contact who truly understands our systems and has the tools to let us focus on what we do best, without constantly dealing with digital display issues,” said Camanie Glynn. 

Synergy Credit Union chose Kuusoft for its commitment to providing a comprehensive solution aligned with the credit union’s vision. The NexSigns digital signage platform with video wall hardware, offers a user-friendly experience, allowing for efficient content management and reducing the need for hands-on troubleshooting.

With all 10 locations now using NexSigns, Synergy Credit Union looks forward to a positive and collaborative partnership with Kuusoft. The implementation aligns with the credit union’s goal of delivering a seamless customer experience while streamlining its digital signage operations.

About Kuusoft Corp.: Founded in 2002, Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu board and digital signage solutions provider. Kuusoft develops innovative digital signage software and hardware. The company aims to make solutions for all business sectors worldwide.

To learn more, please visit or call 604-639-7055. 

About Synergy Credit Union: It has been serving communities since 1943. Dedicated to making life and community prosperous. For Synergy, it’s about connection and doing the right thing. Synergy builds relationships beyond banking.


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