6 Ways Retail Kiosks Can Make a Difference in Sales

a modern retail store with digital kiosk
Luxury upgrade, providing information, better customer services. Here are 6 ways retail kiosks can make a significant difference in sales.

Digital kiosks in retail stores are an exciting blend of physical and e-commerce shopping experiences. It allows users to access and purchase products digitally while still checking the item to file a complaint on-spot if needed. Paired up with digital signage solutions for in-store advertising, consider your retail environment uplifted astronomically.

In the era in which we live, online retailing has unprecedentedly taken over the old-school brick-and-mortar retail stores. As e-commerce continues to grow exponentially, digital kiosks and signage have become a decent competition to it.

How Do Retail Kiosks Bring Up Your Sales?

A digitalized software solution for customers is an attractive incentive. It caters to their untimely demand for a personalized experience and unparalleled convenience. It is also a step ahead to partake in the competition that prevails.

Find below 6 ways in which retail kiosks can power up your sales funnel and help you improve with every stage of the customers’ sales journey.

Retail Kiosks Upgrade Luxury 

Long gone are when customers had the stamina to withstand checkout queues or rely on the retail staff’s assistance. The difference between the traditional shopping style and shopping at a store using digital kiosks and signage is noticeable. It is not only in the appearance of the store but also in its customer traffic.

Digital signage displays can convey anything and everything about products. Their combination with interactive kiosks makes the shopping experience short and sweet. The convenience factor plays a pivotal role in attracting customers who do not like to reduce the entire shopping experience to a desktop or mobile screen but still prefer the added comfort of digitized ordering. The luxury to shop quickly and know-it-all by digital displays form a powerful tool to keep customers returning.

Retail Kiosks Provide Information

The most invaluable stash of data for any retail store or business is the customer/market insight. Kiosks provide the perfect channel to obtain information about the mind-map of a consumer. For instance, when a customer signs in to a kiosk and enters personal information, the store can capture that data into their inventory to further customize their marketing strategy.

Similarly, the stores can trace a consumer’s browsing action as they use an interactive kiosk to see what’s in stock. This information is otherwise entirely unknowable with store employees. Other information that retail stores can use is time-spent on a certain list of items or the most popular clicks and orders placed.

It isn’t wrong to say that digital kiosks provide the stores with the same sort of actionable data that e-commerce does. Using that information, a business can improve its strategies. They can come up with better messages to display on signage. They can also determine what exactly the majority of customers are looking for. LCD portrait kiosks can better communicate and drive more traffic once they know exactly what a buyer clicks at first.

Offering Better Customer Services

The most obvious benefit of digital kiosks and signage is better and faster customer service. Placing bright, animate, and drive-through digital signage can help customers find their way better, learn more about your stores, and ultimately attract more traffic.

Similarly, an interactive kiosk can provide the highest quality customer service with promptness, professionalism, and littlest efforts. A self-service with the highest degree of independence for both the customer and the store-managers puts off the pressure and becomes more fulfilling and efficient.

Moreover, a kiosk can gather honest feedback from customers without feeling pressured, uncomfortable, or rushed. This is an amazing gain for retail stores. Besides tracing a buyer’s behavior with retail kiosks, they can also tap into a customer’s honest feedback without any psychological intrusion. It acts as an indirect funnel to working on improvements, leading to building a better shopping experience. Once customers find their feedback addressed, you will enjoy more sales. 

Retail Kiosks Cut Back on Labour Cost

Half of the footwork that salespeople, guiding staff, or the staff at the counters do is taken over by kiosks and digital signage. As store managers, that is a major plus point. They can cut back on the labour costs. They need to invest in one-time kiosks and digital signage, which is an investment in the long run.

In-store retail digital signage can answer basic customer service questions, help them locate a product, guide the self-serving mechanism, and ideally elevate their shopping experience. The monthly expenditure can be cut down by reducing employees in the customer service section. Consequently, it generates more space to invest in better marketing, advertising, and entertainment.

Retail stores can put on more staff to welcome, greet, or reform their marketing strategy. Money saved from customer service is a powerful tool to spend on working for organizational functions such as product development.

A Retail Kiosk Increases the Customer Spend

According to Harvard Business Review’s research, people spend more using self-serving kiosks than they do with physical transactions. This was prominent with Taco Bell, where orders were 20% pricier than those taken by cashiers. Another study revealed that a liquor store witnessed an 8.4% increase in prices of their orders after switching their servicing to kiosks. Clearly, kiosks tend to increase the spending of customers as they tend to buy more.

The same strategy can apply to retail stores. Given the choice of a personalized shopping experience, customers tend to spend more, albeit unconsciously. This might be due to a breadth of choices available. Another cause can be the add-ons that lure the buyer into purchasing more than intended.

This is, obviously, a direct upsurge in your sales.

Retail Kiosks Are Empowering

If we haven’t already discussed it earlier, it is certainly worthwhile to mention retail kiosks now. The digital in-store kiosks and digital signage are the empowering omnichannel for today’s modern consumer. The modern-day consumer wants to buy instead of being sold to. This profound change in consumer behavior with the growth of e-commerce is difficult for all retail stores to cater to.

However, animated displays that direct, informing, and entertain customers are quite the relevant substitute for self-serving machines. This technology empowers the buyer into experiencing a personalized, private shopping expenditure while still revelling in the on-foot pleasure.

In-store retail kiosks and digital signage have taken over several sectors and industries. This includes restaurants, hotels, banks, optometry, retail, and many more. They are great methods to communicate flawlessly without spending too much. Available in compact designs and small footprint, you can now find the exact digital signage kiosks for your business needs.

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