Kuusoft Integrates with OLO to Streamline Menu Management

Kuusoft partners with OLO to provide easy edits of online & digital menu boards menus

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Kuusoft integrates with OLO to Simplify How You Edit Your Online and In-Restaurant Menu

NexSigns digital signage solution has integrated with OLO. NexSigns users can now pull data from the OLO menu, so their online and digital menu board menus are always the same.

Burnaby, BC (May 19, 2022) Kuusoft’s digital signage solution, NexSigns, can now be paired with the online ordering platform OLO. This pairing will help NexSigns users ensure that their digital menu board and online menu are always the same. 

NexSigns will now pull data from the OLO menu and update the digital menu boards in your restaurant to match. Instead of using Kuusoft’s online platform to update your digital menu boards, you can make adjustments within OLO’s platform, and NexSigns will synchronize the changes automatically and display them on your digital menu boards.

OLO gives users an easy-to-use system to effortlessly edit their online menu content. By connecting OLO with NexSigns, users can rest assured that their online menu and digital menu board content will always be the same. Users can update their menus on OLO and change them anywhere without additional human labor.

If a user is running a multi-location chain, using both OLO and NexSigns allows the user to manage each restaurant’s menu individually; they can make a change to one location while keeping the rest untouched. 

NexSigns also provides the ability to change certain menu items with different descriptions, prices, and images, giving them complete control over the localization and differentiation between online and offline customers.

With the integration of OLO and NexSigns, users now have a simple way to streamline restaurant content management. NexSigns pulls data from OLO and perfectly combines the users’ new content into their existing menu design.

With these two systems perfectly integrated, OLO and NexSigns makes controlling menus hassle-free and allows users to spend more time focusing on their customers.

About Kuusoft Corp.: Founded in 2002, Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu board and digital signage solutions provider based in Burnaby, BC. Kuusoft develops cutting-edge digital signage software and hardware. Our mission is to make solutions for all business sectors worldwide.


For more information, contact Christine Tao at christine.tao@kuusoft.com or +1 866-546-8838.

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