Digital Building Directory Signage: How to Implement for Your Properties

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If you run an office or you’re a retail owner, you know the essence of making it easy for clients to find the specific part of your building they want to access. By employing a digital building directory system, building managers can direct customers and prospects to where they’d want to go.

There are two types of directories, traditional and digital directories. Traditional directories were common in the 20th century. However, they lack the flexibility to direct your clients. But with advancements in technology, digital directories have replaced traditional directories, and they are getting better as time advances.

How to Build an Amazing Digital Building Directory Signage System

Digital building directories are built to be better, modern, and more elegant versions of traditional building directories. They are not only conversational, but also appealing, easily readable, cost-effective, manageable, flexible, and certainly customizable. Besides, they are better and easy to use as opposed to traditional building directories.

For you to build an impressive signage system for your building or office, there are certain things you need to consider. Read on to find out what they are.

1. It Should Be in a Precise Location

When designing a building signage solution, you need to choose its location carefully. An ideal location is essential, and you’d want to select an area with high traffic. If you are in an office, you can place it at the entrance or in the lobby. The key is choosing a location where there’s relatively more foot traffic so that it is easy for your prospects to access it an get to know where they need to go.

2. It Should Be Readable

Readability is another critical aspect of designing an excellent digital signage solution for your building or office. It would be better if the letters should be in a readable and visible font. Easy visibility and readability allow your clients to identify what they are looking for with relative ease. Besides, the content of the building directory should be short and precise. Remember to ensure your digital directory gets straight to the point. By doing so, you refrain from overwhelming your audience. The text should fit your display with ease so that every client sees what they are looking for upfront. You can also use images or video to help convey the message better.

3. Its Content Should Be Updated Regularly

In any digital building directory, content is the most vital aspect, and you should refresh it regularly. Such a strategy helps you provide meaningful engagements with your audience. Updates can be done once a week, or else, every month. It would be best if you considered hiring or assigning somebody to refresh the content. But for the best results, your team must have a basic understanding of operating management software to handle this important task.

4. Optimize Your Content

During working hours, different people come by the office or retail building, all at different times. You should, therefore, optimize your content to suit a range of demographics effectively. To do this, you need to tailor your digital directory content to day, evening, and weekend visitors. Besides, you can also optimize your content based on a specific target group or type of people visiting the office on a specific day. You can direct your signage solutions towards your clients, board members, or recruits in a particular office.

5. Protect Your System Using Mounts and Enclosures

When designing your building signage solution, you should secure your system and ensure its protection at all times. To protect your building directory system, you can use mounts or enclosures. Even so, it is standard practice to ensure that your protection system does not interfere with the digital signage system’s visibility.
Here, it’d be best if you got a professional to put the mounts or enclosure in place to ensure that it fits and does not adversely impact visibility. You can also consider painting the protective system with your brand’s color to ensure that your digital signage system is elegant and reflects your brand.

Key Benefits of a Digital Building Directory Signage

Now that we know more about designing a fantastic digital building signage system, let’s look at the benefits of these digital signage solutions over traditional directory systems.

They Can Be Easily Updated

Digital building directories are relatively easier to update than traditional directories. They allow you to update display information anytime you want through the use of management software. This way, the information stays fresh and up to date.

They are Visually Appealing

They are attractive and are a perfect way to complement your building. For instance, lobby displays can serve as a welcoming medium, and when designed in the right color, they can represent your brand well. Besides, it’s easy to input high-quality visual aids such as pictures, videos, and fonts to make them even better.

Digital Building Directiare Cost-Effective

The only cost incurred on digital building directories is the purchasing and installation costs. On the other hand, traditional building directories are expensive to update. On average, they cost $400 to update anything from a new tenant to any information that you want to add to the directory. Such reasons make digital directories more suitable and cost-effective. Furthermore, these digital solutions offer an excellent return on investment as compared to traditional building directories.

They Save Time

Digital building directories save on time, and especially the time used to update them. Traditional building directories take up to 3 weeks to update information, not counting the considerable costs. However, digital directories take minutes, if not seconds, to update new information. This makes them useful when you want to update any info about changes in the building’s occupancy in real-time.

They are Attractive and Informative

Digital directories allow the use of visual aids and graphics to make the content more conversational. You can also use colors, fonts, and other features to make them better and attractive, especially as lobby displays. Besides, you can use advanced digital directory systems to enhance your prospects’ experience while also allowing your customers to interact with them. Some of the interaction features include self-service or device casting.

Digital directories can also be used as lobby displays to broadcast other forms of information such as news, weather forecast, or other events.

Revolutionize Your Digital Building Directory Signage System with NexSigns

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