Kuusoft Corporation Announced a Collaboration with Slutty Vegan to Provide the Restaurant with its Digital Signage Solution

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Kuusoft Corporation Announced a Collaboration with Slutty Vegan, a Fast-Rising Vegan Restaurant, to Provide the Restaurant its Digital Signage Solution

Slutty Vegan, a quick-service restaurant in the United States, has partnered with Kuusoft to make use of its NexSigns Digital Signage Solution to power and manage digital menu boards across all locations.

Burnaby, BC (November 28, 2022): Kuusoft, a business software development company, has announced a collaboration with Slutty Vegan to offer the restaurant digital menu boards and service via NexSigns. 

In the years since its inception, Kuusoft has used NexSigns to help businesses boost customer engagement, maximize ROI, and amplify their impact. Slutty Vegan is a quick-service restaurant (QSR) brand that is gaining popularity in the United States for its vegan and plant-based menus.

Kuusoft collaborated with Slutty Vegan to provide digital menu boards and designs. Initially, Slutty Vegan used ordering boards, prints, and TVs with JPEGs for advertisements. However, the nature of the restaurant—fast-paced and focused on serving customers—made this advertising method ineffective.

Slutty Vegan needed a solution that could help it connect with customers seamlessly. With Kuusoft’s NexSigns solution, the restaurant has been able to set up digital menu boards to communicate with customers efficiently. 

The system is easy to use and offers great flexibility, as the business can now manage and update digital menu boards across all locations using NexSigns. On top of that, with an editable animation system, Slutty Vegan can update its menu content, such as menu items, pricing, and even images, without the help of a designer.

Slutty Vegan was founded by Pinky Cole, who wanted to bring vegan options and food awareness to Atlanta’s West End. Today, the restaurant has expanded to eight locations in Atlanta, GA, and New York, with new locations coming soon. 

For more information on NexSigns and its offers, please visit https://www.kuusoft.com/nexsigns/.

To learn more about Slutty Vegan, please visit https://sluttyveganatl.com/about/.

About Kuusoft Corp.: Founded in 2002, Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu board and digital signage solutions provider based in Burnaby, BC. Kuusoft develops cutting-edge digital signage software and hardware. Our mission is to make solutions for all business sectors worldwide.


For more information, contact Jenny Lin at marketing@kuusoft.com or +1 866-546-8838.

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