Why Is Digital Church Signage Important?

digital church signage
digital church signage

Digital church signage has numerous benefits, including reducing marketing overhead, engaging the spiritual community, and enhancing the experience. Even so, digital church signages aren’t something that pops in people’s minds when thinking about what congregations can do to let others know what they have to offer. But using digital church signage can be vital in reaching out to both members and visitors. The best part: you don’t need to be tech-savvy to take advantage of the benefits that digital signage offers.

What Are Some Challenges Houses of Worship Face?

The use of digital signage display can resolve many challenges that the congregation might face. Here are some of the challenges that houses of worship face:

  • Offering opportunities and activities that make the members and visitors more supportive and engaging.
  • Support and funding from the community are a challenge that many congregations face. That’s because it can be difficult to get the most recent announcements and news to those who don’t follow social media platforms.
  • Marketing and other operating costs can take a toll on the church’s budget. Most faith-based communities want to ease these expenses to serve the needs of the congregation and the broader community better.

10 Reasons Digital Signage Is Important for Churches

Most digital signage illustrates how technology can help the houses of worship to inform members and visitors about what’s going on. They offer better engagement with the community, making all the difference. Here are more reasons digital church signages are essential:

1. Make The Church Organization More Visible

The digital signage for churches typically entails a mixture of video wall displays and outdoor displays that help offer information to members and non-members. Digital signage for churches both inside and outdoor can help attract the community’s attention more effectively. In fact, they can attract at least four times more engagement than static signages over time.


Moreover, when placed outside in strategic places, passersby can pay more attention to what they view than on the static one. Outdoor signages such as welcome signage outside a church can also deliver messages to more people.

2. Modernize The Way You Communicate

One of the elements that stand out the most about digital church signage solutions is their capacity to broadcast inspirational messages. Use digital signage as church bulletin boards to show service times, the contact information of the key ministry leaders, and community events.


Electronic messaging is also an excellent way of making the order of service available to the community. The digital solutions eliminate the waste involved in print bulletins and lower the need for prayer books and print hymnals.

3. Keep Members Up-To-Date

Digital signages for churches can make it easier for the organization to update the information that everybody needs. This updated information is easy to display when needed the most and according to the selected audiences if there is more than one digital signage in use. Moreover, digital signage can easily and quickly be updated. Keep in mind that the faster the information is delivered to the targeted parties, the more significant the difference the church signage will make.

4. Enhance Communications Among Members

Announcements and essential news are easy to transmit to the congregants through digital signage indoor and outdoor churches. One of the advantages of digital signages is that schedules for upcoming activities and opportunities are available for people to view. Announcements about activities in the coming weeks can also appear in these displays. The organization should set extra bulletin space for notifications about these events.

5. Improve Church Worship Experience

Church digital signage solutions can help you create immersive experiences. That can include meditation, reading, prayer, visual or audio elements. Greetings and sermons from ministerial staff are also easy to broadcast with these digital solutions.


While they aren’t a substitute for in-person interactions, live streams can help give visitors an idea of what to expect during events or services. The digital church screens will allow services or sermons to stream live throughout the church building. Parents taking their young children to quiet places don’t need to worry about missing anything from the service or sermon.


Moreover, church digital signage also works well for religious education for all ages. The digital screens are ideal for showing presentations, lesson plans, and other items.

church signage digital

6. Boost Technology ROI

Changing messaging and way of relaying the information according to liturgical seasons allows churches to make the most of their technology budgets. Digital Signage is a cost-effective way to enable the church leadership to provide encouraging messages whenever possible. Since digital messaging increases retention rates, the church will allocate fewer resources to convey the messages. Moreover, the signages will have better ROI through better messaging retention.

7. Better Community Engagement

Digital screens can display church social media feeds for an enhanced sense of community engagement. For instance, photos of events and activities, birthdays, and anniversary announcements can help boost this sense of involvement. Keep in mind that the congregants are more likely to check out the displayed information on social media. As they catch up with this information, they’ll also learn more about fundraising, volunteering opportunities, and similar information.

8. Save Time

The days of waiting for people to update signage manually are over. With digital signage ideas, you can update information within minutes. You don’t need to stress about using ladders to reach signages that are otherwise out of reach. Hence, the digital solutions that can be updated using signage software save a lot of labor hours.

9. Ease Adverts and Marketing Overhead Costs

Staff can employ signage ideas to use variation in messaging. Since there are no printing expenses, you can be able to cut the costs. Besides, you’ll have greater control over the messaging as you can edit the mistakes that occur with printing before releasing the messages.


The covid-19 pandemic has led to the houses of worship delivering more timely information, notifications, and alerts. The updated messages have been used to offer guidance about the proper use of masks, social distance practices, and the location of hand sanitizers stations.

10. Protect The Environment

Printing materials and delivering the messages increases not only costs but also the environmental impact. Thus, church organizations that want to lower their carb footprint can lower the use of print materials by using digital signages. As a result, you can commit yourself to better environmental stewardship. Using digital messaging will make the process more accessible and offers a way of communicating such changes.

