Guide on How to Get Started With Digital Signage for Real Estate

Signage plays an important role in the real estate industry. A simple “For Sale” sign can help sell a property. However, if you are a real estate agent managing many properties, you need to think about real estate digital signage.

Today, digital signage is arguably the most effective form of visual advertising. When strategically placed in high-traffic areas, it can have a bigger impact.

Real estate agents use digital signage to showcase rapidly-changing digital content such as promotions, property adverts, social media feeds, and general news. Regardless of the information you share, the goal should be to educate and sell.

Here is everything you need to know about digital signage in real estate.

Top Uses of Digital Signage for Real Estates Industry

Before real estate digital signage gained popularity, most realtors relied on paper printouts and static signs to market their services. Even today, some still do. However, such traditional methods of marketing were tiring, especially when properties changed hands or prices.

Digital signage can be useful when it comes to in-store advertising. Here are some of the uses of digital signage in the real estate industry.

Display Virtual Property Tours

Digital signage makes it possible to display virtual open houses. Potential clients want to see the features and condition of the property before they can decide to buy. Digital signage is useful, especially when the client can’t make it to an actual open house.

Your virtual open house presentation can range from collections of quality photographs to interactive 3D tours. For potential homebuyers to engage with you more, you should display the virtual tours on touch screens.

Display Property Listings

Even though you can still display property listing on other traditional marketing methods, digital signage allows you to display more than one listing. Moreover, you can post several images on each listing to make the property stand out.

Digital signage also makes it easy to update listings when availability, pricing, and other relevant details change. It is important to be accurate when listing property because any mistakes can lead to lawsuits.

Display Latest Housing Trends and Statistics

Displaying the latest housing trends and statistics is important because it helps motivate undecided sellers and potential homebuyers. You can display demographics and current price trends.

Using digital signage, you can inform potential when mortgage rates are low and when they are expected to rise. Additionally, you can display videos, charts, and infographics to capture your target audience’s attention and provide useful information.

Show-Case the Neighborhood

Before buying a property, most people prefer to know the neighborhood they are buying into first. Using your real estate digital signage, you can showcase the following in the neighborhood:

      • Schools within the area

      • Recreation facilities in the area

      • A calendar showing local community events.

      • Shopping centers

      • Fun facts about the neighborhood

      • Parks in the area

      • Nearby towns

    When you showcase the neighborhood, you boost the chances of building a rapport with potential clients.

    Display Testimonials

    As a real estate agent, it is obvious that you are always looking for new clients. Convincing an individual to try out your services for the first time can be challenging.

    However, with the help of genuine testimonials from past clients, convincing new clients becomes easier. The effect of testimonials will depend on how you deliver them.

    Customer testimonials are arguably the most effective way to market your services as a real estate agent. You can display both written and video testimonials on your digital signage. Additionally, you can integrate the real estate digital signage with social media platforms to display new testimonials or reviews.

    Display a Map of the Area

    You can use digital signage to display a point of interest (POI) map. When you display the area’s map in question, you help potential buyers visualize their life in that area. The map should highlight parks, schools, restaurants, and other amenities within the area.

    You can go a step further and add color overlays to differentiate between falling and rising prices in each area.

    Share Open House Schedules

    As a real estate agent, you can use digital signage to display open house dates. Compared to traditional methods, information displayed on digital signage is easier to read and update. It is also cost-effective, considering how often you are likely to print new schedules.

    Additionally, printing schedules in advance can render them inaccurate, especially when there is a last-minute change.

    Interactive Information Hub

    In real estate, you should respond to clients’ queries quickly. Otherwise, they are likely to seek help elsewhere.

    You need to invest in digital signage if you are not always available but want to offer your clients relevant information.

    Digital signage with a touchscreen option allows your customers to request data and information, even when you are out of the office.

    Benefits of Digital Signage in Real Estate Business

    When you use digital signage as a marketing tactic for your real estate business, you will enjoy numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits of digital signage in real estate.

    Flexibility When Showcasing Properties

    Digital signage makes it easy to update your property listing and other relevant information. For instance, if a property is off the market, you can remove it from your screens. Additionally, you can change the price of the property whenever necessary.

    A digital signage setup doesn’t have space or size limits. Therefore, it can serve as a virtual directory of rapidly changing properties.

    Customizable Information

    When it comes to real estate, location is everything. Therefore, you can tailor your digital signage to display information or properties relevant to your target audience location.

    Your business will become more appealing to customers when you optimize your content based on where, when, and who is walking by.

    Control over Content

    Another benefit of real estate digital signage is that you have total control over what is being displayed. As long as you have access to a laptop, you can change anything on display from anywhere.

    You can use your digital signage to tell the locals about an upcoming event that you are sponsoring. Additionally, you can display your team, training schedule, real estate news, etc.

    Long-Lasting Relationships

    Your interaction with home buyers shouldn’t end once you hand over the keys. You can use your digital sign to display their testimonials or pictures. As a result, they will tell their friends and relatives about you.

    How Do You Get Started with Real Estate Digital Signage?

    Today, the real estate industry is very competitive. To be better than your competitors, you need to adopt modern marketing techniques such as digital signage. Here is how to get started with digital signage and see your business grow.

    1. Compile Useful Information

    One way to get started is to share useful information. It may include weather updates, financial news, etc. Some apps can help you achieve this.

    2. Use High-Quality Images and Videos

    High-quality images and video quickly capture the attention of your audience. A potential client is likely to enter your office if the digital signage captures their attention.

    3. Choose Your Content

    The good thing about digital signage is that you only have to invest once. After setting up the screens, the next step is to choose your content.

    4. Setting up Your Digital Signage Display

    After choosing your content, you can set up your signage display. If you are using an Android TV, there are many apps that you can use. 

    Digital signage is a marketing tool that will help you stand out among your competitors and, as a result, boost your conversion. So, it’s essential to choose the right digital signage solutions provider for your needs. 

    You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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