5 Amazing Office Conference Room Must-Have Ideas

An office’s conference rooms are the place where all major decisions of a company are taken. Different stakeholders present their thoughts and ideas in these meeting rooms. A conference room is a training ground where employees are trained, important meetings are held, and final decisions are taken. 

Modern conference rooms are equipped with modern gadgets to create an environment where ideas can be exchanged with greater ease. Following are the must-have things in a modern meeting room: 

  • DVPs
  • Distant video conferencing system
  • Polycom Speakerphone 
  • Smart Boards
  • Digital Signage

5 Top Office Conference Room Must Have ideas

1. Smartboards

You know the smart boards’ worth when you are in a meeting where you are required to present your ideas and convince your client for a business opportunity. A smartboard is a fully interactive whiteboard. It is a multitouch board where you can draw, swipe and write to explain certain things. You can also connect printers with these boards to take note prints. 

2. Distant Video Conferencing Systems

A multinational company can have their clients across the border, and it is not always possible for the clients or even for you to physically meet your clients. Distant video conferencing systems resolve distant meeting problems where multiple people can connect at the same time and exchange their views. A conference room must have this conferencing system so your company can never miss a meeting with your client. This conferencing system not only connects you with your clients, but you can also share files during the meeting. Following are a few more features that this conferencing system has: 

  • File sharing
  • Screen capture
  • Real-time interactivity

3. Digital Visual Presenters

Gone are the days when outdated overhead projectors were used in conference rooms to projects images, videos and presentations. DVPs doesn’t use a Fresnel lens for projection purposes. It uses a camera to form images on the screen. It solves projection problems because DVPs are lightweight and modern projectors. 

4. Polycom Speakerphone

A Polycom speakerphone is used to make announcements and deliver messages during the meeting time. This device can be used to make and receive calls and the output sounds like it is coming from a 360-degree speaker. 

5. Digital Signage

The technology revolution has brought us from the lives of companies used to pass instructions and visualize their ideas on paper (pretty old school method). Digital signages have changed the way conference rooms looked during the early days of the IT revolution. Following are some of the great ways to level up the workspace. 

Digital Signage Makes Conference Room Booking Easy

Digital signage improves the booking procedure for the conference rooms. You can easily check the room availability on the digital signage against different dates. Modern digital signages can be integrated with the calendars, and it helps resolve the date clash issues among different parties. Different people can’t book the same meeting room at the same time. 

Conference Room Booking System Goes Digital 

It feels awkward when a conference is already going on, and some people enter the room (who are about to book it for the next meeting) to see if the room is available for booking. Digital signages resolve this problem by providing booking information without entering the room. These digital signages can be installed outside the conference rooms.

Digital signages Provide Better Visitor Experience

Better experience leads to better sales. You don’t need to go after old school and static printing options to provide information about conference rooms. Digital signage gives streamlined customer and employee experience. You can easily integrate your custom software, calendar and conference room to your digital signage. 

Welcome Visitors With Moving Images 

Digital signages are there to serve the purpose of digital media. For example, you can display images, videos, guidelines and even an interactive booking system with digital signages. People tend to like and get used too with digital systems. You can display welcome messages on digital screens, and the most exciting part of this concept is its ease of operation. You can always change running media from the ease of your table. 

Multiple Media Display Options

Digital signage is not your regular LED. You can use the modern digital signages of KuuSoft to display multiple types of media. We have enlisted a few of those options here: 

  • Video Content
  • Static Content
  • Calendars 
  • Booking Information
  • Available facilities 
  • Web views
  • Google integrated sheets, docs and slides.

If you have such a wide range of options then whey not choose it? 

Display Custom Messages For Different People

People book conference rooms for different purposes, and you as a business personalize their experience by displaying relevant messages for them. For example, you can welcome your visitors with their customized message whether they are here for a company meeting, party or a yearly conference. Digital signages can also give specific instructions to the visitors regarding the protocols of the room. 

Request Required Equipment in The Room

Your digital signages can display the available facilities in the conference room. You customers can check those facilities without actually entering the meeting room from the digital signages boards and they can even interactively request additional facilities for their meeting. 

Increase Employee Productivity in Conference Rooms

There is no doubt that the digital age brought many solutions for us. You can further streamline your employee working model with digital signages. With digital signages in conference rooms, your employees don’t need to contact different authorities or officials to confirm a specific meeting room’s availability. They can book one from the digital screens without hustle. 

KuuSoft offers you two solutions. One in the form of differently sized digital signage, while the other is Nano-PC 3. You can get digital signages that match your requirements in the meeting rooms, and to feed media to those digital signages, Nano-PC 3 should be your go-to choice. Nano-PC 3 is a plug and play device to get your media online immediately.

You can change videos, images or calendars on the digital signage using the digital signage online portal, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to perform these actions. You can plug Nano-PC 3 into your TV display or digital signage screen, and it will take care of the rest. 

Office Conference Room Ideas: Final Words

Making booking easy for the customers is only possible if you choose to go with the modern digital signages that streamline many routine operations of a conference room. You can equip your office room with modern in-room gadgets to give attendees every tool that they need. To run your business, you can choose KuuSoft digital signages and Nano-PC 3 devices. It not only solves many management problems but also develops a great customer relationship. 

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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