2024 Cafe Trends You Must Know

cafe trend _ cafe digital menu boards _ coffee shop digital menu boards
2024 cafe trends
cafe trend _ cafe digital menu boards _ coffee shop digital menu boards

In 2023, we have witnessed a shift in consumers’ preferences for food and beverages. As we move towards 2024, business owners should know the beneficial café trends to attract and retain customers.

What We Learned So Far in 2023 Cafe Trends

Recent research revealed expectation for the global specialty coffee market size to reach USD 51, 404.0 million by 2030. The reasons for the market expansion are associated with growing preferences towards ready-to-drink coffee and premium coffee. Plus, there is a constant increase in the number of coffee shops around the globe.

As the coffee market continues to grow, customers look for unique coffee shops and cafes that serve specialty coffee and deliver an authentic experience. Here are 4 key cafe trends business owners should keep in mind:

1. Unique Specialty Coffee

Customers are showing increasing awareness and appreciation for higher-quality coffee. Here are some fascinating discoveries:

  • 18-24 age group: largest share of 32.7% in 2022. They often look for new and unique and prefer the taste and quality of coffee.
  • 25-39 age group: prefer authenticity and distinctive brewing methods. They also seek unique experiences.

As the number of cafes increases globally, business owners should consider including unique specialty coffee that represents their brands, motivates customers to revisit, and stays competitive. Here are a few products that have become popular:

  • Cold Brew & Nitro Cold Brew
  • Iced/ Cold Coffee
  • Cold Foam
  • Flavored Options with Custom Orders
  • Plant-Based Drinks with Non-Dairy Milk
You can promote these specialty coffee offers by placing their advertisement beside the Point-of-Sale, like the cashier, using counter-top displays.

2. Embrace the Technology

The cafe industry is moving fast. Paper-based management of cafes and coffee shops is no longer practical. With labor shortages and economic changes, business owners need to adapt to new technology that can help them manage without relying on outdated ways.

The hassle of printing new paper signs or re-writing menu items on chalkboards is now in the past. With cafe digital menu boards, business owners bring their menus to life with vivid images, captivating videos, and stunning animations. By using digital signage, you can streamline your business and achieve marketing goals with various features. For example, when launching seasonal drinks and limited-time promotions – schedule a publishing time to not have to worry about manual updates. Moreover, with digital menu boards it’s easy to give menus a fresh look to attract customers when something isn’t working.

Cafe digital menu boards are also good tools for business owners with multiple locations. Unlike paper boards and chalkboards, digital menu boards allow owners to update their menus from any device with an Internet connection.

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3. Cafe Trends for Food

As customers become increasingly conscious of the environment – sustainability and healthy food choices are a must, especially the younger generation.

These 2023 cafe trends for food will continue in 2024. Offer food choices sourced ingredients from local communities and indicate them on the menus. Introduce plant-based products (especially mushrooms), healthy food with functional ingredients, and re-invented unhealthy treats to give customers confidence and motivate them to order.

4. Authentic & Trendy Vibe

With the popularity of social media and influencer culture, customers look for food recommendations and trends from their social media following. So, adding trendy visual elements to cafes and coffee shops cannot be avoided.

Customers want to feel comfortable while enjoying their coffee, take photos, and spend time with their friends. Introduce natural lighting, bring in cozy furniture, and add some greenery to build the mellow and aesthetic vibe.

Follow the Cafe Trends in 2024​

There are a few months left until we say goodbye to 2023, which means business owners still have time to adjust their strategies to reflect the cafe trends before 2024. With digital menu boards for coffee shops, business owners will have the flexibility to make adjustments to their menus and introduce featured drinks anytime.

Having digital menu boards will not be a hassle with an experienced total solution provider. From consultation to having the digital menu boards running at your cafe, they will provide a proposal that fits your business.

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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