9 Top Reasons to Start Using Digital Signage Software for Office Today

9 reasons to use office digital signage
9 reasons to use office digital signage

Office digital signage has become a must-have for corporate companies. It helps to foster better corporate communications by creating an easy way to share up-to-date information and connect with team members. No matter what business you run, digital signage is an essential tool to keep everyone coordinated and informed about new projects, performance data, announcements, and more. 

According to corporate statistics, 50% of communication professionals rely on digital signage to keep everyone on their team in the loop. Digital signage also enhances internal communication, which results in a 25 percent increase in employee productivity. This is why the benefits of digital signage software for offices shouldn’t be ignored.


The Top Reasons to Start Using Digital Signage Software for Office

1. Share Business Performance Dashboards

Help your employees keep track of their performance and be aware of the company’s business progress by presenting different performance dashboards on your digital display screens. You can display various key performance indicators (KPI) on your dashboards tailored for different departments. You can also share important information, such as real-time numerical data, up-to-date revenue growth, and other internal figures that show the progress of every team.

Here are some different types of company performance dashboards you can show on your digital signage displays:

  • Marketing dashboard: show your marketing calendar, social media analytics, Google Analytics, and other KPIs such as CTR, CPC, and CPA with the latest data
  • Employee performance dashboard: keep track of KPIs and performance growth
  • Sales dashboard: monitor sales growth and targets, target audiences, and acquisition cost
  • Financial performance dashboard: show return on assets and revenue growth
  • Company overview dashboard: share exciting news, business growth, top employees, and more

By using office digital signage software to show tailored performance dashboards for your different departments, you can help your teams focus on their KPIs, celebrate their successes, and keep track of their progress along the way.

2. Foster Strong Communications Between You and Your Employees

Research shows that 74 percent of employees feel they are missing out on important company information and news because of poor internal communication. You can share the latest company news and PSAs, company milestones, new product launches, and more with digital signage. This will help all your employees stay connected with the company. Thanks to digital signage office solutions, you can have total control of how you share information, so you can keep everyone in the loop, even if you are out of the office

On top of that, according to the communication expert David Grossman, it is beneficial to let your employees know the “what” and “why” behind your decisions. Digital signage software can help you achieve this goal and help your employees feel included in corporate decisions. You can display charts, statistics, and corporate messages to keep everyone on track with the latest information without any hassle. This will help your teams prioritize tasks, understand the scope of their work, and deliver the results you are looking for. 

Employee appreciation & recognition with office digital sigange

3. Connect Your Employees with Their Co-workers

Create a friendly and inclusive work environment by helping your employees connect with each other. According to the latest statistics, 46 percent of senior managers see P2P (Peer-to-Peer) recognition as an investment rather than an expense. In addition, research has found that peers are the number one motivator that inspires colleagues to work harder. 

You can start by introducing new hires to your team by displaying their profiles on digital displays to get everyone familiar with their new faces. You can also display quotes from employees about their latest work, or friendly jokes about the office, as conversation starters to keep up a light-hearted tone around the office. In addition, you can share and celebrate your employees’ successes, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more to bring everyone together. You can even promote team bonding activities and special company events to boost your employees’ engagement. By doing this, you can turn your digital signs into useful mediums that connect your staff together and help them collaborate effectively.

4. Promote Better Communication and Collaboration

While digital signage is one of the most effective ways to share news and announcements, it is also an opportunity to gather feedback from your staff. Research shows that poor communication is the cause of 70% of corporate errors. Using an office digital signage system helps bridge the gap between you and your talented staff. This way, they can share their ideas with everyone at the office.

Your staff’s ideas for projects can be displayed on any screen, as long as they have the approval of their managers. All you need to do is provide a suggestion box or medium for your employees to submit their ideas to. Doing this helps your managers understand what your staff is thinking while letting your employees know that their opinion matters. On top of that, this will spark insights into new possibilities and encourage your staff to work with each other to start new projects. 

5. Express Your Appreciation

By making your employees understand their importance to the success of the business, their productivity will be greatly improved. Studies have shown that 69 percent of employees say that they would work harder if they were appreciated more. Other studies found that 76 percent of employees found praise from their supervisors to be extremely motivating. As well as that, 53 percent of employees stay at their jobs longer if they feel that their managers appreciate them.

With office digital signage, you can show recognition and appreciation for your teams’ achievements and triumphs up on your screens. You can celebrate their successes and draw attention to their excellent work by doing this. In addition to that, you can highlight your top-performing employees and congratulate them for going above and beyond. By doing this, you can show your appreciation for your employees, strengthen their confidence, and motivate them to push further and reach higher. This will create a positive environment around your office and boost the productivity of your team as they can see how much they are valued in the company.

Employee updates with office digital signage

6. Help Your Employees Know Their Customers

Digital signage can be used to help your employees understand their targeted buyer personas. Use your digital displays to show testimonials, website reviews, and feedback from targeted customers to give your teams an idea of what your customers are saying about your products and services. On top of that, you can use your screens to present detailed statistics and pain points from your customers’ perspectives. You can also promote seminars and educational sessions to inspire your employees to develop strategies to engage with their targeted customer base. This will keep your employees focused on what your customers are looking for and focus them in the right direction.

7. Guide and Train your Employees Efficiently

Studies show that companies that invest in employee training see a 21 percent increase in profit. It is essential to let your employees access resources that help them perform at work. Digital signage enables you to display training videos and demos whenever and wherever you want. You can also show the most up-to-date educational information on your digital displays to reach the majority of your employees. On top of that, you can also display reminders for your employees to participate in your educational seminars. You can set up digital displays at different workstations, departments, and staff lounges to share information with your employees from anywhere in your office. This way, you can ensure that your employees always have full access to new information and instantly apply it to their work.

8. Time-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Put the frustrations of printing new signs in the past. Digital signage lets you update the content on your displays whenever and wherever you want. Any changes you make will be updated and displayed on your screens within minutes. With our centralized content management system, you can update the content onto your screens at any of your locations without any hassle. This way, you can always ensure that everyone at your company has the most up-to-date information all the time.

9. Create A Strong Brand Image

Office digital signage is beneficial not only for your employees but also for your visitors. You can create an impactful first impression with unique and eye-catching branding on digital welcome signs. Place screens in your lobby to welcome your guests and show them the story of your business while they wait for their meeting.

These screens can also be used to guide visitors through your building. You can create an interactive digital directory for your visitors to find the exact room their meeting is in. By doing this, you can help your visitors while showing off more of your brand, so your business will stay in their minds even after they leave.

In Conclusion

The key to effective internal communication is to let your employees know about all of your business goals so that they can work together efficiently and effectively. Using digital signage in corporate communications will help your team better align with your business plans. Once you deploy digital signage in your office, a new world of opportunity will open up to you.

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