Top 10 Use Cases of Digital Signage for Churches

live streaming screen in the church lobby
live streaming screen in the church lobby

Digital signage for churches has revolutionized how you can communicate with followers and congregation members, and they go a long way in helping you create a strong community in places of worship.

The chances are that your members already interact with all kinds and sizes of screens daily—from televisions to smartphones. They are more open to digital messages and pay attention to what their screens tell them. This makes digital signage for churches a bridge between your message and the minds of those who are more comfortable with technology.

However, simply putting up a few screens won’t solve the problem. Understanding the capabilities of digital signage for churches and utilizing them to increase church attendance are essential steps toward the best possible results. Once you understand your visitors better, your interactions with them can be more fruitful.

The best part is that it’s not even a complex technology. Anyone can adapt to it with basic knowledge. So, churches hardly ever have any trouble operating digital signage.

Let’s explore how churches can improve their communication and engagement with their congregation through the use of digital signage in churches.

The Challenges Facing the Church Today

Nothing is as it used to be. People expect the world to be more digital and accessible. So, just like everything else, churches cannot be operated similarly. They are facing numerous challenges that can be addressed with digital signage.

1. Increase Engagement With the Congregation

Using digital signage in a church to build a sense of belonging is an excellent idea, as your members will be more likely to have a positive outlook on church membership and get involved. You can easily allow visitors to feel connected to churches by displaying images of important events, people, priests, and support staff, as well as birthday wishes and other noteworthy announcements.

Moreover, the traditional notice board often has outdated information, leading to confusion among and disconnection with the communities it serves. If visitors read outdated information about upcoming events and other activities on your community notice board, they will eventually stop reading it.

There is no need to worry about the content of church digital signage becoming outdated because it is much simpler and more convenient to make updates to it. Static noticeboards are frequently in disrepair because of the high costs of printing new content and posting it on the boards. Keeping your content updated does not incur additional costs when using digital signage.

2.Communicate Better With Congregation and Visitors

One of the primary objectives of any religious institution is to communicate effectively with its members. Using digital signage for church outreach is a massive time-saver for pastors.

This generation has a brief attention span. To communicate with them, you must make the message more precise and visual. In the past, traditional static noticeboards were the only means by which churches could communicate with their congregations. Digital signage makes it easier and more effective for churches to broadcast information like special events, service times, and fundraising activities through dynamic visuals and animations that capture the audience’s attention.

Moreover, the newest generation can relate better when information is presented to them digitally on screens. Hence, you can easily draw their attention to your messages with digital signage.

digital signage showing lyrics and verses behind a church altar

3.Attract New Members to Expand the Congregation

Digital screens may be the best option for churches trying to increase their attendance and expand membership. According to studies, 66% of adults between 18 and 22 no longer attend church.

Increase the number of people who visit your church by utilizing digital signage that enhances the worship experience. If they enjoy it, they’ll certainly want to return for more. They might also be more willing to spread the word and bring their friends, helping increase the number of worshippers.

4.Reduce Marketing and Operational Costs

Thousands of dollars are spent on brochures, flyers, sermon leaflets, and other religious education materials. However, small churches often lack the marketing resources necessary to reach a broader audience.

Adopting digital signage for your church allows you to save and accomplish more. You won’t have to invest in printing materials anymore. Instead, you can install digital signage and display whatever you want and whenever you like.

People in the 1980s may have found leaflets helpful in spreading information because of their lack of exposure to technology. Today, when everyone prefers digital to printed media, making the switch should be a no-brainer. There’s nothing quite like digital signage when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of on-site content marketing, even for churches.

10 Ways Churches Can Leverage Digital Signage to Communicate, Engage, and Retain Members

It is not surprising that people aren’t sure how to use digital signage in a church. This is the point at which concerns regarding its installation begin to surface in the minds of the congregation.

However, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn the myriad of applications of digital signage.

1. Show Service Times, Event Schedules, and Community News

Sharing information and announcements on digital bulletin boards allows you to reach a wider audience and keep everyone in the know. For example, you can share details of important church events such as service schedules, baptism registration, and confession times.

In addition, churches also host various kinds of other activities and community events during the middle of the week. Displaying information about these events on digital signage can help your church reach a wider audience and increase their memory retention.

2. Spotlight Church Events and Member Milestones

Through digital signage, celebrate your members’ important milestones and meaningful moments that happen at your church in order to bring everyone closer together. For example, you can showcase photos and videos of your members’ baptisms, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, and so on. In this way, you can make your members feel valued and create a sense of belonging.

