EVOS Collaborates with Kuusoft to Bring New Digital Menu Boards to Their Restaurants

EVOS digital menu boards collaboration with Kuusoft

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EVOS Collaborates with Kuusoft to Bring New Digital Menu Boards to Their Restaurants

EVOS is keen on keeping up with modern trends and always bringing their customers great food with the best possible customer experience. They collaborated with Kuusoft to convert their static boards to digital menu boards, powered by Kuusoft's exclusive NexSigns digital signage solution.

Burnaby, BC (March 24, 2022) EVOS is an up-and-coming restaurant chain located in the Tampa area of Florida. Kuusoft has collaborated with them to convert their menu boards from print to digital and bring their restaurant into the future. 

EVOS is constantly forging ahead to incorporate technology and modern trends into their business. They are keen to find healthier versions of the most popular foods. EVOS chose Kuusoft to implement new digital signage in their restaurants to modernize their menu boards with Kuusoft’s NexSigns Digital Signage software. 

After moving from Montreal, Canada to Tampa, Florida, the two founders of EVOS began their successful healthier All American food restaurant. They started their business in 1994 and have established four locations in the Tampa area.

 With their restaurants successfully established, the owners of EVOS wanted to have direct input in how their brand was presented. The Creative team at Kuusoft listened closely to their requests to ensure they created a menu board that portrayed the values of the EVOS brand.

Kuusoft provided EVOS with dedicated customer service to make sure the final product they received was exactly what they wanted. By being in close communication with the graphic designers at Kuusoft, EVOS could decide how every aspect of their menu would be represented. 

They also collaborated with Kuusoft to make sure their digital signage would be installed in the most visible positions. Kuusoft’s account executives worked with EVOS to decide on the number of screens they needed, as well as how to position them in the restaurant. The direct communication and customer service from Kuusoft ensured that EVOS got exactly what they wanted from their new digital menu boards. 

The Director of Sales from Kuusoft, Arvind Johal, stayed in contact with EVOS to make sure their digital menu boards were perfect for them. Arvind noted how adaptive EVOS is as a restaurant. 

“EVOS wanted to go digital to keep things fresh and make their menu easier for customers to read. They want to stay nimble and move with the times without having to keep printing new menus whenever they add something new. They just launched a beyond burger a couple years ago and had to recreate their menus, but with digital menu boards they could just add the new burger to all their screens."
– Arvind Johal, Director of Sales at Kuusoft Corp.

EVOS is dedicated to providing healthier, delicious All American food with the best customer experience possible. Kuusoft is just as dedicated to EVOS, ensuring their menus always represent their meals in a way that is unique to their brand. 

As EVOS continues to expand, their collaboration with Kuusoft will continue into the future with them. Kuusoft is proud to work with EVOS every step of the way, so they can have captivating digital menu boards powered by Kuusoft’s exclusive NexSigns digital signage

About Kuusoft Corp.: Founded in 2002, Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu board and digital signage solutions provider based in Burnaby, BC. Kuusoft develops cutting-edge digital signage software and hardware. Our mission is to make solutions for all business sectors worldwide. Visit our website to learn more.


For more information, contact John Kelly at john.kelly@kuusoft.com or +1 866-546-8838.

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