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Wait by Kuusoft Powers Social Distancing and Contact Tracing in Cowichan Valley for a Safe Holiday Season

Powering Social Distancing During the Wintertime Amidst COVID-19

Burnaby, BC (December 7, 2020)Wait, a queue management app by Kuusoft, collaborates with Community Futures Cowichan to provide businesses in Cowichan Valley a business tool to reinforce social distancing and contact tracing. Wait by Kuusoft (JoinTheWait.com) moves the physical queue online and enables contact tracing to keep customers and employees safe.

queue management
Retail stores and restaurants face the challenge of limiting traffic and contact tracing.

It has been difficult for businesses big and small, especially heading into the winter holiday season. Many have been trying to balance between customer service and COVID-19 restrictions. Besides the physical distance, limited capacity, and indoor mask protocols, businesses must keep a record of all visitors and customers for at least 30 days in an effort of contact tracing. As a result, business owners face more challenges keeping up with COVID-19 regulations while fearing a declined customers’ experience given the cold and rainy weather.

Community Futures Cowichan, along with local chambers of commerce, Tourism Cowichan, and business improvement associations, have partnered with Kuusoft to provide local businesses access to the Wait Queue Management System, considered the most cost-effective and safest way for retailers to automate lineups during COVID-19 with built-in contact tracing. Furthermore, Community Futures Cowichan assessed funding from Western Economic Diversifications Rural Opportunities Fund to help cover the cost for businesses who could benefit from using this Wait queue management technology.

Community Futures Cowichan + Wait by Kuusoft

For businesses that want an easier way to control traffic flow in-store and manage contact tracing, all they need to do is to create a new account with Kuusoft and register for a code for their business. Then, pint out the pre-designed Wait Open Sign and display it on the storefront. Owners and managers can also easily monitor the Wait system on any smart device.

For customers, the Wait app is free to use forever. The web app not only frees customers from physically waiting in line, but it also helps manage customer expectations on wait time. Meanwhile, if customers have ever crossed paths with a confirmed COVID-19 case, they will be notified to quarantine.

Wait by Kuusoft logo
A safer way for customers to wait in line, a simple approach to social distancing and contact tracing.

As a viable solution to waitlist management and contact tracing, Wait is essential for:

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs – with patio/walk-up services.
  • Supermarkets, grocers, convenience stores.
  • Retail stores, showrooms.
  • Hair salons, spas.
  • Pharmacies, clinics, therapeutic and medical services.
  • Museums, galleries, libraries.
  • Government and other essential organizations.
queue management
Wait By Kuusoft, a safer way to Wait in line.
“Customer-service sector in the Cowichan region is a significant player in the local economy. Partnering with Kuusoft is a win-win; businesses who are struggling because of COVID can get the support they need, and customers can safely and efficiently visit their favourite stores and service providers.”
– Cathy Robertson, General Manager of Community Futures Cowichan, articulated the benefits of using Wait, a safer way to wait in line.

Wait by Kuusoft supports local businesses to improve customer experience and enhance business performance. Stay safe, stay strong. With its cost-effective and easy-to-use application, Wait by Kuusoft is here to witness a strong business economy on the rise during this winter.

Learn more about the queue management and contact tracing app at JoinTheWait.com today.

A customer with their Wait app showing the cafe's waitlist information.

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