Digital Signage for Optometrists

Digital Signage for Optometrist Kiosk

Walk into any store, hotel, airport movie theatre or health club, and you’re likely to see some digital signage. It’s an exciting and rapidly growing way of communicating that offers ways to engage with customers, enhance brand awareness, increase sales and much more. You can do this with digital signage for optometrists, as well.

As an optometrist, you have a captive audience in your waiting room. It makes sense to utilize the opportunity to communicate with them and keep them informed and educated as well as entertained. 

With the right screens in the right places showing the right content, you have significant advantages over any conventional signage and posters or brochures. For instance, you can adapt messaging on the fly because there’s no need for printing. Optometry design is also important today, from how you display your frames to where you place your digital signage.

10 Reasons to Consider Digital Signage for Optometrists

Today’s digital signage solutions use new display technologies, high-powered processors, HD video, broadband networks and perceptual computing. You need to give thought to what you would like to accomplish with digital signage for optometrists. Clear objectives will play a role in determining the design of your digital signage solution.

1.Enhance Customer Experience

Inform, educate and entertain your patients in the time they spend waiting for an appointment and it will reduce perceived waiting time. They can also be given general information that cannot be conveyed within the time frame of an appointment. Keeping them informed empowers them and increases preventative care. You can create increased customer engagement by promoting loyalty programs and giving incentives for future visits.

2. Promote Your Brand

Digital signage provides an opportunity for some high impact brand messaging. All the elements of your brand identity such as the use of fonts, colors, and your logo are used in optometry digital signage and reinforce brand recognition.

3. Lower Costs

If you have been relying heavily on slow, costly and less efficient methods to distribute information, digital signage can save you money.

4. Increase Sales

You can make people more aware of your products and services. You can keep them informed about new offerings and promotions. Optometry digital signage can even be linked with your inventory so that pricing for products reaching expiration date can be automatically updated. Think about promoting items you have the greatest margins on or items customers love.

5. Merchandising

Interactive digital signs make it possible for people to see a product from all angles, see videos, get information, etc. You can market a wide range of products cost-effectively with reduced stocking and inventory requirements.

6. Ease of Use and Scalability

The first aspect to consider is ease of use. You want a worry-free system that makes it easy to update content regularly. Managing and scheduling content can be a challenge, but there is software that will handle many tasks for you. Minimizing management time is important for when you want to introduce more screens and various content. NexSigns has been designed just for this and is allowing many large and small businesses to run their signage easily.

7. Content Strategy

Your content strategy is critically important. What do you plan to show on your screens? Who will create and maintain the content? How will you determine the right content? Your content strategy will be one of the main contributors to the success of your optometry digital signage solution.

Content Includes:

  1. Slides
  2. Images
  3. Video
  4. 3D Graphics
  5. Animated Graphics
  6. Live Feeds
  7. Database Information

One key rule of thumb is to have a mix of content. If you constantly bombard people with adverts, they may just tune them out. A good tool to use is the Optical Content Library. It has pre-made materials over a range of categories, so all you have to do is pick your favorites and play.

8. Audience

Knowing the demographics of your business helps you to keep content relevant. You can specifically target messages to appeal to what’s most important to a particular demographic.

This demographic may even change during the day, such as school or college children who come in later in the day and professionals who come during lunch hour. To appeal to children with your digital signage for optometrists, you could have eye-catching, fast moving, humorous and engaging content lasting for only a short period of time.

9. Viewing Time

When creating and scheduling content, you need to make some practical determinations such as the amount of viewing time. If people tend to wait about 15 minutes, there is no value in producing a 30-minute video for your digital signage for optometrists.

10. Planning

The main factor in determining the success of a optometry digital signage strategy will be your planning. Before contacting anyone, you should have a clear idea of the objectives you want to achieve and the content that will help you to achieve them.

The underlying technology – screens, players, etc. are just a means to an end. Getting the content right is critical to your objectives and ultimately to make the whole effort successful in your optometry digital signage.

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