How to Maximize Church Dwell Time with Digital Signage

a church hallway foyer with digital signage on the wall
Maximizing your visitors’ church dwell time can be a start of higher giving and increasing returning visitors

Churches are among the few places that receive large multitudes of people frequently. If you are in charge of a church organization, you know the importance of keeping people interested and focused on the various church activities. Maximizing your visitors’ church dwell time can be a start of higher giving and increasing returning visitors

To do this, churches have embraced different technologies. The amazing thing about technology is that it can be used anywhere and by anyone.

So, how can churches use technology to maximize the church dwell time of the congregation?

People go to church on select days of the week. Therefore, the amount of time that people stay in church during those days is important. As a result, churches come up with activities, meetings, and events with the hope of maximizing the dwell time of its people.

Unfortunately, that might not be enough. If you want people to stay longer in church, you must come up with creative ways that will make them want to stay longer. If it were a business, you would have specific marketing tactics in place to attract customers. However, this is a church, so your strategy must be different. Right? Well, not exactly.

As with businesses, you can use digital signage in churches too to increase the dwell time of the audience. Retail stores, hotels, hospitals, and gyms use it successfully. It will work for a church congregation as well. All you have to do is install large digital screens at strategic points of the church, which will catch the attention of the congregation.

Let us look at some of the common methods you have been employing to maximize the church dwell time of the audience and how you can improve them using digital signage.

Main methods of increasing church dwell time

1. Praise and worship performances

One of the main reasons why people love churches is the praise and worship hour. During this time, everyone’s attention is on the song and the singer, singers, or choir. This can easily become monotonous if done every Sunday in the same way by the same person.

As a church, you want people to feel excited about this moment. You can try to organize a different well-known choir to come and perform at the church. You can also encourage other groups in the church to lead in praise and worship on different times. This will encourage creativity among the church members and make church more lively.

How to improve this with digital approach

You can install digital screens on the stage where the choirs/singers will be performing. Using graphic design and special effects, you can make the stage alluring and captivating.

You can also use different images and motion pictures to bring out the relevant theme and mood. If it is a praise performance, you want exciting and motivating content that is relevant to the moment. If it is a worship performance, you want deep, profound, thoughtful content relevant to the songs.

This will work to entice the mood of the crowd and no one will be in a hurry to leave during such a moment.

2. Presentations during preaching

When preaching is taking place, you may think that everyone is paying attention. This is not always the case. However, this does not mean that the congregation is arrogant or it does not care.

People have a lot to deal with in their daily life and so, their concentration may not be high at all times. A good way to keep people hooked is by preaching while demonstrating. This will leave them curious and thus trigger their attention.

As a church, you can encourage the preacher to ask for volunteers from the congregation to take part in the demonstration during preaching. This will make the audience captivated and they will not want to leave.

How to improve this with digital approach

With the digital screens at the pulpit and at several locations within the eye view of the audience, the congregation will be in a position to enjoy the lively demonstration.

With the use of relevant short videos and images, the preacher will make the sermon interesting and captivating, which will make the rest of the church glued to their sits.

3. Church groups

A good way of making people stick around in church is by getting them involved in your church activities. Churches form various groups to target the youth, women, men, and the children. These groups usually have various activities to engage its members.

Each of the groups holds meetings after the main service to discuss the various issues affecting the church and ways to improve them. In doing so, people are not in a hurry to leave the church.

How to improve this with digital approach

For people to stay behind after the main service is over, they must receive the announcements. Unfortunately, the attention of any crowd during announcements is usually very low. It is likely that most people may miss the announcements about church group meetings.

To catch their attention, you can remind the congregation of the meeting using catchy, attractive, and easy to read notices on the display screen. The digital screens can display these messages when the sermon is beginning and as it nears the end. This will easily draw the attention of the crowd and let them know that they are to remain in church after the service is over.

4. Church events

When events like weddings are held in the church, people tend to stay longer at churches as compared to normal days. By hosting church events frequently, people have a reason to spend more time in church.

Besides, church events are mostly celebrations. Most celebrations especially weddings, mean that entertainment, food, and drinks will be available. People will definitely stay.

How to improve this with digital approach

How will you remind the church members about that upcoming event in the church? Truth is most people will forget most things said in church by the end of the following week.

Displaying the exciting upcoming church event constantly in brilliant, catchy images on the digital screens will help in this. This is because people tend to forget about plain texts and words. Information that is in the form of images and videos, however, usually last longer in the mind.

With this information, you will be able to increase the church dwell time of the members.

Kuusoft Corp is an organization in Canada that specializes in providing enterprise-level software solutions to organizations. It offers NexSigns digital signage software, which will make it possible for you to display all the customized information on the digital screens in church.

In addition to all that you have learnt here today, there are many other ways that you can use technology to enhance the mission of the church. Some of them include:

  • Worldwide reach- As the church continues to grow, so does its ability to reach many people all over the world. This could be easier when you utilize different technologies.
  • Smart decision making- Through technology, churches can keep track of their congregation and provide specialized services, such as counseling services. This will enable its members to make good decisions from wherever they are.
  • Mobilization – Technology has helped the church make mobilizing and equipping its congregation with the word of God easier.
  • Collaboration- With technology, churches that teach the same doctrine can collaborate and support each other by preaching together.

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