Complete Guide on Custom Digital Signage

Digital Signage Custom Design

If you are looking for the best-looking digital signage, then a custom design is the route you want to take. Custom designs give you an edge to stand out in a heavily saturated market. As the world continues to move towards digitization, digital signage can be found around almost every corner.

Custom designs are preferred over templates for digital signage because they offer greater quality even though they may take longer to create. Custom design is the best solution you can choose if you want to stand out and impress your audience.

That being said, template designs have their role; they’re quick to get set up and have a low cost to acquire. If you’d like to read more check out our Guide to Digital Signage Templates.

Why Should You Be Using Custom Digital Signage?

With this digital age that we find ourselves in currently, businesses need to adapt or risk falling behind or out of business. While traditional signage and advertising techniques and methods still have a place in marketing today, it’s the digital options that are becoming more popular and effective today.

There is a range of great benefits that come with digital signage that your business could immensely benefit from in the current marketing atmosphere. Not to mention that it looks impressive when done well, but you can control the content and change up the information when necessary.

The Design Process

Great and effective designs take time to create and when it comes to custom designs for digital signage, you need to understand that they will take some time to perfect. The process will start off with a creative idea or concept provided by the company or client using digital signage.

The ideas are then refined to create a striking and intriguing artwork. Most design companies will go through multiple rounds of design, experimenting with various prototypes until they reach a final design that the client is happy with and achieves the initial goal set out for the design. By the end of this process, you should have a unique and purpose-built design.

Pros of Custom Digital Signage

The pros of custom designs far outweigh the cons when it comes to digital signage. Firstly, with custom designs, you get exactly what you want and are not confined to someone else’s design template.

The solutions that are available to you when you decide to do custom designs tend to be more advanced, giving you a wider array of options and opportunities to impress your audience.

Custom designs are always going to offer you a higher quality product that the end of the day, it is like comparing an off-the-rack suit to a bespoke suit designed especially for you. Custom designs are the most unique your brand can get when it comes to digital signage.

Being able to create your own custom, unique layouts for digital signage is a great value-add to your marketing efforts. With a custom layout, you can best showcase your brand and offering in a way that appeals visually to your unique target audience.

With digital signage, you are able to incorporate new and exciting ways of showcasing your brand with animations and video for example. Not only are animations attention-grabbing but they are easier to understand.

With video and animation, your audience won’t need to expend too much energy as they would reading a generic printed poster, making it much more appealing and thus reaching a wider audience.

What’s more is that video is proven to influence more sales. In fact, 174% of people who viewed a video were more likely to purchase the product, according to a Retail Touchpoints study.

Cons of Custom Digital Signage

As with all things in life and business, you can expect a few cons or disadvantages when it comes to your custom designs for digital signage. One of these cons is that it does take a lot longer to design a custom artwork compared to a template-based design.

For extensive and large projects, you can expect the timeline to stretch out over a longer period of time. However, you should rest assured that if a large project takes longer, it only means you are getting a quality design with the right amount of time being dedicated to your signage.

If you are using a digital signage option that does not include sharing with other users, it can work out to be a little more expensive.


In the long run, it makes a whole lot of sense to spend a little extra time and money on a custom design for your signage needs. Digital signage options are usually quite impressive on their own but add a unique custom design to the equation and you can quite easily blow your audience away.

The audience will be impressed and want to engage with you, turning them into potential customers- exactly what you want from your marketing efforts. Consider a custom design for your digital signage in order to stand out in your industry and reach a wider audience.

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