Digital Signage Editability vs. Quality

digital signage template_ editability & quality
digital signage template_ editability & quality

Before considering a digital signage template, you should ensure you have digital menu boards or are determined to have digital menu boards for your business. If you haven’t switched to digital menu boards (DMB), you should start researching that first. Apart from the fact that it can boost your sales and increase your audience by 62%, digital signage is a lasting solution that is cost-effective and versatile (if done properly).

If you have already decided on a digital menu board system, you should consider what the main purpose of your board is going to be. Once you have that figured out, there is one last thing you need to determine. That is, whether your animated digital signage templates are going to be made for editability, or would you rather trade it off for quality. 

Do You Need Editable Digital Signage Templates or You Want Quality Instead?

Time and cost-efficiency. Although digital signs are versatile and have a near-infinite number of different ways in which you can use them. You should determine the trade-off between editability and quality in the beginning, because it affects the time you need to make changes and the money involved. 

Frequency of updates. The biggest determining factor that you should consider is how often you need to update your boards. These changes can include everything, from changing pictures, prices, graphs, and other items you have on display. If you need to update your menus frequently, then editable digital signage templates will be the way to go. 

In Comes the Editable Animation System

As you did your research on all the service providers who want to provide their products to you, you must have come across NexSigns. One feature of NexSigns is the Editable Animation System, which allows users to make changes to their animated digital signage designs without the need for a designer.

For the small business owner who wants to save on design expenses, this is one of the best solutions out there. This patented system allows a user to make his or her own edits on design. That means no further money being spent on graphic designers. 

This is where the trade-off comes in. The more editable the design, the less spectacular a design can be. Your design’s creative twist will have to be reduced, and the type of animations you’ll use will be less striking. 

digital signage template_digital menu boards_qsr

Editable Digital Signage Template & Designs

Think of editable designs as cookie cutters. The shape of every cookie is the same, but the topping or decoration can change. Your designs will be mostly static and structured, and any changes you make to the design, such as changing menu items or prices, won’t affect the design layout much. 

Even though these types of designs don’t always look too flattering, they have their place in the digital signage world. Sometimes, all you need is a straightforward design without the flair that more brand-focused businesses might want.

Having a static design that is easy to read will give your customers a sense of familiarity, as they will start to remember where certain sections of the menu are. Although you might change items from time to time, your design forces you to keep the sections in place. 

Although the intricacy of an editable digital signage template is limited, it can still look amazing. What these designs layouts lack in creativity, you can make up with well-selected color and font. If you aren’t fixated on a particular color scheme, you could play around with the colors that are in season, that in itself will give your boards a fresh look every time.

Quality Focused Designs

A good graphic design team can create some amazing, intricate designs, but these are less editable. The more complex your animations become, the less editable it will be. Again, the purpose for which you are getting your signage will determine whether you want to opt for these designs.

If you know that you won’t change or update your designs regularly, you will be able to go wild and create an impactful display.

Leaving these types of designs up to experts is a good idea. It would be best to pay a professional designer to produce something decent, rather than trying to do it yourself and have it fall flat. 

The Verdict

Both editable digital signage template and quality-focused designs have pros and cons and both of them have their place in interactive digital signage. It is for you to decide which one will work better for you. If you know that you are going to make frequent changes to your board, then going for an editable design is worth pursuing. On the other hand, if you know that you will have a design that will run for a while, you can make it rather detailed.

That being said, detailed designs can also be edited. It just involves getting a graphic designer on board. Kuusoft Design Team is here for all our clients, with their expertise in motion graphics, social media design, and creating eye-catching images and videos.

When you choose NexSigns, you will have a design team ready at your service. 

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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