Halo Effect

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How to Use the Halo Effect

Does the halo effect influence people’s buying behaviors? Experts say yes, and we’re going to discuss how this phenomenon can be used in your digital signage.

What is the Halo Effect?

The halo effect refers to the mind’s tendency to think one great quality can be generalized to the whole person or thing in question. A classic example of this cognitive bias is believing a beautiful person is also a good person without having any facts to support this. It is why the most popular people are often the most attractive, this is also known as the physical attractiveness stereotype.

Fortunately for us, the halo effect influences a wide variety of human choices. This includes, but is not limited, to the food industry, hospitality, and automotive. Here’s how to use the halo effect for your marketing strategy.

Food and Beverage

Digital signage is the best way to utilize the health halo effect in this industry. These menus not only allow you to feature certain products, they also allow you to change the products and advertising frequently based off of changing demands and market conditions.

So, how can you use the halo effect on digital menus? We all know that customers like it when they think food is fresh, unique, healthy, or premium. To increase those associations with your dishes, you need to find language or imagery that are related to the quality you want to be emphasized.

Furthermore, you only need to make the main dish seem healthier. Cornell researchers have shown that if the primary food item comes across as healthy, consumers will buy extra side dishes and believe their entire meal is healthy, even if those sides aren’t. In fact, patrons will be likely to buy more food, beverages, or desserts.

The following are tips on how to use the halo effect to influence customers into purchasing what you want them to:

  1. Organic makes customers automatically think better for your establishment.
  2. Natural or all-natural will draw people to those dishes.
  3. If something is low-carb or low-fat, promote it!
  4. Farm fresh is a great way to describe eggs.
  5. Superfood can be used to describe almost any food since the term is not limited by the Food and Drug Administration.
  6. Use the image of a farm and happy animals to give the impression of free-range meat.


Hospitality is another industry where you can use the halo effect and digital signage to your advantage. As we mentioned before, people tend to believe beautiful people are good. Humans also believe the places attractive people go to and the things they buy are good.

Use this advice on how to use the halo effect to your location’s advantage by showing attractive people in your hotel and amenity promotions. Find models with real smiles and feature them relaxing at your bars, restaurants, or spas surrounded by luxurious accessories.

Digital signage comes in handy for giving tourists and visitors the first look at a location. Since consumers are new to the area, they are open to new information. Make sure all signage puts your best foot forward when advertising add-on amenities and hotel-related activities.


Forget printed banners! Digital signage is a must in the always-changing automotive industry. In fact, you can use this technology to boost your social media following, update new arrivals, and share vital information.

When deciding on what to feature, remember to tap into the buyer’s feelings. People want to purchase a vehicle they have an emotional connection with. Studies have shown the way consumers emotionally respond to an ad has more of an effect on buying than the actual content of the ad.

Emotions are the reason why people buy brand names they know. That means it’s key to promote your brand personality and narrative through your signage. Think about the types of people who buy Fords versus Teslas, the content that resonates with them is extremely different. You want to evoke positive emotions in your consumers by using visual imagery and wording to tell a story that matches your customer’s identities.

Some ways you can do this are by keeping facts and figures out of the ads. These things actual decrease emotionally drive buyers! Show something fun, heartwarming, or whatever else to invoke the desired emotional response in your patrons.

It’s even better if it doesn’t have much to do with cars! However, you can promote a specific brand or vehicle by driving it in an emotionally invoking place. A rough ride through the desert could represent freedom the way a car driving up to a mansion represents luxury.


Food, hospitality, and automotive are the perfect industries to apply the aforementioned tips. The use of buzzwords, attractive people, and emotionally invoking imagery are all ways on how to use the halo effect to your benefit.

Using digital signage improves visual appeal, amplifies the ability of targeted halo effect content, modernizes the business, and highlights the most important information for the consumer.

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