5 Effective Tips on Digital Display Signage Over Traditional Print Ads

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With the cut-throat competition for audience and buyers, choosing an engaging advertisement is the key to success. The following 5 questions can help you decide between using digital signage or print ads to help you boost your product exposure.

Top 5 Tips on Digital Display Signage Over Traditional Print Ads

1. Which is more cost effective?

The saying “spend more to save more” is perfect for explaining this idea. Yes, initially, digital signage is indeed expensive compared to normal print ad production. However, consider the increased savings it can give you in the long run with a better return on investment and no recurring printing fees. Say goodbye to additional charges caused by installation, maintenance, and changing your billboards.

2. What can give you real-time updates?

Imagine all the effort, time, and money a digital billboard could cost you to get your message across the country. There is a massive printing of bulky ads, expensive transfer fees, and other extra service dues. Remember the time you had to endure a bad layout or typo for the entire contract because fixing it was too pricey? With digital signage, you can revise, revamp, and renew your advertisement in less than a minute. In short, all you need is one click.

3. Which could give your audience more engaging content?

The rampant use of technology allows you to easily choose between these two. Smartphones, computers, and televisions have made digital signage very popular. Moreover, with a single click, your customers can have a detailed idea about the actual product or service you offer. So, with just a swipe of a finger, they can uncover contact information and your store’s location. Can print ads do that?

4. Which is more suitable for a retail industry?

Let’s face it, online shopping has changed the retail industry. Clients can now purchase clothes, accessories, and shoes without even trying them on. They can easily mix and match items without waiting in line for a dressing room. Change your mind about the color or style? But customers don’t need to sweat it anymore. Thanks to the wonders of the interactive digital world, all they have to do is replace their order online. Also, the smart digital world allows customers to personalize their options as body mass index, gender, and other physical features can be utilized to see what the product will look like when they use it.

5. Which is better?

In a fast-paced digital world, always remember that an interactive ad always has an edge. The power and impact of your high definition digital signage is beyond attractive. Think about your brand, think about how you want to be represented, and the answer will lead you to a digital billboard: state-of-the-art, engaging, flamboyant, and influential.

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