5 Places to Use Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

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Hospitality, Technology, and Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

Primarily, hotels should make one feel at home when they walk into them. Ideally, hotel digital signage makes a location seem more modern and updated, and it is growing so fast in the hospitality industry. These applications engage the guests one on one, and they make the guests stay more entertained. Besides, it also makes communication with customers more effective in all sorts of businesses.

Hotels were quite ahead in embracing this computerized revolution that promoted their amenities and attraction around their premises. In truth, they wanted to make their guest engaged even before they arrived at their lodges, and their in-house TV channels played a significant role in this. They do visual campaigns that attract many consumers. Nowadays, consumers don’t get attracted to non-computerized marketing because they want to visit the premises virtually to see what they offer before making a physical visit.

All this has been brought about by how the public is embracing technology. Most things are now digitalized, and computerized representation has become common. Who wouldn’t want to be in a modern space? Technology is enabling effective marketing, and it is also helping information campaigns that are flexible, less costly, and more comfortable than other marketing strategies.

Places To Use Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

Hotel digital signage is a significant component in motel activities, including checkouts and check-ins. It communicates to a guest even before they set foot on the location. Ideally, the lodges advertise their services in billboards across many towns displaying videos.

1. The Lobby

The lobby should be the most attractive place in a lodge since it is where the customers first step on when they enter the lodge. This is where they will get their physical first impression. The video walls create a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere with advanced technology.

Generally, the guests get informed about the motel, history, and other branches in the lobby. These include amenities hotels have to offer, attraction sites nearby, shops, and hospitals. This makes the staff’s work more manageable as they don’t have the task of updating the customers on the property’s surroundings.

2. Conference Center

A conference center is where conferences, conventions, and trade shows get held. When the stakeholders or other people attending these meetings arrive at the location, they may want a detailed direction to the meeting space, especially in large establishments. Digitalized signs and symbols become more effective in directing many people each day, heading to different property locations for the conferences. This virtual representation makes a meeting run smoothly, as every discussion topic gets displayed on the screen. Room names and numbers ought to change frequently during talks. Besides, every forum has a different brand, and the virtual display needs to vary, depending on the event.

Additionally, computerized representation reduces the employees’ task of printing hard copies for the meeting’s agenda together with the signs for room changes during conferences. It saves time for printing and delivering to different locations. Moreover, it saves on the business’ costs.

3. Guest Rooms

When different guests leave their homes and come to stay in a lodge, they would still want to enjoy the luxury of watching advanced television in the rooms and being updated daily. Therefore, the hospitality industry has used a lot of money to meet these demands. They have installed flat screens in the rooms to replace the outdated, bulky televisions. They have established an in-rooms hotel channel whose content is in series, trailers, and local media.

With digital technology developing rapidly, the motel industry had to meet all their guests’ requirements, especially installing the in-room television and channels that offer familiar programs to each guest. All this wasn’t available in this industry a few years ago, bringing a massive loss to the hospitality industry. Fortunately, the industry embraced the technology changes, and it can now meet its customers’ expectations.

In recent times, in-rooms television has become quite common, and it keeps guests adequately entertained as the televisions offer a wide range of programs and movies. The guests use the in-room displays to communicate with the lodge staff. They can also communicate with other guests in other rooms as their mobile phones are automatically connected to the premises.

Additionally, they can order for any services inside their rooms like requesting food and causing an alarm in an emergency. Also, they acquire information about the premise facilities and attraction sites in the comfort of their rooms.

Furthermore, using the in-room displays, the guest can checkout and settle his expenses, and they can arrange for their transfers to the bus station or airport as well.

4. Hotel Campus

When a traveler pays for a lodge, they want to get their money’s worth. Sometimes, they do not wish to spend time in the room. They would like to make their visit a destination. Therefore, the motels feature a lot of facilities within their premises. They offer swimming pools, independent restaurants, bars, casinos, a gym, and ball painting. This way, they will attract the customers as they are aware that the premise offers many activities. The customers see all these in advertisements.

5. Fitness Center

Fitness brings about better health. Most people have gyms in their homes. Therefore, they would expect to find this facility in the motels that they visit. For motels to cater to a health-conscious client, they have installed gym centers in their properties. According to a survey done by the hotel and lodging association, more than half of Canada’s motels offer fitness centers for their guests.

In the recent past, fitness centers in hotels seemed boring with outdated machines that made a lot of noise, and the rooms had bare walls that did not attract guests. However, this has changed thanks to advanced technology that brought about computerized representation.

Motels offer modern equipment with wall displays. The guests can get instructions on the right exercises to do by the video walls and televisions. Ideally, each guest uses audio headsets to view their preferred content without distracting others. Additionally, the guests receive entertainment like videos and music as they exercise, thus, motivating them.


Content is the foundation of virtual representation. Information can get used in different businesses for many years, although it is challenging to create content. However, the range has several advantages.

Social Media Integration

Screens with social media can serve a multitude of functions. For example, casinos and bars offer interactive games on their screens. Visitors play these games against other people, whether they are at the same place or in a different location.

Revenue Generation

The computerized display offers additional profit for businesses as there are more consumers through external advertisements. The marketing department can convince consumers to visit their business and get serviced. Moreover, a consumer can know about a particular company that is miles away from his residence.

Not Convinced? Here is how digital signage has changed other customer-facing industries

According to a report in 2017, a significant percentage of retail shops indicated that the customer service improved due to these automated symbols and graph designs. Most of them admitted that they embraced this modern technology to enhance customer engagement, branding, and customer experience. Reports also indicate that this industry will increase its revenue by $13.2 billion in 7 years from 2016 with an annual growth rate of 7.4 percent.

Computerized displays are taking over in our lives, and they are getting positive reactions. Generally, flat-screen presentations in almost all streets, entertaining pedestrians. They are also essential in restaurants and shops in advertising businesses and sharing a history of the same. This helps to grow their businesses by attracting more customers. Essentially, all this has been brought about by digital signage.

Hotel Digital Signage Solutions: Final Words

In all, hotel digital signage has revolutionized how hospitality businesses operate today in this industry.

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