Tips and Tricks for Creating Digital Signs

designing digital signs
designing digital signs

Digital signage is an excellent advertising choice if you want creative control. There are tons of options from motion graphics to captivating backgrounds that capture the attention of your audience. However, it takes more than creating content for digital signage to make your digital signs effective. While you’re letting your creative side shine, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal of a good signage design is to convey a message. 

Practicing design in digital signage will ensure you’re creating an attractive yet effective sign. So, that means you can have many creative signage ideas with designing for digital signage, but also keep your objectives and business branding in mind.

Let’s look at some tips for creating digital sign designs:

Contrast is your best friend

When you’re choosing design elements, remember to use contrast. Without it, your intended message can get lost within your design. Background and foreground colors should always have contrast so they don’t blend. The text should stick out from the graphics enough for your audience to be able to focus on it. 

Keep text fonts simple

While you may be tempted to choose a flashy font for your digital signs, simple fonts are better and easier for your audience to read. A good rule of thumb is never to use more than two different fonts in one digital signage design. The one exception is if you use a brand logo font for consistency.

When it comes to easy-to-read signs, ‘sans serif’ fonts are recommended. Larger text in bold is also helpful for an audience to be able to read your signage. For example, bold Arial font is excellent for digital signage. 

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Color is important

When creating digital signage, you almost always want to use color. The color you choose should help create contrast and emphasize your foreground pieces. A plain white background with black text doesn’t draw anyone’s attention. 

For example, use light colors on dark or dark colors on light to create contrast. Market research on your target demographic should give you an idea of what will work best to catch their eye. 

Utilize focus techniques

You should use focus techniques to deliver your creative signage design ideas along with simple text, contrast, and color. Here are a few digital signage design techniques that will help guide your audience through the messages: 

  • Create categories that help your audience keep track of the information  
  • Use headlines to create hierarchy and utilize bold headlines to draw attention and make a statement  
  • Add captivating graphics and animations to add motion and bring your signs to life 
  • Take advantage of contrast and bright colors to capture your audience’s attention 
  • Use different font sizes to help your audience focus on what’s important 

Always preview your digital signs design

Our final tip is that you should always preview your designs before launching them to the public. Try to look at the digital signage as if you are the audience, and see where your eye goes right away. Make sure it’s legible, and that the text flows for readability.  

To ensure your digital signage design achieves your desired goals, speak with our product experts and receive free advice. Contact us today, and let us help you with your digital signage.

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