4 Ways to Maximize Church Dwell Time with Digital Signage

Members go to church on the selected days of the week. Hence, the amount of time they spend in church during these chosen days is vital. People in charge of such organizations understand the importance of keeping the congregants interested and focused on the various activities within the premises. Maximizing people’s dwell time in the church can enhance their giving and increase the return rates.

As such, churches are embracing new technologies that can be used anywhere and by anyone. For instance, church leaders often come up with meetings, events, and activities to maximize people’s dwell time. Moreover, church leaders who want the congregants to stay longer on the premises should come up with creative ways of making them do so.


Just like in businesses such as hotels, retail stores, gyms, and hospitals, churches can use digital signage to boost the dwell time of people. You can install large digital screens at strategic places in the church that will catch the attention of the attendees.

1. Praise And Worship Performances

One of the major reasons people attend church is the praise and worship session. People’s attention is on the song, the singer(s), or the choir during this hour. However, that can quickly become monotonous when done every service in the same way or by the same person.


So, as an organization, you should make people feel excited about the praise and worship session. For instance, you can organize a different, well-known choir to perform at your church. You could also try to encourage other groups within your church to lead the praise and worship hour at different times. That will promote creativity among the members and make the church livelier.

How To Improve Praise and Worship with Digital Signage?

The church can install digital screens on stage where the praise and worship singers or choirs perform. Then, you can use graphic design and special effects to make the stage more captivating.


Moreover, you can use different motions and static pictures to bring out the appropriate theme and mood. For example, if it’s the praise session, you can create motivating and exciting content relevant to such a moment. Alternatively, you can create deep, thoughtful, and profound content for the worship performance. That will entice the mood of the attendees, and no one can be in a hurry to leave during such moments.


2. Presentation During Preaching Sermons

You might think that everyone is paying attention when preaching is going on. However, that’s not always the case. But that doesn’t mean the attendees are arrogant or don’t care. People typically have a lot to deal with in their lives, and hence their concentration span might not always be high.


An excellent way of keeping the congregants hooked is by preaching and demonstrating simultaneously. That can spark their curiosity and trigger their attention. The preacher can also ask for volunteers to engage in a demonstration during the preaching. That can captivate the audience, and they won’t want to leave.

How To Improve Preaching with Digital Signage Ideas?

You can place digital screens at the pulpit and different locations with the eye view of the church attendees. Hence, the congregants will be able to enjoy the lively demonstration. In addition, the preacher can make the sermon exciting and captivating with relevant images and short videos. That will make the rest of the church congregants glued to their seats.

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3. Church Groups

A great way of making people stick around the church is by making them involved in the organization’s activities. Churches can form groups targeting youth, men, women, and kids. These groups can have different activities to engage the members. Every group can hold a meeting often after the main service to discuss the issues affecting the church and how they can improve them. As such, people will not hurry to leave the premises.


How To Improve Church Groups with Digital Signage Ideas?

For congregants to remain behind after the service is over, they should receive alerts and announcements. However, the attention of any crowd is often very low during announcements. Thus, it’s likely that people will miss the announcements about the group meetings. So, churches can remind the congregation about the appointments using attractive, catchy, and easy-to-read notices on the display screen to catch the crowd’s attention. Digital screens can display such messages when the sermon starts or when it’s about to end. That can draw the attention of the crowd and let them know that they should remain behind after the service is over.

4. Church Events

People tend to stay longer in churches when events like weddings are held in the church than on normal days. So, when the church hosts such events frequently, people will have a reason to spend more time within the building. Moreover, church events are often celebrations, which usually means that food, drinks, and entertainment will be available, and people will stay for longer.


How To Improve Church Events with Digital Signage Ideas?

Truth be told: most people often forget many things announced in the church by the end of the coming week. So, how can you remind them about the upcoming events in the church? First, churches can display the exciting forthcoming events constantly using brilliant and catchy images on digital screens. This can be helpful as people tend to forget about plain words and texts. Alternatively, information in videos and pictures usually lasts longer in people’s minds.

Other ways you can use digital signage software to enhance the mission and vision of the church include:

The use of digital signs can resolve many challenges that the congregation might face:

  • Mobilization: Technology can help you mobilize and equip the congregation with the word of God easily.
  • Worldwide outreach: Churches are growing exponentially, and so do their ability to reach millions worldwide. That can be easier if the church utilizes new technologies available.
  • Collaboration: Using technology, churches teaching similar doctrines can support and collaborate by preaching together.
  • Smart decision making: Technology enables churches to keep track of their attendees and offer specialized services, including counseling services. That will make sure the members make better decisions from wherever they are.

Digital signage for Church comes with many benefits. Use these digital solutions wisely and they can help you maximize church dwell time, reach out to more people, and provide a better church experience for your church members.

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