Museum Digital Signage

Enhance your visitors’ experience with museum digital signage that adds information, eases wayfinding, and drives return visits.

Digital signage for museums is the next step in building more engagement and satisfied visits!

How NexSigns Works

Our Work is Stunning Engaging Effective

Effective Museum Digital Signage for Everyone

Increase Your Audience by 62%

Bring in more customers by showing what your customers are looking for. Research shows that 62% more people notice information on digital signage than on regular signs.

Total Solution or Do it Yourself

For people who wish to do it themselves, NexSigns provides all of the necessary tools to make your museum digital signage happen. We also offer a total solution to take care of your whole project from start to finish.

Easy to Get Started

You can easily set up your museum digital signage in minutes. Plug in the digital signage computer (Nano-PC3) to any TV and you’re ready to showcase anything.

Make Changes Easily

Got an instant promotion? Update your museum digital signage in minutes from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Digital signage media player

What's in the Box

What is in Nano-PC3 box a USB cable, power adapter, Nano-PC3, HDMI cornering anchor, and HDMI extender

1. Digital Signage Set Up

It’s fast and easy to set up your digital signage. Simply plug the Nano-PC3 to any HDTV and it transforms into a premium level digital signage system designed for your business.

Technical drawing on installing a Nano-PC3 by connecting power and then the Nano-PC3 into a display's HDMI port

2. Design Approaches

You can kick start your digital signage experience by simply selecting an editable design template from our template library or get a customized design tailored to your business.

Design consultation for a digital menu board design done in an illustration icon style

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