Digital Signage for Churches: Top 10 Use Cases

A church is a spiritual place that welcomes people to visit, attend, and find peace of mind from chaotic daily life. As a pastor or ministry leader, you hope that your church is welcoming and motivate people to attend and connect the community together. However, the ultimate question remains: what can churches do to improve attendance, promote church growth, and share their missions with more people?

Digital signage for churches has revolutionized how you can communicate with followers and congregation members, and they go a long way in helping you create a strong community in places of worship. Explore some of the many ways that churches can benefit from using digital signage.

1. Create a Welcoming Environment

Many churches have implemented outdoor digital signage to deliver heart-warming messages to the public. Compared to traditional static signs, digital signage gives churches a flexible way to update their messages whenever they need to cope with the ever-changing world.   

It is important to create a sense of belonging to help people feel relaxed and comfortable to participate. Many churches have digital signage in the lobby to show welcoming messages, promote exclusive church programs, and share happy photos from the church events. You can also consider sharing the service times, event schedules, and group meetings to encourage visitors to take a part of. 

church hallway showing a wall-mounted digital signage display

Make sure you also include contact information so that people know who to reach out to participate in and enjoy the events and services your church provides. 

2. Increase Engagement

With digital signage, churches can build a sense of belonging by connecting all the members together through different events, gatherings, bible readings, and more. Unlike traditional paper flyers, digital signage allows churches to attract people’s attention with vivid event photos, captivating videos, and eye-catching animation. You can be reassured that the event campaigns will capture people’s interests and motivate them to get involved and connect with other members of the church.

You can also introduce and share fun facts about some major members of the church to encourage others to make conversations with them. Consider sharing the following to help everyone connect with each other, invite their friends and family, and build better relationship with the church:

  • Celebrate successes and milestones of your church members
  • Share heart-warming baptism moments
  • Show event photos & videos from wedding ceremonies, volunteer events, bible studies
  • Post choir recruitment
  • Share information on community outreach days & other public event

3. Manage & Update Campaigns with Ease

Churches always seek ways to improve their communications to reach out to their members effectively. Using digital signage for church outreach is a massive time-saver for pastors. People, especially the younger generations, value convenience and getting information quickly. To ensure the communication goes smoothly, you must craft the messages in a precise and visual manner.

In the past, traditional static noticeboards were the only means by which churches could communicate with their congregations. With cloud-based content management system, digital signage makes it easier and more effective for churches to broadcast any announcements like special events, service times, and fundraising activities through dynamic visuals and animations that capture the audience’s attention. The best part is that you can update different content across your selected displays with just a few clicks of buttons, regardless of where you are.  

4. Say Goodbye to Traditional Flyers

Thousands of dollars are spent on brochures, flyers, sermon leaflets, and other religious education materials. It makes sense in the 1980s, but now we live in a modern era where we are exposed to new information through vivid displays every day. These traditional marketing materials are often ignored by people because they simply do not catch their attention. Adopting digital signage for your church will allow you to accomplish more.

Digital signage for churches example 1

Research has shown that adopting digital signage for churches can reduce the costs of printing information by approximately 76%. Churches no longer need to print and distribute paper flyers or brochures because digital signage content can be updated instantly. You can also schedule different content in advance and your displays will update automatically when the time comes.

Fun Fact: Visuals get 94% more views than text-based information. With digital signage, you can present your campaigns with visuals, such as photos, videos, and animation. By displaying your messages and campaigns dynamically with motions, you can ensure that you can always capture and direct people’s attention to where you need them to be.

Bonus: What Can You Do with Your Digital Signage for Churches

You may be wondering what content you can display on your church digital signage. Here are a few ideas you can consider.

1. Recognize Important Members & Donors

It’s important to appreciate the contributions and recognize the achievements of church members, donors, and volunteers. You can share custom messages with pre-approved photos of the members to acknowledge their contributions. By showing your appreciation, your members and donors will feel valued and encouraged to continue and support the church.

2. Provide Wayfinding Information

Help your visitors and members navigate to where they want to be with wayfinding digital signage. Showcase the floor plan to help everyone get familiar with your church and create a sense of security for them whenever they are on the premises.

3. Promote Social Media Presence

Share your website, social media information, and other online platforms your church uses via digital signage to encourage members to follow. A presence on Google Maps, YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms is vital to create an online presence and reach a wider audience. Having your members following your church’s online platforms will improve credibility and reputation.

Digital signage for churches example 2

4. Share Bible Verses

You can display inspirational Bible verses or visually appealing imagery that matches the current season or closest holiday, thus creating a soothing ambience which your members and visitors will enjoy.

5. Broadcast a Live Stream of the Church Service

One of the most notable features of digital signage solutions is the ability to broadcast a live stream of a church service.

Live streams can give potential attendees an understanding of what to expect during the service. As the service is broadcast in real-time throughout the church, people will not have to worry about missing the service when in another room.

6. Display Materials and Lyrics During Services

With the service material and lyrics displayed on the church’s digital signage, people can tune in at any time. This can help people follow along with new songs or hymns.

Displays of hymns, Bible verses, and sermon highlights help keep people stay engaged. New members can follow along with the displays and better understand the service.

Digital Signage Solutions for Churches: Conclusion

While the term “church digital signage” may appear to be a new one, it has already proven to be useful for churches of all sizes. 

The use cases listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. Book a free consultation with us today to learn what digital signage solutions can do for your places of worship!

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