How to Create a Digital Menu Board Easily

how to create digital menu board
how to create digital menu board

Before answering how to create a Digital Menu Board, there are many aspects you should consider. From the menu design to the position of your menu screens, you need to think about your objectives first to get everything right for your digital menu boards. Keep in mind that, unlike traditional menu boards, Digital Menu Boards can display your menu items and the food services you provide in a dynamic and eye-catching way. Nevertheless, creating a digital menu board is not a difficult task. This blog will explain the elements and benefits you should think about when it comes to designing your digital menu board.

Communicate With Customers Effectively

The best digital menu boards will help you catch the customers’ attention quickly and help them make orders and purchases without effort. One of the fundamental elements you should consider is your menu design. It is essential to ensure your menu layout is clear and easy to read. For example, you would want to use easy-to-read fonts to show your menu items and utilize different font sizes to help customers distinguish between menu categories. On top of that, you should ensure to keep your description short to keep your digital menu boards clean. And let’s not forget: you should always ensure your menu design respects the correct aspect ratio and avoid covering your menus with full-screen animations. Your menus should stay on the screen at all times so your customers can always see your menus. By doing this, you will improve the overall customer experience effortlessly.

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Create a Vibrant Design With Visual Elements

Once you have the content of your menu formatted in an easy-to-read way, you can focus on adding stunning visuals to your digital menus. Creating a vibrant and animated digital menu board is essential as it will help you catch your customers’ attention and keep them entertained while waiting in line.


There are many ways you can add in the visual elements:

  • Add subtle animations to your digital menu boards
  • Include the high-quality images of your menu items
  • Add special animated effects, such as having steam effects around the menu items
  • Show your limited-time offers or seasonal specials with animations to direct the customers

It is not a good idea to use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides to display your menus on the displays. They are not the best options and come with many limitations. If you are on a budget, you can always look for a digital signage software provider that offers animated digital menu templates for you to modify to fit your business.

Find the Best Position for your Display

There are several things to consider when determining the best position for your digital menu boards:

  • The size of your display screens
  • The number of displays you are planning to install
  • The viewing distance from the counter to almost near the store entrance
  • Safe areas you can install your screens without fearing the screens will fall

You want to make sure your menus are easy for customers to read without effort. You also want to install enough screens to display your menu items comfortably and without crowding the screens. Keep in mind the farther the viewing distance is, the larger the displays you would need to ensure your customers can access your menus easily. Most importantly, you should ensure your screen displays are mounted securely. You should always find a credible and experienced signage provider as they will ensure this process goes smoothly with your best interest in mind.

Make Quick And Easy Updates

What makes Digital Menu Boards better than traditional printed boards is that Digital Menu Boards can be updated easily and quickly. You want to choose the digital menu board app that gives the ability for you to make any menu modifications, from small price changes to major promotions, whenever you want and wherever you are. On top of that, you can create new business strategies based on real-time data and execute new marketing campaigns to increase sales with ease.

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Benefits From the Features of Digital Signage​

Once you have set up a Digital Menu Board for your business, you can now take advantage of the various features that a digital menu board app offers. Here are some of the features worth highlighting:

1. Dayparting

Dayparting lets you automatically switch between your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Instead of having to worry about displaying a menu at the wrong time or remembering to switch them over, let Dayparting take care of the menu switch for you. All you need to do is set the time for the menu switch, and the system will remember your settings. When the time comes, the system will switch the menus automatically without worries.

2. Scheduled Publishing

Scheduled Publishing helps you to plan and set up your content, from minor menu updates to new limited-offers launches, in advance. Whether you have new menu content for the next week, month, or year, the Scheduled Publishing feature lets you get everything set up as far in advance as you would like. The system will automatically publish your changes when the time comes.

3. Content Playlists

If you have multiple locations, it can be difficult to manage them all so their content is consistent. By using Content Playlists, you can ensure that every location uses the same designs and animations. You can use regional and branch playlists to distribute content to an entire area, or just one branch. This way you can use your digital menu boards to directly target different customer groups, depending on the area. Take full control of your content at all your locations with Content Playlists.


Creating a digital menu board is a complicated task, but the right tools will make it easy. When you have the right knowledge and a good plan, you can make the setup process easy and efficient. By making the most of the space in your restaurant, and the design of your menu, you can make a vibrant and attention-grabbing menu. Make the most of the unique aspects of digital signage, such as animations and automatic content changes. With digital signage, it is easy to update all your menus at once and keep the design consistent. Switch to digital menu boards today and enjoy the money and time saved, so you can better serve your customers.

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