The Importance of Digital Signage Backgrounds

digital signage backgrounds
digital signage backgrounds

When you’re creating digital signage, the first thought is always text. The text is how your audience will receive your message. Slap it on any background and it’s good to go, right? Well, not exactly. While design should always come second to content, digital signage backgrounds are still important.

People tend to notice a background first, regardless of the powerful text you’ve crafted for your digital sign. Let’s talk about how to choose the right digital signage backgrounds for signs for your business.

How to choose digital signage backgrounds?

When choosing digital signage backgrounds, you should already have the text chosen. Then, you’ll find a background that works based on what it will add to the message you’re trying to send. As you’re choosing a signs background, as yourself:

Will it overpower our message?

The last thing you want is a flashy background so distracting your message isn’t seen. An audience may be impressed by it, but they’ll have no idea what you’re selling. The background should be dark if you’re choosing a light color for text. The same rule applies to dark text and the background should be light.

Another thing to consider is if you have graphics in your text. Choose simple digital signage backgrounds so the graphics stand out.

Will digital signage backgrounds get enough attention?

Digital signage is used to draw attention to your message, bring in new customers and share information. Consider how the background for signs you’ve chosen looks depending on your audience. Make sure it’s bright and full of rich colors that appeal to your specific audience.

backgrounds for signs

Is there other content involved?

Will your digital signage backgrounds be seen alongside other content such as video and audio? Sometimes, digital signage displays more than one message, and the product as a whole should be considered when choosing message backgrounds.

For example, if your message will be seen alongside another, stick with a simple background that doesn’t distract from either one.

Do the graphics go well with the message?

It can be easy to be blinded by led sign backgrounds that have fancy graphics. Keep in mind the tone of your message and choose carefully. If you’re trying to advertise an upcoming fundraising event for a kids charity, use something bright and cheery.

Your digital signage shouldn’t be too busy. If there’s too much going on, your message will get lost.

Do I need a specific color scheme before choosing digital signage backgrounds?

Before choosing sign backgrounds, make sure you know your brand’s colors. If the logo will be on your digital signage, choose a background for signs that will go well. Your digital signage text and background should be cohesive.

Final Thoughts

You should always consult experts to find your options to achieve the most optimal and effective digital signage solution.

At Kuusoft, we offer an extensive library of animated digital signage templates that you can edit and use without needing a designer. You can also depend on our experienced and professional Creative Design team to create a digital signage design that will achieve your business goals. Learn more about our service here: Kuusoft Creative Design.

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