Wait, A World-Class Solution to A Safer Business Reopen

A customer with their Wait app showing the cafe’s waitlist information.

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Wait by Kuusoft, A World-Class Solution to A Safer Business Reopen

A safer way for customers to wait in line, for free

Burnaby, BC (June 2, 2020)Wait, a queue management app by Kuusoft, provides service industries and customer-facing businesses a safer way to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wait by Kuusoft (JoinTheWait.com) moves the physical queue online and enables contact tracing to keep customers and employees safe.

queue management
Wait By Kuusoft, a safer way to Wait in line.

As businesses reopen during the pandemic, owners need to address the new government social distancing regulations, which includes keeping a physical distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between customers and serving at only half capacity. As a result, there will be long queues outside the stores, where people irritatedly wait for a long time. Besides, employees and owners need to rearrange business setup to safely host customers without compromising their health and safety.

queue management
Retail stores and restaurants face the challenge of limiting traffic and optimizing space use.

Wait by Kuusoft is here to solve the problems mentioned above. With its waitlist management and contact-tracing system, Wait can support businesses, customers, and governments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and economic restart:

  1. Wait helps business owners manage their waitlist without sacrificing human capital or customer experience. Businesses only need a smartphone or a tablet to get started; reasonable pricing ensures owners’ agility during the reopening phase.
  2. Wait is free for customers, forever. The web app not only frees customers from physically waiting in line, but it also helps manage customer expectations on wait time. Meanwhile, if customers have ever crossed paths with a confirmed COVID-19 case, they will be notified to quarantine.
  3. Wait by Kuusoft aligns with the government’s effort to mitigating public health risks with contact tracing. The privacy-preserving tracing approach assists our communities in protecting the public and maintaining business operations.
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As a viable solution to waitlist management and contact tracing, Wait is essential for:

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs – with patio/walk-up services.
  • Supermarkets, grocers, convenience stores.
  • Retail stores, showrooms.
  • Hair salons, spas.
  • Pharmacies, clinics, therapeutic and medical services.
  • Museums, galleries, libraries.
  • Government and other essential organizations.
“Kuusoft serves businesses and the public with groundbreaking solutions, and amidst the chaos around us, we believe some of the best experiences are worth the wait. That’s why we created the Wait app to help people navigate during this stressful time, safely and smoothly.”
– Rachel Li, Kuusoft’s Marketing & Communication Specialist, articulated the intention in creating Wait, a safer way to wait in line.

Learn more about the queue management and contact tracing app at JoinTheWait.com today.

A customer with their Wait app showing the cafe's waitlist information.

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For more information, please contact Anita Sun at anita.sun@kuusoft.com or +1 866-546-8838.

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