5 Places to Use Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

video wall implementation in a hotel lobby

In today’s bustling world of travel and tourism, guest experience is everything. Hotels strive to create a welcoming atmosphere and leave an unforgettable experience for their guest. And what better way to elevate that experience than with cutting-edge hotel digital signage?

Hotel digital signage revolutionized the way hotels can connect and engage their guests. Moreover, with hotel digital signage, operators can share their amenities effectively, partner with local businesses, and boost overall revenues. To fully capture the benefits of hotel digital signage, here are a few places to consider placing your digital signage:

1. Hotel Digital Signage at The Lobby

The lobby serves as the welcoming gateway to a hotel, setting the tone for guests’ entire experience. It’s their first point of contact and where they form their initial impressions. Utilizing video walls in the lobby enhances the ambiance, creating a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere with state-of-the-art technology.

Digital signage in the lobby also provides guests with valuable information, such as check-in procedures, local attractions, and dining options, improving their overall experience and satisfaction. Hotels can also use this opportunity to convey important messages, promotions, and event announcements to guests in real time.

2. Hotel Digital Signage at Conference Center

A conference center serves as the hub for various events such as conferences, conventions, and trade shows. Upon arrival, attendees often require clear directions to navigate the expansive venue, especially in large establishments. Digital signage proves highly effective in providing detailed guidance to numerous individuals heading to different meeting spaces each day. These virtual representations ensure the smooth flow of events by displaying discussion topics and dynamically updating room names and numbers as needed. Additionally, customized branding on the digital displays enhances the overall experience, catering to the unique requirements of each event.

3. Guest Rooms with Digital Signage

As guests seek the comfort of home during their stays, the hospitality industry has invested significantly in meeting their evolving needs, particularly in the realm of in-room entertainment.

Hotels replaced bulky and outdated televisions with sleek flat screens to display in-room hotel channels featuring introductions to their amenities, local attractions, and other activities to ensure guests stay updated and entertained. Today, in-room televisions provide guests with a convenient communication tool with lodge staff and fellow guests. From ordering room service to accessing information about hotels’ facilities and nearby attractions, guests can effortlessly navigate their stay using in-room displays.

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4. Hotel Digital Signage at High-Traffic Areas

Hotel digital signage is a powerful communication tool. To simplify its effect, operators should consider placing hotel digital signage in high-traffic areas to drive guest engagement, promote branding, generate revenue, and enhance the overall guest experience.

There are a few ways to utilize hotel digital signage in high-traffic areas:

  • Use as wayfinding: digital signage can provide guests with directions, maps, and points of interest within the hotel, helping them navigate complex layouts and find their way to various amenities and facilities.
  • Promote Amenities & Upsell: use digital signage to promote upsells, upgrades, and onsite amenities, driving additional revenue for the hotel through increased sales and bookings.
  • Establish the hotel’s branding: High-traffic areas are prime locations for promoting the hotel’s brand identity, showcasing its unique features, services, and amenities to a captive audience of guests and visitors.
  • And more!

5. Hotel Digital Signage at Different Amenities

Use hotel digital signage to promote different services, packages, and special offers at different amenities. Display hours for different amenities with various events happening across the hotels. Encourage guests to join membership programs to enjoy the perks offered at the hotels. Capture the opportunities to upsell and motivate guests to upgrade their experience to the next level.

Not Convinced? Here is how digital signage has changed other customer-facing industries

According to a report in 2017, a significant percentage of retail shops indicated that the customer service improved due to these automated symbols and graph designs. Most of them admitted that they embraced this modern technology to enhance customer engagement, branding, and customer experience. Reports also indicate that this industry will increase its revenue by $13.2 billion in 7 years from 2016 with an annual growth rate of 7.4 percent.

Computerized displays are taking over in our lives, and they are getting positive reactions. Generally, flat-screen presentations in almost all streets, entertaining pedestrians. They are also essential in restaurants and shops in advertising businesses and sharing a history of the same. This helps to grow their businesses by attracting more customers. Essentially, all this has been brought about by digital signage.

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