Top 5 Places to Have Digital Signage in a Retail Store

digital signage placement
digital signage placement

Digital signage for retail allows retailers to get more reach compared to traditional signs. It helps communicate more effectively with customers and recommend your products and deals. Surveys show that digital signage increases sales by nearly 33%. On top of that, 19% of shoppers make an unplanned purchase after being inspired by a promotion on digital signage.

So, in-store digital signage is important and highly effective for retail settings. But simply having digital signage in retail stores is not enough. Digital signage placement is a key factor to your business success.

What are the areas you should consider of placing digital signage to level up your business? Let’s find out:

1. Aisle Endcaps Displays

Consider placing smaller digital screens and digital shelf-edge displays with targeted content on the endcaps of heavily trafficked main aisles. This content typically focuses on nearby items with higher profit margins.

The main reasons to use aisle endcap displays are:

  • The vibrant movement will capture consumers’ eyes to the featured products, making them stop, and trigger impulse purchases
  • Seize every opportunity to promote any limited-time deals and exclusive prices associated with the products. Emphasizing endcap promotions make shoppers believe they’re getting a discount on the product on the digital signage
  • Visual merchandising helps sell faster by making customers assume that they may miss out on something. In addition, it makes it easy to quickly sell discontinued or overstocked items, freeing up space for newer merchandise.

It is important to make use of the spaces available. As mentioned above, digital signage placement on aisle endcaps can help you capture customers’ attention and grow your chances of making increased sales.

2. Storefront Entrance & Windows

One of the challenges that many retailers are facing is how to attract the attention of passers-by and boost foot traffic to their stores. Afterall, how could you sell products if people do not walk into your stores? Thankfully, digital signage can help with that.

Did you know that 76% of customers enter stores that have never visited before because of the digital signage placement? With digital signage at your storefront entrance and windows, you can achieve the following:

  • Make your promotions effective and stand-out from the competitions with captivating animations and vibrant colors
  • Catch the passers-by’s attention with eye-catching visuals, create a wow-factor, and encourage them to visit your stores to check out what your offers
  • Make any timely updates with real-time data, and tailor your deals and offers whenever you want to capture every customer-purchasing opportunity possible
  • Boost brand awareness and build a modern vibe to let your customers know that your business is always keeping up with the latest trend

Just make sure your screens showcase your products in a highly appealing manner, whether with engaging product videos or images of a product line. This will help engage visitors or passers-by instantly.

3. Cashier Counter

Another great place to have digital signage is at near the cashier area. Digital signage has proven to reduced perceived wait time by more than 35%. Not only you can distract the customers from the wait while they’re waiting line, but you can also use this opportunity to upsell by triggering impulse purchasing with exclusive promotions they can’t refuse.

You can achieve this by having a video wall or installing several digital displays at the back wall of your cashier counters. If space is limited, you can also consider having small digital table-top displays or free-standing kiosks to achieve the same purpose.

4. Other Highly Trafficked Spaces

Here, we’re talking about changing rooms, elevators, escalators, and other unique areas in your store. These areas are typically overlooked but they are the areas that customers usually would pass by. For example, you can have digital signage near the entrance of the changing rooms to let your customers know about your exclusive return policy, great merchandise guarantee, and any information that will help them to make quick, informed decisions.

You can also have kiosks near the elevators or escalators to keep your customers always informed about your store specials. By doing this, you will have a high chance to motivate customers’ purchases and boost overall sales.

5. Employee Areas and Break Rooms

Digital signs don’t always have to be customer-facing. You can use digital signage to inform, engage and inspire your staff in work areas and break rooms.

Your staff members head to the break room whenever they need a break from work. So, this place has the best chance to win your staff’s undivided attention. With the ability to make any updates as you wish, you can ensure your staff always have access to the most up-to-date notices to help them make any informed decisions. On top of that, you can leverage these boards to boost your staff’s morale by displaying inspiring content.

Bonus Tips for Digital Signage Placement in Retail Stores

Finally, we’re wrapping up by giving some quick suggestions on:

  • Distance: The text and images on your screen should be large enough to be clearly viewed from the farthest distance.
  • Height: Normally, a person’s field of vision is 60 degrees above eye level and 75 degrees below. So, place digital signage in your retail store within this vision range.
  • Screen Time: Figure out the average time your audience will stay in front of the screen. Your audience should have enough time to see the entire message you want to convey.

Choosing the right digital signage display and its correct placement in your retail store can make all the difference to your sales.

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