Since visuals have a more significant impact on people than words, you can also leverage digital signage that evokes interest in your members to participate in events and activities. Highlight your fundraisers, volunteer activities, Bible studies, and choir recruitments by displaying photos and footage on screen, which will encourage participation from your members.

mass at a church with digital screens showing lyrics on the side

3. Recognize Important Donors

It’s always nice to appreciate the contributions and recognize the achievements of church members, donors, and volunteers. You can do this with far more convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness through church digital signage than printed flyers and brochures.

When your donors see their names, photos, and video profiles depicting their life stories on the screen, they feel a sense of accomplishment. This encourages them to continue supporting your church. Likewise, you can also thank your clergy members, community spokespersons, and others by showing custom messages on the screen, in turn benefitting the welfare of the community.

4. Create Ambience in the Prayer Room

A first-time visitor forms an opinion of your building in the first few seconds of walking through your front doors. Let’s face it, the presence of digital signage in a building creates a sense of intimacy and professionalism.

You can display inspirational Bible verses or visually appealing imagery that matches the current season or closest holiday, thus creating a soothing, cozy ambience that will impress and calm your members and visitors once they step into the room.

5. Broadcast a Live Stream of the Church Service Throughout the Building

One of the most notable features of digital signage solutions is the ability to broadcast a live stream of a church service.

Even though they can’t replace face-to-face interactions, live streams can give potential attendees an understanding of what to expect during the service. Because the service is broadcasted in real time throughout the church, parents will not have to worry about missing a sermon or service if they need to take their young children to a quiet location.

It can also be great for first-time visitors who want to explore the church. No matter where they go, they can see and hear the service live.

broadcasting live sermon at a church lobby

6. Display Materials and Lyrics During Services

With the service material and lyrics displayed on the church’s digital signage, people can tune back into the service if they get lost at any time. This is most likely to happen during worship, mainly when new songs or hymns are sung.

Displays of hymns, Bible verses, sermon highlights, preaching-related materials, and much more can help keep your members engaged throughout the service. New members who don’t know the lyrics can also follow along with the songs. Displayed material can help them better understand what is going on or what to expect.

7. Display Religious Learning Materials

You can help your students (both young children and teenagers) better understand their religious teachings at Sunday school by displaying class materials such as videos and images on digital signage.

Students’ ability to retain information improves if they can see visual aids on the screen depicting characters and settings pertaining to a Bible story. The same goes for adult Bible class. You can display Bible verses and scriptures with text or image explanations on the screen so that busy adults can understand and apply their religious learnings in effective ways.

8. Welcome Visitors and Provide Wayfinding Information

Think about how wonderful it would be for visitors to have a visual reminder of the warm welcome they received at your church. A warm, heartfelt message should be displayed on the screen at the front entrance of the building to greet those who have just arrived.

This is also an excellent place to show a digital map of your building for first-time visitors. By displaying interactive digital directories on your digital signage, you can guide visitors and help them get to know your church better, which is very useful if your church has more than one building.

church hallway showing a wall-mounted digital signage display

9. Promote Social Media Presence

Using social media is a great way to get your message out. According to 46.1% of churches, using social media to spread their message has proven to be an effective strategy for reaching a wider audience.

You can build your social media presence and increase visibility by displaying your social media feeds with hashtags on digital signs throughout your church. This is a great way to let your members know that they can stay connected with the church on social media platforms, thus giving them the strength they need during hard times. As a result, leveraging digital signage to promote your church’s online presence can help you retain members and attract new audiences.

10. Replace Printed Materials

Churches no longer need to print and distribute paper flyers or brochures because digital signage content can be updated instantly. This has many advantages, such as cutting down on operational costs and providing an option that is friendly to the environment.

Adopting digital signage for churches can reduce the costs of printing and typing information by approximately 76%. This is a significant saving for churches, which typically spend a budget of around $6,500 each year on these processes.

Digital Signage Solutions for Churches: Conclusion

While the term “church digital signage” may appear to be a new one, it has already proven to be fruitful for churches of all sizes. Printed flyers were once a viable option but have already fallen out of favor in the age of digital screens. With the advent of church digital signage, it’s time to get rid of the old church backdrops and put an end to the outdated methods of communication. 

In addition, the use cases listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. Book a free consultation with us today to learn what digital signage solutions can do for your places of worship.

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