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NexSigns is the digital signage software that’s powering many successful retail chains across the world. The software works with any hardware and provides industry-leading functionalities designed to enable marketers to communicate the message easily & eliminating internal IT operation overhead. Speak to our product experts today!

Our Successful Clients

We aim to provide the best digital signage solution for our clients. We are proud to be trusted by fortune 500 companies as well as many well-known businesses. Our clients use our digital signage software to manage their content with ease and showcase their business in a vibrant and dynamic way.

Convenience store: 7-eleven
Auto-dealership: BMW
Convenience store: Sprint Mart

Why Retail Digital Signage Matters

Digital signage offers many benefits for retail stores and shopping malls that paper signage does not. Promote your products with dynamic visuals to enhance your store experience and boost sales. You can also make updates based on real-time data to quickly adapt to the market.

Here is why Retail Digital Signage is essential:

84% of store owners have reported that digital signage increases brand awareness more than traditional signage.

Digital signs have been proven to make customers purchase 29% more products.

57% of retail store owners say that digital displays help them give better customer service and improve customer experiences.

Customers spend 30% more time in stores that have digital signage.

Digital signage boosts customer satisfaction by 46%.

Key Use Cases

Showcase Products

Display images or videos of your new, best-selling, and featured products to spark the interest of your customers and draw traffic to where you want them to be. Inspire them to make impulse purchases and increase sales from the storefront all the way to the checkout line.

Upsell With Ease

Boost upsells and cross-sells by using Image Slideshows and videos to highlight your in-store promotions, discounts, and limited-time offers. Ensure your content always reaches the right audience at the right time with Our Dayparting and Scheduled Publishing features.

Boost Foot Traffic

Use eye-catching animations and visual designs with video walls at your storefront to foster curiosity from passersby and bring more customers into your store. Get your business in the spotlight and set yourself apart from the competition with digital displays.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Motivate your customers to join your loyalty program, or subscribe to your newsletter, by showing them the perks you offer. You can also display QR codes on your screens so they can join your programs or follow your business on social media with ease.

Deliver the Best Shopping Experience

Present your special store catalog on touch screen digital signs to let your customers browse through your featured products on their own. You can also display engaging content on your screens to keep your customers entertained and reduce their perceived wait times.

Keep Everyone In the Loop

Keep your customers informed with the latest PSAs, up-to-date brand news, and upcoming events and specials. On top of that, you can also keep your staff informed by showing up-to-date information and updates on the digital displays in your staff lounge.

How our clients use NexSigns

Check out our photo gallery to explore the work we have done for other retail businesses.

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What Makes NexSigns Unique?

We have everything you need. We offer a total solution to help you deploy and make use of all the benefits that come with digital signage. On top of that, NexSigns comes with a variety of exclusive features designed to give you an easy way to control and manage your retail digital signage.

Features for Any Task

NexSigns comes with a vast library of features that let you control your content exactly the way you want. These include our Playlist Inheritance system, Dayparting, Scheduled Publishing, and more. Make use of these features to ensure you always show the right content at the right time.

First-Class Customer Service

We provide free business consultation to help you create a plan on how to deploy digital signage to your store, from start to finish. Our in-house Creative Design Team will be able to create unique designs for your displays as an additional option. On top of that, our Technical Support Team is always ready to keep your signs working perfectly. Because your success is our focus, we aim to give you an easy and stress-free experience.

Fast Setup

Thanks to our Nano-PC 3, you can turn any of your TVs into a NexSigns digital signage screen in just a few seconds. On top of that, we built our digital signage software and hardware to give you the best performance from your displays. This way, you can manage all of your screens with confidence.

Update Any Content With Ease

NexSigns provides a centralized content management system to let you distribute any content to your digital signs at any location whenever you want. With our cloud-based system, you can make any quick updates and access your display content from anywhere in the world.

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