Top 7 Creative Office Space Design Ideas

Revamp Creative office Space Design to Increase Workforce Productivity

How does your office make you feel when you walk in? Do you feel happy to be there, energized, and ready to get to work? If space isn’t inspiring to you, it also isn’t inspiring and motivating your staff. Plus, it isn’t conveying the up-to-date leading-edge brand image that appeals to clients, business partners, current workers, and prospective job candidates.

Here in the UK, our workforce has a lot of catching up to do. We’re lagging 15.9% behind other G7 countries. Surely it’s time for a revamp using Creative Office Space Design Ideas.

Benefits of Revamping & Creative Office Space Design

There are plenty of rewards to implementing creative office space ideas, and you don’t have to bust your budget. Flexibility is key to the creative office space design and modernizing your company culture. The benefits of a revamp will pay for themselves.

Check them out:


      • Reinforce your corporate branding as innovative, fresh, and visionary.

      • Refresh and revitalize company culture.

      • Increase workplace productivity through improved attitude and a better ability to focus.

      • Improve corporate communication.

      • Boost employee health, both mentally and physically (that means less sick leave).

      • Enjoy less employee turnover since happy employees tend to stay with companies longer. Indeed, studies and shown greater worker retention.

      • Generate loyalty since employees feel they’re well-being is worthy of the company investment.

    Top 7 Tips on Creative Office Space Design Ideas

    Why does everyone enjoy working from home so much? Because it’s comfortable and everything they love is there–comfy furnishings and decor, favorite snacks, gourmet coffee, cool music, and a vibe they cultivated and love. Employees tend to spend 50-percent of their waking hours in the office so it makes sense to create a comfortable environment for the best productivity. Here are just a few creative office ideas to get the ball rolling:

    1. Open Space Environment

    Rethink your office layout to encourage greater accessibility among all levels of your workforce. Remove isolating, high-walled, drab gray cubicles; they obstruct creativity. Install half walls or sit-stand desks so co-workers are visible to each other. Sit-stand desks also encourage movement and improve ergonomics making for healthier staff. Executives will also be perceived as more accessible throughout the company, especially to their direct reports. An adjustable mobile desk that can be wheeled to individual employees desks is great for executives to conduct one-on-one meetings with individual employees and convey greater accessibility.

    2. Mobile Workspace Solutions for Creative Office Space Design

    Consider mobile desks and chairs on wheels. Because, they can be configured and reconfigured to meet a project team’s needs. Expand and contract the number of mobile desks as needed. You can create other breakout locations with couches, homey chairs, and coffee tables for quick, impromptu meetings. Communal tables can also host a meeting instantly are also a great office workspace solution.

    Also, consider ‘hot-desking’ where no personal permanent desk is assigned but employees can move to a different desk location for a change of scenery as long as they can securely stow their personal belongings. Hot desking enables employees to meet members of other teams and forge greater work relationships.

    3. Open and Closed Shared Workspaces

    When individuals’ and teams’ work requires a high degree of concentration and uninterrupted conversation, workers can retreat to a room or workspace for greater privacy, a phone call, conference call, or presentation. Rooms can be small enough for one person or sized to fit your business teams’ needs. Considering layout of rooms is key in creative office space design.

    4. Go Wild for Wall Color: Geometric Patterns to Wallflower Power

    In an instant, present highly visible updates, and transform your walls. Wow them with a power-pop of paint or wallpaper designs in exciting patterns, textures, and colors. For a relaxing vibe, go of subdued earth tones with table lamps accents to encourage the creative flow or match your business image. Kill the florescent lighting; nobody likes the harsh glare. Specific types of lighting (like LED blue lights) can energize while others can create a relaxing vibe.

    5. Creative Office Space Design Concept: Invite the Great Outdoors In

    OK, you can’t bring in ancient oak trees and squirrels but you can create a more natural feel with leafy, flowering plants, or perhaps an aquarium with colorful, serene fish. One particular study has shown that adding leafy plants and artwork to the workplace increased worker productivity by 15-percent. Consider allowing workers to bring their dogs to work. Pets ease stress and most likely, dogs also encourage their owners to take a break from the indoors for a quick doggie stroll and their obligatory potty break.

    6. Install a Gym, Start a Workout Room, or Offer Yoga Classes

    Although this might be one of the crazier creative office space design ideas, go big or go home, right?

    Encourage fitness and improve employees’ mindset. This valuable perk saves employees from a costly gym membership while offering greater convenience of a workout at their workplace. This will lead to happier, healthier employees, and fewer sick days are taken.

    7. Time to Play

    Some company game rooms could rival a nightclub with colossal big-screen TVs and a full bar. No need to go that far. Celebrate a job well done in a game room with a pool or ping pong tournament. Team games are also a great bonding and team-building experience.

    Also, provide toys and fun gadgets to alleviate stress and reignite creativity, afterall, everyone encounters creative block occasionally. Speaking of gadgets, when desinging a creative space, consider temperature control devices. Not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature so provides Comfort Heating Blankets and Cooling Cushions enables staff to work at their best comfort level.

    You can build a sense of community, local pride, and employee loyalty by adding historical company photographs or other local photography throughout your office.

    Digital Signs of the Times

    Digitizing your signage and presentations will keep staff and visitors in-the-know on public-facing company news, developments, and generate excitement for upcoming product launches and more.

    5 Effective Ways to Use Office Digital Signage In Creative Office Space Design

    Modernize your messaging and corporate communication by putting the WOW factor into the delivery. So, here are a few of many ways to put digital signage solutions to work in your new creative office space:-

    1. Upgrade Slide Presentations with Office Digital Signage

    No more clunky overhead projectors. Instead, sleekly modernize your presentation delivery via office digital signage solutions.

    2. Improve Internal Communication

    Release important company and industry news across all your locations simultaneously for greater cohesiveness and brand clarity. Keep employees informed on what they need to know about internal communication with greater timeliness.

    3. Share Real-Time Data Analytics

    It’s fun and motivational to see how a current web campaign is doing in real-time. Connect your office digital signage to a geographical heat map app to show where all your online activities is (customer conversion locations) in real-time. Of all the great creative office space ideas, this one also provides great insight as a marketing analysis tool.

    4. Create a Video Wall

    Creating a video wall will add another element of fun in creative office space design. Acknowledge Employee of the Month. Celebrate a job well done by easily programming fun messaging with digital fireworks and balloons, even include photos or videos. Moreover, greet employees as they arrive at work each day or celebrate a birthday. It’s like watching the VaVaVoom of the football scoreboard, only in your very own office.

    5. Office Digital Signage: Encourage Employee Interaction

    From spotlighting great company social media posts to connecting apps for a little downtime video game action with a colleague, the fun possibilities of office digital signage are endless. A great way to encourage employee engagement is to place a digital signage screen in a common area like the kitchen or breakroom. Besides, company event photographs, awards, or bits of trivia or company fun facts are great icebreakers and conversation starters.

    Creative Office Space Design Ideas: Set for Success

    Once your creative office space ideas are a reality and your company starts reaping the rewards, everyone will enjoy the new infusion of positive energy. Plus, you can also feel great knowing that you made a difference by improving your company image, corporate branding, and employees’ workday experience. Don’t miss out on one more day. Start integrating creative office space ideas that fit your company budget by contacting NexSigns today.

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