How to Use Digital Signage for Hotels 

digital signage for hotels_blog cover
digital signage for hotels_blog cover

Hotels are one of the most common places where you’ll see digital signage. It’s a versatile tool for sharing information with your guests and employees. The possibilities are endless with hotel digital signage, from hotel lobby signs to event information. Let’s look at how hotel digital signage is now a necessity in the hospitality industry.

Why Should I Use Hotel Digital Signage?

To start, using digital signage in hotels has a number of benefits.  

Marketing Flexibility

Hotels have ongoing marketing needs unique to the industry. With digital signage for hotels, you can quickly change your on-premise marketing on an as-needed basis whenever and wherever you are. Changes can be made promptly and immediately show up on your screens for daily events! While the upfront cost of hotel digital signage is more than paper signs, it will save you money in the long run on marketing materials.

With hotel digital signage, hotels can do the following marketing events: 

  • Partner with local attractions and businesses by promoting their services via digital signage. By doing this, hotels can earn extra revenue and expand good relationships with other businesses. 
  • Differentiate yourself from the rest of the competitors by showing your unique branding messages, sharing hotel awards and triumphs, and launching special campaigns to make your guests more at home.
  • Promote hotels’ amenities, facilities, and exclusive services.
  • And more!

Improve the Guest Experience

The hotel industry is all about the guest experience: you want to make your guests feel welcome and relaxed so that they can enjoy their vacation. There are many ways to use digital signage for hotel: 

  • Digital hotel lobby signs: used as hotel welcome signs to deliver welcome messages, share local/ nearby attractions and businesses and show exclusive promotions and other information with captivating videos and animations. 
  • Elevator digital signage: show amenities and facilities with hours, share directories, promote restaurant and in-room dining experience, and exclusive events to provide top guest experience.
  • Digital signage across the hotels: Connect with your guests with special marketing campaigns, introduce them to on-site staff, share hotel values and key messages, and more.
  • Hotel room sign: display room numbers, tailored messages for guests 

Digital menu boards: Use at the hotel-exclusive bars and restaurants to show daily specials, seasonal menu offers, and different menus based on the time of the day with vivid images, animations, and videos. 


When you have digital signage in your hotel, it will alleviate any confusion and keep guests happy. 

Hotel Digital Signage for Events and Meetings

You’re housing guests and hosting events such as weddings and business conferences. Why should you be using your budget for new signage for every event in your hotel? Events and meeting spaces in hotels are a revolving door of changing information. Digital signage can be used to display whether a conference room is being used, what the event is, and what time it’s being used. This information can also be changed quickly to swap between events if you have several back-to-backs. It will save you the time and hassle of changing out physical signage. It can also be used for: 

  • Event names and descriptions 
  • Time stamps for events  
  • Directions to and from event spaces  
  • Upsell hotel services 
  • Show contact information  
  • Custom welcome hotel signs  

Digital hotel signage is the perfect way to make events and meeting guests feel comfortable with personalized information to help them.  

Hotel Digital Signage Solutions from NexSigns

Ready to add hotel digital signage to your marketing arsenal? There are many different hotel signage companies in the market. Finding a one-stop provider that offers the most optimal and cost-effective solution for your business is to your advantage. NexSigns has several digital signage solutions to make your life easier. Not only will it save you time and money, but you’ll also increase hotel guest satisfaction during their stay. Contact us today to get started!  

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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